How to Lose 1309 Health In One Mission (Professional) – Void Bastards – Part 16 -Gameplay Let's Play

How to Lose 1309 Health In One Mission (Professional) - Void Bastards - Part 16 -Gameplay Let's Play

hello welcome back dear viewer and fellow human to void bastards we're at the third depth which is you know not that they do the deal but we're probably just gonna jump through a couple of these we're gonna skip this one we're gonna grab these fuel cells BCG will Chaka Stein Kingdom fuck city okay these are new I haven't seen glow trotters before how many seems screws in a while we can deal with describe senior scribes I don't know what this I don't know what's different about these but I'm guessing we're gonna find out soon that's that's great news that's actually really helpful thanks man we could come down here and kill the pirate and randomize a gene but I kind of don't want to do that because it could change sick sense here so not a huge fan we're gonna go here instead computer fired and we got food from the whale very nice totally plan that excellent job oh I need this wreck sack that's so good that's cluster cluster flak finder thing that's really good okay we're gonna go here and then I'm gonna go here okay so rec sack there's some Zechs some veteran janitors and if we we take a bunch of damage well it's not the end of the world so let's go we're gonna take what do we want to take actually passes through enemies and windows I wonder if this passes through their shield there's only one way to find out we'll take the germ Spiker and this balancer thing I don't know let's take this okay that rec sack is big help to the right now do I want to just straight-up test this thing whoa okay so it doesn't in fact do anything that's pretty bad well we're just gonna okay this okay good good start excellent excellent start oh I found the ping okay this is nightmare material oh my god oh my god what is happening this is on another level okay that experiment failed miserably the toaster useless which means we don't have a good way of dealing with sex other than you know the traditional sneak attack I got one in here being problematic oh wow nice aim we killed one we are not even close to the direction I wanted to be going you know what it's not that bad we have healing here and it could be worse are you serious right now like come on man come on fifteen for this you know what I think I will take it this is about to get ugly come on security back up in seven there we go never mind I guess when we subvert it ignores the shutdown – it's cool cool cool cool Troy and Abed in the morning anybody get that reference yeah this is definitely worth I'm gonna try and get this guy's attention to Oh everybody excellent job boom point Ally excellent job I'll head in here but not because I want to me something to shoot please make it worth my while for once we still have 428 healing in there – that's actually so insane we brought like the worst possible weapon slow painful death for her okay I'm okay so let's go through we'll hit the with the mark will grab everything and if we take any damage we'll just come back and heal it off there we go should have been a bit more thorough in the first place security around the backside this is ours right yeah hmm no security break garb Oh Oh God oh I'll take that little bit of damage that's fine okay awesome that was not bad that was not bad this is like a big upgrade for us actually I think it's is it I can't remember what it's for but it's big okay it's really important I know that bomb hunter there it is bouncer coop mmm gonna pass on that we're definitely gonna go Bob hunter can be recovered from tourists that's so good thank you we're not seeing a lot of tourists anymore so there's that what's on this buzz box for nothing whiz rocks for cluster flux yeah that would be good I suppose we're definitely gonna grab the food my worry is that if I go up here to get this Lum stick let's see Lum stick part of trap hunter if I go up to get that I I'm worried that I'm not gonna have a way back down so I can go here but then it depends how close this is and we really don't know so I'm probably better going this way then in this steel carapace I can build the Lum stick by need to what's the other part of it there's two things we would need to build Juve's cookbook in the Lum stick so this is takes a tea out of there and a tea so it's that well actually we could do both you know I'm gonna I'm actually just gonna do that straight up oh we got the rad Spiker to mr. radioactive cloud the only thing is I don't know if that's good for us if probably is fine if we create it Prell holes but I think here the steel carapace would be huge I don't know what the CNT stamp is I imagine it's uh we're actually not that far from it okay so that's that's definitely the planet yeah and see here I'm gonna have to tank some health for sure skin tape that's new there's a food cache though another rad shield radiation leaks or we just take fuel which i think is probably better or we could do all of those actually merit garter and a roaster and these enemies aren't that bad I don't like this and I don't like this though that's very annoying anyways let's start here let's just get the carapace sprout up water scrambler eggs I'm not sure so there's sex here we'll take these just cuz you shoot him in the back and just ignore the rest I'll go regulator and the zapper all right Oh tiny cute little plain cute little airplane holy Frick what's up all right it's up and great I've actually really sneaky they put the they put the oil there and then you would just slide into the fire if you weren't paying attention Omari over it let's wait till that one turns around we see it on the map she ain't gonna make it guys holy okay so we are going to walk this we're gonna walk this so the spawns don't come out now what is this room your cat looks normal you share your feelings I'm feeling pretty good speak clearly I your cat looks normal thought okay this is weird this is that same one because of our upgrades our man it's so good I don't want to jinx anything but we have been cruising we've been doing great having a super time well I'd say this was good I guess rad shield it is now let's try and locate the other part it'd be nice you could select which part you're locating maybe you can like if I click it multiple times it doesn't do anything but that's because we have the other one detected okay so yeah we we hit the nuke mine I guess it's unfortunate two to five hundred health then I think we try and hit all three of these get the skin tape that's new I might skip this one actually because I don't know if we are gonna need that anymore once this is upgraded like maybe that comes into play here if you can upgrade that further I'm not sure but we'll get the skin tape hopefully some Zack's some patients Oh what did I just do oh there's our supply delivery my bad all the gene hit us and we lost six cents five percent of citizens dropped food when killed okay Frick I just rested instead of going i clicked here enough like ah oh my god that hurts it hurts me deep cuts me deep cuts me deep alright food cache what do I want here I don't think the stapler works very well against these we'll definitely take the cluster flax and we'll take this for security alright do I really want to go yeah I guess I'm just gonna go to the helm on the right side and then we'll work our way back through the left I can't all man losing that six cents that is so sad I'm hoping that that actually no killer please not not cool actually I don't know where she went I'm not sure we killed her but I will take it thank you yeah that's the new strategy I guess I'm gonna toss a couple here Oh God this is not it's not going well for me look how much health we're losing oh mylanta I'm not sure what it's shooting at it's not cool he's taking some damage but my god what I cannot believe what's happening right now holy are we just getting slammed that look how much health we lock that's real bad oh no I just wanted to make sure it didn't come back come on start blowing her up please you won't like 96% sure that she's not dead dive hey she's dead and we're down to a hundred and fifty health my word you know going from being able to see all the enemies to not it's intense because you just become accustomed to it and now about warbots will really screwed us but no great god that should be behind her oh boy what's behind me dude I don't like this at all I did not believe the amount of health we lost here Thank You food so much stuff I don't know if that's gonna make it to them also we got o to weigh on this side yikes I this could be it what I was real close to not being good we got what we needed I think I gotta leave which means attempting to go back the way we came it was a weird solo patient there there's a bunch of stuff in that room do I dare check the FTL look at this that is sturdy oh there it is whoo I'm out of here I see Ikes from me dog at the Ike's from me we did get some food that we can eat we're way ahead of our fuel that that hurts hurts a lot is this upgrade for the toaster it's fine man as pop bot has a stolen part I'm not understanding what that is we've seen that before there's a pup bot maybe I got to like kill it to get apart from it we're gonna skip that I can't believe that miss clear that cost me big-time and we'll rest a bunch here won't be that bad the food heals us actually for quite a bit I'm gonna do one more just so that these are even and we'll try and get this let wheel okay guys wish me luck okay I'm obviously in need of it we'll see you next time bye

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23 thoughts on “How to Lose 1309 Health In One Mission (Professional) – Void Bastards – Part 16 -Gameplay Let's Play

  1. The rad spiker is like a better germ spiker. And it's great for patients. This game does have a habit of going from relatively easy to almost killing you lol

  2. Looks at title

    Well…you didn’t die…so there’s that right?

    All joking aside that was too close for words Chris. Glad you survived. Even if you had it, we would just water and grow us a new person.

  3. Whoa, so the Kittybot company brainwashes people into seeing the kittybots as literal cats, and into telling the kittybots their secrets, which are probably bugged so that the company then has blackmail on their customers.

  4. Toaster is NOT useless against Zecs. Don't forget you can fire thru windows. Meanwhile enemy considers windows as mere walls, so Zec will gladly show her back to you to toast…

  5. Community was a solid show man, but Donald Glover just got way 2 busy with his many hats in entertainment & the show just crumbled by his absence. 6 seasons & a movie!!

  6. It's all ok, even when you had sixth sense you ignored the map and constantly stood under stuff that would kill you. This way you have an excuse :p

  7. you should use bouncer to send back zec's missiles and use riverter against the patients, riverter is a smg

  8. You should always stop by the marts on your path to at least get the fuel and food that pays for itself.

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