How to Make a Quick, Healthy Meal from Leftover Homemade Bread

How to Make a Quick, Healthy Meal from Leftover Homemade Bread

Hey everybody its Caroline from homesteading family and have you ever heard of bread soup It sounds really simple and it doesn’t sound very appetizing does it so welcome back to our series on using all the little bits and all the little tips so that we can save money on our food budget and We can more importantly make our time stretch further by being more efficient with the resources that we have So we have been looking at different ways to use up all of the little bits of something that we already have in our house Bread and if you’re making your own homemade healthy bread Then you really want to get every little bit out of that bread in order to make your energy stretch as far as it possibly can so today we’re talking about a method of Using a bread that we don’t hear a lot about anymore and that is called bread soup Now I first heard about bread soup by reading an old civil war-era Cookbook and this is one of the truths about bread is that when times get hard and people don’t have a lot to eat Good healthy homemade bread can sustain you for a long time if it has to may not be very exciting, but it can Actually sustain you for long periods of time and the Civil War soldiers would often Be hungry. They would be starving. They didn’t have enough food brought into them during different points of the Civil War And so one of the things that they would do is they would just take a piece of bread and they would tear it up Oftentimes this would be their heart attack, which would be a very dry Very dry bread it would be like the sandwich version of biscotti doubly dry so that it would travel well and last a long time and they would just tear that up if they were lucky enough to have some dried meat or Any dried vegetables, they would just put that in there and then they would cover that with hot and boiling water Now it doesn’t take very long for this to start breaking up that bread to really start breaking up and What it will do is it will form kind of a porridge or a gruel Kind of the texture of like a cream of wheat only maybe a little run here So it changes that bread into something that’s different. Probably warming if it was done warm And you know definitely nourishing, but Maybe not all that appetizing No, I don’t know about you, but I would not be super excited to have this for lunch Now one of the things that it really does do though is it thickens up? the liquid that it has been steeped in so there are some wonderful ways to use this that tastes really Good and will help you get a really quick lunch on the table and I’m gonna show you one of them right now All right now here we are We’re ready to get started and I’m gonna make this as simple as possible But go ahead and feel free to tweak this and add in any other vegetables anything else that you want to make this Absolutely delicious. So I just have one onion here I have a good couple of handfuls of spinach. I have some nice shredded chicken This is from some of the chickens that we’ve raised and butchered and then it’s just been cooked down I like to keep some extra chicken in the refrigerator for easy grab for quick meals throughout the week and then I have my leftover bread that I have been saving whenever I get a piece of crust or a little bit of pizza crust that somebody doesn’t eat Any little bits and edges of bread that I find I make sure to get those into a plastic ziplock bag and get them in The freezer until I’m ready to make something with them and then I’ve got something on hand and ready to go so I’m just gonna take my Heavy-bottomed pot here. I’m gonna get that warming up as I get going now This is gonna be like the five minute lunch Maybe turn it and I mean I take an onion don’t be afraid to use the whole thing That’ll just make it a really healthy and really flavorful And I am going to just put a nice dice right on that now if you had Carrots that you wanted to put it in you had some celery whatever you want to put in there. You are completely Welcome to just put right in at this stage All right, just a nice Dice right there and on the other side and this is a great meal to have for immunity boosting too because all of this onion just makes you so Healthy and strong and I’m gonna try not to cry because it’s being so strong and healthy Okay, so now my pan has started to heat up just a little bit I’m gonna take just a little bit of fat in this case I have a little bit of olive oil you could use some butter whatever it is that you have on hand And I’m gonna go ahead and toss that onion right on in there and get that cooking All right. Now why those onions are cooking? I’m gonna go ahead and just put a nice white cube on this piece of bread And you know what I think I want just a little bit more because I do want this to thicken up quite nicely And have a nice texture to this soup There you go Just set that aside and I’m gonna go ahead and chop up a handful of this chicken. Just a little smaller So it’s easier to eat when? I’ve got it in the bowl All right, now we’re looking for whatever vegetables that we put into our pot to get just slightly side Just to a nice level of eating they won’t cook long after they have Just gone through this and they show up saute So you want to get them straight where you would enjoy cooking on any you know, princess? Yes So you want to get them right to where you would like to eat them at? And for any ins that’s a really fast really quick. You can toss some garlic into You do all sorts of stuff. I’m just gonna go ahead and toss in my chicken Just to mix those flavors together really nicely Okay, and then I’m gonna add my bread right on in and you know what I’m gonna go ahead and put that spinach in right Now so it wilts down really nicely And just give it all a nice quick stir and now for that secret ingredient that really good home canned chicken broth and If you are not canning your own chicken, bro yet. You really need to start. I will put a link at the end of this video or in the description To a video that I have shown you how to can your own chicken broth? Okay. Now this is all ready to go and I’m just gonna go ahead and pour this chicken broth Over There we go now by the time that broth has heated up Sufficiently to be good for eating a hot soup, though Those bread cubes are gonna start breaking down and they’re gonna start thickening up The whole soup to make a nice quick easy lunch Now the last thing you need to do here is get any seasoning into this that you would want for me. I prefer just salt and pepper so a couple finger pinch of Some salt there probably about three. That’s probably About a teaspoon of salt there and Stir that on up just to mix that in and we’re gonna top that with some coarsely ground pepper Now do you see how quick and easy this was this is so simple and it’s a great way to utilize that Thickening power of that bread now no bread soup for you You can put all sorts of delicious things in here and just toss in a piece of bread to go ahead and thicken it up You can use this method for a larger pot of soup And if you’re going to be cooking it for a while longer not such a quick soup Then you can just toss in whole pieces of bread and it will start to thicken right up and you’ll have a lovely Texture to your broth now. I’ve got myself a really nice lunch here so I’m gonna let this thicken up and warm up just a little bit and then I’m gonna go ahead and sit down with a Bowl of it for a nice lunch. Thanks for joining me guys

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39 thoughts on “How to Make a Quick, Healthy Meal from Leftover Homemade Bread

  1. We don't have food waste. Around here, it gets turned into eggs or meat 😉 but I can appreciate a frugal and nutritious meal. I'm making a ton of beef broth tomorrow and I might try this out; thanks!

  2. As the youngest of 12, I can really appreciate your soup. This is one we never had but I will be making some this week. Love your family and videos. Keep up the good work

  3. I think it is a great way to use up some of that bread. You mentioned bits of leftover pizza bread especially with a touch of sauce left on it. , I think I would love the flavor in the soup too.

  4. Pretzel soup milk butter and ofc pretzels grandfather taught me how to make it from his days growing up in the great depression of the 30s

  5. All this video was her making homemade chicken soup and added old bread! The bread thickened it up because the main ingredient in bread is FLOUR! duh!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for this recipe, made it with spinach, cabbage, with some leftover corned beef. Also used the idea from your earlier post for croutons. Very tasty and filling.

  7. All over Europe people did and do this, specially in winter. Basic and common ingredients are crushed garlic, lots of chopped cilantro, and a steamed egg. Plus the hot water, salt and pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. BTW, nothing is pre-cooked.
    It's called Açorda

  8. All the people who stressed about her use of salt…good Lord. That’s what you took away from this? 🤦🏼‍♀️😂

  9. I grew up with “Graveyard Stew” white bread white milk white sugar. Probably various ways of making it and various explanations for the name. We were told because it was made with everything white it was like a “ghost” from the graveyard.

  10. I’m not sure how I feel about the texture that the bread would take on….but the end product looks warm and soothing. There’s something to be said about a good soup 🙂

  11. Disliked because of the meat used. We don't need to eat meat . Meat does not provide with any nutrition . We are supposed to eat only vegetables as food .

  12. Love your videos! I wanted to know if you use a water Filtration System system if so what would you recommend?

  13. Hello. Greetings from New Zealand. thanks for sharing. im going to make bread soup for my mokopuna-grandson. we used to have bread hotwater milk n sugar all tye time when we was growing up. called it breadslop 🤤

  14. Hi Carolyn, I have a two part question about bread making, 1. How do you store your baked bread, 2. Can you use the same concept for making homemade rolls?, Thanks for taking the time to teach us.

  15. thank you caroline, with my home-made bread and my home grown veggies, this is now officially my new favorite soup!

  16. I never thought of saving bread pieces, pizza crusts, my goodness, my mind is trying to churn up new ideas. TY*

  17. How neat! My first time ever hearing about bread soup! My grandparents grew up drying out leftover bread into "crackers/chips" that they used to toss into soup or eat with homemade sauces. Something similar to your bread soup. Definitely going to have to try this

  18. My mother would take stewed tomatoes and add bread to it, she would also put a touch of sugar in it, oh it was good, now I am thinking of many different things to add to it

  19. My roommate makes a dish with bread in it. He is from the north of Iraq. A rural village. They make an okra soup….delish …..and will take a bowl, break up flat bread at the bottom, add rice on top of that, then the soup. It’s called Dlymia. It’s sooo good. And a good way of using up little bits. U can use many different types of soups/curries.

  20. I remember my Dad ending the meal with just plain bread and milk. I've eaten it a few times, but I wasn't impressed with it. Now make a bread dressing, that changes the whole story. That's what you make reminds me of and I am very, very sure it tastes marvelous.

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