How to Lighten Your Dark Under arm/Armpit And Preventive Tips

How to Lighten Your Dark Under arm/Armpit And Preventive Tips

hi guys welcome back to my channel and as I secured East once here again so today I have a very short video for you and that is how to get rid of Chuck underground I know this is a major problem for some women and even some man so today I'm going to show you how to get rid of it and I'm also going to give you some corrective measures okay so let's get started so you just gonna need two ingredients photos and the first one does baking soda so as you can see I have some baking soda here and this is about two teaspoon full of baking soda then the second ingredient is lemon so I have one tablespoon full of level in here what I'm gonna do is I'm just going to pour the lemon in the baking soda and you see how and you see how he's reacting so I'll just mix it up with my finger like so super mad Paige so this is the piece I'm just gonna take a little taste and put it on my auntie Pam okay I think a little bit and put it on the second Underpants you and don't forget you make sure you put on something you don't really care about because it's got a stain it's a little bit and this is a kind of a mouth leach so it's gonna bitch it up a little bit so we have service or something you don't care about so this is it as you can see the Big Shot is gone my underarm and I'm gonna leave it for 10 minutes and come to rinse it off so I'm gonna see after 10 minutes okay so he's been after 10 minutes and here we have us my underarms and let me tell you you don't have to shave before you do this because it's gonna burn like it's very very bright if it's shaped before you do it so do not shave at least if you want to shave you have to shave or give yourself a wax like two days or three days before so that it doesn't burn you so that's it do not shake before you do it so this is it and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna raise it up oh okay so here we are so here we are and up and all feeling fresh so this is not money for brightening up your underarms or getting rid of dark underarms it also says a kind of deodorant and it gets rid of bad auto – so are you American uses four times a week and you're gonna see major major improvement also I'm runnin them all so let me give you this tip you don't have to shave so often I recommend you can you ask all you emulate because this shaving and sometimes irritate the skin and it's not my favorite either because you know if you shouldn't you have to shave every three days or something if you don't want any hair are they under you have to shave every three days or everybody so it becomes too much and it irritates the other on so make sure you don't shape so often our removal you do were steel instead of shaving all you get an appellate ax and calculate the hair if you can afford it whether it's a treatment but hey there's nothing wrong with asking you another arms because it's just cool like it takes a lot more time for the hair to come so it doesn't irritate the skin and as much as shaping does also another thing I'm gonna give you is to not use deodorants so often because this contains chemicals and sometimes it's reacts to the skin and gives the dark color it makes it darker than your overall skin tone which is not so cool sometimes so reduce your use of children's you you slim one instead of children I mean use the one you can live on on your underarms five minutes before your shower and you just shower and you wouldn't even need a caterer so these are the tips for today and this is how to get rid of them underground thanks for watching give it a try let me see how it comes up for you give me a thumbs up if you have any question leave it down below for me thanks for watching and I'm gonna see you very soon with a nice and interesting video

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