How To Help Digestion After a Big Meal : Ayurvedic Holiday Tips

How To Help Digestion After a Big Meal : Ayurvedic Holiday Tips

after her big meal especially during the
holidays all I want to do is like Oh like big couch potato food hangover
almost bloated gassy maybe even like a little bit of lethargy.. hey guys my name
is Clare and welcome back to Clareminded this video is all about how to
help digestion after a big meal and these are going to be Ayurvedic holiday
tips. in this video I’m going to give you a couple key practices that you can
incorporate as we head into the holiday season you know we have a lot of family
coming into town a lot of celebration and a lot of big meals and you know we
look at these meals once a year so yeah we’re gonna harsh on them and we’re
gonna eat eat eat probably more than we’re used to eating so this can have a
tendency to lead to our digestion being a little bit more sluggish may be
dealing with some gas and constipation some bloating or even like heartburn in
your chest or in your stomach so to counteract this excessive eating and
during the holiday season I’m going to give you a couple of key practices that
you can incorporate if you eat or have a tendency to overeat during this holiday
season these are great practices to incorporate to kind of help your
digestion after a big meal so the first key practice that I am going to
encourage you to incorporate if you have a very large meal and you’re trying to
help your digestion afterwards is going to be deep breathing pranayama and this
is a very simple practice all you have to do is sit up in a chair or on the
ground or the couch try not to lay down because that won’t
help any digestion we want to be able to sit up so all of our organs are kind of
moving in the right direction and just deep breathing so this is going to be
slow conscious breath so literally you’ll just close your eyes or you can
keep them open relax your body and focus on breathing in and out through your
abdominal area and by doing this we’re going to like stretch and then contract
our abdominal area which is a lot of where our intestines our stomach our
organs are settled and where the digestion process is happening right
there by creating this movement in our organs by deep breathing by pushing our
stomach out and in is going to cause the organs inside to
create a little bit more movement as well and when you encourage the organs
in the body to have a little bit more movement that’s gonna encourage the
digestive system and your food to have a little bit more movement too so it can
kind of easily move through the body and on top of the deep breathing if you want
to add in a little belly massage to just very light and gentle kind of rub your
belly the way your digestive systems go so clockwise you want to just rub your
belly nice and soft for just sending love and attention in there so when we
bring our focus to our abdominal area our digestive system and our stomach by
sending that intention and that love we’re kind of bringing that energy and
that focus to the digestive system and it’ll bring that energy there as well to
kind of help move the process all along the second key practice that I’m going
to give you to help your digestive system after a big meal is going to be
sipping on ginger tea or fennel tea so ginger and fennel are both digested aids
that are going to kind of increase our agni that digestive fire to help keep
that food moving and going through our digestive system so ginger tea is gonna
be more pungent and more appropriate for a kapha or vata type dosha and then
fennel tea will be more appropriate for pitta dosha because fennel tends to be
more neutral energetically so it won’t like inflamed pitta, it won’t cause
excess heat like the ginger tea would because ginger is very pungent so it
will only increase that fire and type quality so it will be more appropriate
for Kapha and Vata but fennel is a little bit more neutral if anything a
little slightly cooling so it would be more appropriate for pitta dosha so it
doesn’t aggravate that fire the last key practice that I’m going to encourage you
to start to incorporate after you have a big meal is going to be moving your body
so all of these practices kind of center around just creating some more movement
externally internally because by creating more movement we’re counteracting
all that heaviness that earth-like quality that that food just brought in
from that huge meal that you just ate, which is super delicious but it causes a
lot of like excess earth and water in our body so we need to counteract that
with more movement more air so the last key practice is just
like moving your physical body and this can be just like very light exercises
like going for a walk around the block by moving your body to will also kind of
aid in resisting any constipation that could be coming your way from having
such a large dense holiday tasty scrumptious meal so this can kind of
ward off any like constipation or severe bloating that you could have even the
following day so the three key practices to help your digestion after a big meal
is deep breathing sipping on ginger or fennel tea both charging deep enough
that encourage that increases the digestive fire or lightly moving your
body through exercise by going for a walk around the block or doing the
dishes and hanging out around the house a couple other key tips that you
definitely want to incorporate are staying hydrated so drinking lots of
water and lots of digestive teas. teas are phenomenal another thing is to not
starve yourself earlier in the day or even the next day so you want to
encourage just maybe a light breakfast the following day maybe some oatmeal
something with insoluble fiber to kind of help the digestive system keep moving
so it has fresh energy to kind of move you throughout the rest of the day thank
you guys so much for watching here for being here I hope you have the best
holiday season ever my name is Clare and I love you for being here I hope this
helps your digestive system let me know in the comments below subscribe to my
channel for more Ayurvedic tips and tricks and I will see you again

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  1. When I ate fully raw, because they said to eat so much for calories, I heard that when you first burp eating your meal is the sign your belly is filled to limit. True, and should we always keep that in mind, especially during holidays?

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