How To Improve Digestion 101 l My Top 3 Tips For You

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whenever I post a new video every Tuesday. So in today’s video, I wanted to share three
things you can do in order to improve your digestion. And first of all digestion is really important
for a lot of different reasons. So one being that digestion allows you or
like a good digestion allows you to properly absorb nutrients from the food that you’re
eating. It also, you know, prevents things like bloating,
constipation, and also tiredness. And so on. So my first tip is to cook at home. And now you might be wondering why cooking
at home has something to do with improving your digestion. But the thing is, so the first phase of digestion
is known as the cephalic phase of digestion. And this part of the digestion actually starts
as soon as you just smell food or you start thinking about food or you taste food. So this is the first part of digestion. And then why cooking at home supports this
then is because when you cook at home, you spend a decent amount of time actually preparing
your food. So this allows for the cephalic phase to really
become activated. So you can see that as a way of actually waking
up your digestive system. So cooking at home as opposed to just getting
takeout when you don’t really spend time actually preparing your own food. And my second tip is to chew your food properly
because when we don’t chew our food properly, the food lands in our stomachs in larger chunks. So then the system really has to work a lot
and to actually digest the food, cause you might have been wondering why sometimes you
feel very tired or sluggish after a meal. And that can actually be because you haven’t
actually chewed the food properly and then all of your energy goes to your digestive
system. Really having to work to break down the food
properly. So then you might be wondering, so then how
much should I actually chew my food? And that’s a great question. and pretty much you want to chew your food
until it’s like a paste like substance. And a great way to make sure that you do chew
your food properly is to make sure that you don’t have any distractions when you’re eating. so actually taking time to sit down and focus
on eating. So no technology or TV or anything like that
is actually the best way to make sure that you actually chew your food properly. And I do know that life can be busy and sometimes
you feel like you just want to grab something quickly and eat it on the go. But the thing is that if you don’t take the
time to eat, you will most likely just feel even more tired after your meal and probably
won’t be able to be as productive and have the energy that you want. so it’s actually better even if you’re very
busy to take the time to eat, as you will most likely have a lot more energy after eating
as well. And my third and final tip for today is to
practice belly breathing, also known as abdominal breathing, which is just so effective for
improving your digestion as it helps to release any muscle tension and overall just helps
to relax your body. And I’m just going to shift down to the floor
and show you how to practice it. All right. So for the belly breathing, you either want
to sit on the floor on a pillow like I’m doing here or you can also sit on a chair if that’s
more comfortable for you. So, and then you want to place one hand on
your chest, one hand on your belly. And the reason for this is that we’re going
to focus on movement around the belly area. So usually what happens when we’re stressed
when we have a lot going on is that we’re breathing into the chest so the chest is lifting
and expanding when we’re breathing. And for digestion, that’s definitely not very
good. I mean, we want to be in a relaxed and state
of mind for the digestion and with belly breathing, belly breathing really supports that. So I’m not going to be able to do the breathing
when I’m talking, but I’m just gonna explain how to do it. And then you can just do it on your own at
home. So you’re gonna inhale through the nose and
exhale through the mouth. And on each inhale the belly is going to rise
and almost expand like a balloon. And on the exhale it’s going to deflate again. And then in terms of the count, so on your
inhale you want to count to four, so it’s going to be one, two, three, four. And then you want to hold pause for two counts
so one, two and then exhale on a count to six. So one, two, three, four, five, six. So this is the breathing and you can do this
for anytime between five to 15 minutes just experiment with it. See, what, what works for you, how much, how
much time you actually need. so again, and this is a very effective, thing
for digestion as it helps to really relax the body. So thanks for tuning in this week. and if you have any questions around digestion
just let me know in the comments section below and also let me know if you found this helpful
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