How to Improve Your Relationship with Food – Teal Swan

How to Improve Your Relationship with Food – Teal Swan

At this point in human evolution, eating is a part of
all of our lives. And that’s not going to
change any time soon. We’re in a relationship
with the food we eat. whether we like it or not Now, some people have an awesome
relationship with food. for people like us. it’s basically a live to
eat philosophy instead of a eat to
live philosophy that’s right for them. but for some of us we don’t like
food so much. So, what are we supposed to do
to improve our relationship? If you look at it,
a human being regardless of where
they are on the planet, spends over one hour just
eating and drinking a day that doesn’t include
shopping for food, preparing food. So, what does
this mean? You better have a good
relationship with food. How to Improve Your
Relationship with Food there are many experiences
that can and do lead to an unhealthy relationship
with food the traumas that cause an unhealthy
relationship with food tend to circle
around issues of receiving in relationships issues of abundance. and traumas directly
related to food. there are many experiences
that can and do lead to unhealthy relationships
with food now, most of these issues stem from traumas that are related to
abundance traumas, traumas related
to receiving in terms of relationships, body image issues, and of course, traumas related
to food specifically bur rather than dive into
all these individual ways that we can develop a negative
relationship with food I’m simply gonna
dive right in and give you some
suggestions for how to improve your relationship with food step 1: examine your relationship with food. How do you feel
about food? how do you feel about eating? if an extraterrestrial landed on the planet to objectively
study your eating habits what would it observe? assuming that you could see
yourself through its eyes, how do you feel about
those observations? can you identify any
areas of concern? for example, do you act like you
don’t care what you eat? and consider it a
nascence to have to? Are you hyper-controlling
about what you eat? do you feel guilty
when you eat? do you worry about getting
fat when you eat? 2: directly face and resolve
any unresolved issues or previous traumas
that are leading to the issues that you
have around food. if you have a trauma
around food, certain situations involving
food and eating and even specific foods will cause you to have an emotional
and even physical reaction you can use that reaction to
discover the root trauma causing it and to
create resolve to the unresolved issues and
negative beliefs therein to learn how to do this I suggest
you try the completion process. the process itself is explained
in detail in my book that is quite literally titled:
The Completion Process. Also, these traumas that
are related to food, they cause us to fragment
just like any other trauma. So, we have polarized selves around the concept of
eating specifically. to understand much more
about this concept and also, to see the
process to use for this integration between
selves internally, watch my video titled: Fragmentation ( The World Wide Disease) facing and integrating the
trauma you have of your negative relationship
with food reveals the most powerful steps that
we can take personally to improve our relationship
with food. 3: I want you to take on
a new perspective I want you to imagine
that food is art. now, if it’s just one single food
item grown by the earth itself, it is the earth’s art. or if you believe in
Source and God it is Source or God’s art. if somebody is taking
those pieces of art and creating another
piece of art out of it be it a recipe or
some kind of dish, that is a human
creative art piece. but I want you to
think about this; any time you’re in
the grocery store I want you to imagine that you are
in a gallery same thing, if you
go to a restaurant and same thing, if somebody
in your home cooks for you. you’re at a gallery instead. What you are being fed or what you
are looking at potentially eating, is a piece of art. for one week commit 100% to
the practice of looking at food as if it is art. if you make food, do so with the
idea that you are creating art and when you eat a dish that
someone created for you imagine it is
edible art. hopefully by the
end of the week where you dedicate yourself
to this practice it will be the new, second nature
way that you view food. 4: practice mindful eating. eating is an intensely
somatic experience it gives rise to all
kinds of sensations and emotions it’s a full blown experience. but most of us
are so rushed that we don’t actually
spend any time registering the fact that
it’s an experience. we don’t feel the way that
food makes us feel. we don’t spend any
time thinking about it. we are MINDless about
the process of eating. when we are not fully
present when we eat, and when we
eat too fast we tune out the sensory
experience of food. we do not experience
food fully. we take it for
granted. we don’t extract the
full richness out of it. we can’t tell how our bodies
even respond to certain foods. So, when you sit
down to eat, give yourself
time to do it. the cultures that
are the healthiest in terms of their relationship
with food, take a long amount of time to eat. it’s a whole social practice. So, what I want you to do
is to slow completely down. give yourself a
time period so as to focus 100%
on the process and experience of
eating your food. this means with
no distractions see the look of the food. smell the food. hear the food. I want you to close your
eyes when you take a bite. and feel how it
affects your body most people believe that food,
or the experience of food is localized in
the mouth. it actually isn’t. some foods you can feel
through your entire body. they tend to localize
in certain areas. they come with
different sensations. see if you can notice
those sensations. a good trick is that
between every bite. you lay your fork down. 5: with any food whether it’s
something simple like a peach, or something complex
like a curry, I want you to think about
every single element or energy that went
into that food. for example, to get a
peach to your table it had to start
as a seed. it had to have soil and
sunlight and rain from clouds and then energy from
the farmers who grew it and energy from the truck
that drove it to the store etc, etc.. what we don’t realize
is that a single peach is made up of all
these elements if you are super attuned you can taste the season
and the rain cloud and the sunlight
in the peach. you can also taste
the focus that a farmer had towards
that particular peach the amount of effort that went into
the creation of this one single thing is absolutely mind blowing. you are ingesting
all of that energy imagine tracing the food
backward from your table to its origin like
a story line. and when you are doing this
with a whole dish like a curry do this with every
ingredient in the dish. get more sensitive. in order to have a good
relationship with food, you’ve got to be
able to feel food. that means you have
to feel in the first place. for those of you who
struggle with feeling I suggest you watch
my video titled: How To Feel. we must be able to
sense our feelings in order to know how
food is affecting us. in order to feel food to know what
food we should even be eating. people who have a great
relationship with food, they don’t adhere to a
strict dietary regiment what they do is they
eat intuitively. so even if you see
somebody who seems to have a strict
dietary regiment if they have a good
relationship with food, they arrived at that
particular way of eating, based on being
super intuitive not mentally rigid
about their choices when you go to
the grocery store, notice how your body is
reacting to certain foods notice what it
is asking for. one day, your body may really
want beans, for example. the next day it may
not want it at all. one day you go to
the grocery store, and the broccoli may be
vital and full of energy, and you can see how amazing that
would feel to take that into your body. and the next day you
may be able to feel that there is
some element that went into the
creation of that broccoli that makes it lack vital energy
that may even make it poisonous we have to learn to pay attention
to our bodies natural cues. we don’t usually do this. we respond to hunger in a
way where we are afraid of it. we binge eat as
a result of it. or else we become
normalized to it. and we don’t feed our
body when we need to. another thing we
tend to do is that we don’t notice
when we’re full so, we sit down
to a meal and and far pass
when we’re full we continue to stuff
food in our throats it’s really important to start to
eat according to those cues the closer your relationship
is with your emotions, the closer you will be to being
really good at intuitively eating. it will also be
obvious to you when you gravitate
towards specific foods or eat in certain ways based on trying to get away
from a certain emotion if we’re using food to
cover over an emotion, or get away from an emotion
or fill an emotional void, the need we have
isn’t actually for food, it’s for something else. but if we’re not conscious
of that we simply eat. then we’re not actually meeting
the actual need that we have. So, attuning to food and
our habits around food, and our feelings
around food, and noticing when
we’re doing that, is a really good way for us to get
in the middle of that process. So, we can meet
our actual needs instead of eat to try
to cover them up. most of us are actually pretty
good to attuning to foods if we put our
attention on it most of us simply don’t take the
time to communicate with our food. So, we allow our subconscious
to rule our food choices. the more alive
the food is and unprocessed, the easier
it is to communicate with. learn as much as
you can about food especially all the positive
things about food. knowledge is empowerment. foods are not only art, they are the
building blocks of your well being they are not only a
source of enjoyment they are also medicine. you will have a whole new relationship
with lemons, for example, when you learn that it’s not just
about how a lemon tastes, you can use lemons
to lighten hair, to reduce inflamation, to increase your immunity, to stimulate digestion, and the list goes
on and on. you will have a whole new relationship
with your stir fry dish when you when you realize that what
makes that incredible flavor, is the wok that
it’s cooked in and a person who is really good
at cooking through a wok never washes their wok. so in Asia that means, that pot that cooked
your dinner tonight, was the very same pot without
having been washed that cooked that cooked your grandmother’s
dinner 80 years ago and so whats happening
with the heat is that the pores of the
metal are expanding and the flavors of the dish
are getting into the pores. and then never
come out. so every single dish
that you eat is infused with
all those flavors which is why the flavors are
completely non replicatable. and these woks are so
special in these families, they are considered
a family heirloom and are passed down from
generation to generation grow your own food and cook your own food Now, some of you will hate
growing your own food. that’s not going
to be your thing some will love it. other people will
hate cooking. others will love it. but I can’t tell you how much
deeper your relationship will get with the food you’re
eating when you grow it, and or when you cook it. you can still have a wonderful
relationship with food if you don’t do either
of these things. but if you’re trying to improve
your relationship with food, I want you to at
least try this. if there’s no way to grow
food where you live, watch videos of people
who do love doing that and are passionate about the
process of growing food. try cooking. start with something
really really simple. there are so many videos
online now, and on YouTube telling you how
to cook things. just follow one
of the processes and try it
for yourself, you’ll see pretty soon
if you like it or hate it if you like it you can increase
the complexity of the dishes and if you hate doing that,
or you don’t wanna do that, you can simply watch
the food network. I can’t even tell you
how good it is to sit down and
watch somebody who is really passionate
about cooking, cooking and talking
about cooking. stop punishing yourself
for what you ate. Guilt is not going to
do anything for you. because you can’t
uneat what you ate. self punishment is only
going to increase the stress levels
in your body and make your
absorption of food, a lot more difficult. and not in a good way. not like difficult in that
you’re not going to get fat. difficult in that it will
make you fat. yes. what guilt serves to
do is to inform you that you think that a
decision you made was wrong. so your choice is: either you make a
different decision, today, right now. or, you convince yourself that
the decision that you’ve made was not actually wrong. those are the only two
ways to get out of guilt. the more stress you
have around eating the worse your relationship
is between you and food. exercising super hard or swinging the pendulum
to eat hardly anything so as to make up
for what you did after indulging, is a
recipe for disaster. it puts your body in
a yo-yo energetically and physically which is
incredibly bad for the body. dieting and exercise can be used as a serious form of
self control and self punishment it is also self punishment to keep any problem foods
you may have in the house in the same way that it’s a problem
to keep alcohol around if you are an alcoholic. make your relationship with
food intensely personal because it is. you will have a different
relationship with food because your body will need
different foods than other people you’ll have a different
relationship with food than your partner,
than your best friend than your boss,
your coworkers anyone. and the more
intensely personal you’re willing to make
that relationship the deeper your connection
to food will be. you’ve gotta stop comparing what you’re eating to what
other people are eating. the most important
thing to decide is, what is food for you? as your consciousness increases your sensitivities to foods
will also increase. things you used
to be able to eat, you will no longer
be able to eat. you’ll have zero
tolerance for. that means that the energy
of constricting yourself is unhealthy when it comes
to trying to develop a positive relationship
with food that means, with the
exception of foods that are a strait
out no for you based on your intuitive sensitivities, I don’t want you to
prevent yourself 100% from having something because of
a mental idea that you have about it so this means, if you feel like having
french fries go ahead and
have some just make sure you do
so at the right time. time means a lot when it comes to having a
positive relationship with food obviously if you are
starving to death grabbing a whole huge
thing of french fries is not going to be very
good for your body. but, a person is actually
going to be healthier if they allow themselves to
have some french fries as opposed to, deciding that they cannot touch
that food no matter what because there is some mental idea
they have about the french fries. if someone orders a dessert, let yourself have
a spoonful. just so you can feel the ease
and flow of the energy between you
and the food. never deprive yourself
of food on purpose. fasting can be super
super healthy when it’s done so as to love the body more but, a lot of us do not
fast because of this we fast because of the horrific
relationship with food and a hyper controlling
nature towards our bodies. when we fast in this way it’s not self-loving at all and it destroys our
relationship with food and not only that. we’re putting our body
in a state of distress lack of abundance and yes actually that’s going to affect your capacity
to make money as well. but when we do this. your body gets
the message, crap, crap, crap I can’t grantee
that I’m going to be fed so I need to store it. this means eat regularly some people feel really
good when they eat small little bits throughout
the entire day some people feel good when
they eat three solid meals at standard times. other people feel good
when they eat meals but not at the
standard times that are set forth by the society
that you have been raised in. let yourself intuitively know what
the right timing is for you but allow yourself
to have food. allow food time to be
a social experience. allow it to be a way to
give and receive love food is an intensely social things it has the capacity to unite us. it brings people together. it doesn’t matter what
culture we are a part of, what continent we live on, the one thing we
actually can agree on, is good food. it can be especially beneficial to develop relationships
with people who have a similar outlook
on food in general for example: if you’re vegan and that’s what
you’ve been intuitively led to be, becoming friends with other
vegans makes meal times much more, enjoyable. than if you are
the only vegan friends with a
bunch of people whose favorite thing in
the world is Burger King Let eating be a time of
mutually enjoying something. Let it be a shared experience. Eat specifically TO feel good. and eat what MAKES
you feel good. sit with that sentence because it’s really important. if you approach
food in this way, your entire relationship with food
will have to change inevitably this means, eat something that makes
you feel full of energy. don’t eat something that
makes you feel sluggish. If you ate in that way. I can’t tell you how much ease
you would have in terms of your
relationship with food. Do not eat specifically to change the
measurement on a scale or do what you mentally know
you should or shouldn’t do. simply pay very
close attention to how foods
make you feel. start a food diary. this seems pretty
basic and whatever, but, it can revolutionize the way that you
approach foods. and it can make you aware
of all kinds of things you need to change about your
relationship with foods. keep track of your meals and even snacks
between meals for each one write
down what you ate, what the environment
you ate in was like, How the food tasted. looked, and smelled. How it made you feel, in your body, somaticly and also emotionally describe how much you
like the experience eating that meal
from one to ten and then explain why you
chose that specific rating. mealtime is a sacred
part of life. it is sacred and
it is special. and because it takes up so
much of our time in a day, and there’s no way
to get around that, we need to make it more so. this means, make any change that will
make meal time more special and more sacred
to you specifically. for example: you could put special
effort into making or having specific foods
at specific holidays. you could ensure
that mealtimes are a time when every
member of the family stops what they are doing to
have a joined experience. you could choose
to eat in bowls and cutlery that are
beautiful to you. you could drink out of cups
that are fun to drink out of. you could take your
take out food, out of the box
that it came in and eat it on
some china. you can deepen your love and
knowledge of specific ingredients you could go out of your way
to get special ingredients, you could eat
with the seasons. ask yourself: How could you make each
time you eat special. and even more enjoyable. how you feel about the
entire process around food, from growing it, or purchasing it, to making it, to eating it, will dictate the degree to
witch you are nourished by food. and also what relationship
you have with it. food is much more
about the nourishment of soul, emotions,
mind and body than it is about
really staying alive. the more pleasurable you
make this process, the better your relationship
with food will be. Have a good week. Subtitles by the community

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  33. 1. I don’t like it. I eat too much sugar…I fear food…like what’s in it.
    2. As a kid foods made me sick. That’s the only thing I think of when I think about the root of trauma around food… But maybe it was only fast food…maybe it would not have been that way if I had home made meals.
    3. Food is art…I like that! I would really like to try those preordered meals where I pay & they send all the ingredients. But with that I’d also love for someone to cook with me. Imagine I’m in a gallery at the grocery store, restaurant, or when someone cooks for me. I like that. That makes me feel like I will be more conscious of the ingredients I pick for my food, and when others make it for me, more appreciation for all the ingredients. I also feel like this will create appreciation for ALL foods I eat, “healthy” or “not.” This will change the thoughts I have about all foods which is awesome!
    4. Mindful eating. Set a time frame for how long I will spend eating each meal.

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