How to Make THE BEST Sheet-Pan Roasted Vegetables

How to Make THE BEST Sheet-Pan Roasted Vegetables

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anyways today we have such a great episode we are making some easy peasy sheet-pan vegetables
guys this is the perfect side dish for your next holiday party or you
can enjoy these any time of the year and let me tell you this is so easy to put together
we’re basically gonna cut up these vegetables dump them into a baking tray
season them and into the oven they go and you can move on with your life
well one bit of warning these vegetables are so good they’re gonna be the star dish on your table
now to make this recipe I’m using some very simple vegetables
but the combination of all them has the perfect balance of flavors and I’m also
using an organic extra virgin olive oil from Apollo this is their Miller´s Favorite
this is what’s gonna flavor the entire dish such an important ingredient in this
recipe so make sure you use a good quality olive oil this one from Apollo is
insanely delicious possibly one of the best extra virgin olive oils I have ever
tasted get yourself a bottle of this link in the description box below we’re
gonna begin by preheating our oven to the bake + broil option that’s bottom heat
and top heat and hitting it to 250 degrees Celsius which is 475 degrees Fahrenheit
next up I’m gonna wash our bell peppers our zucchini and our potatoes so
important to wash your vegetables guys and make sure that you pat them completely
dry to cut our vegetables I’m gonna begin with the potatoes I like to cut
each one in half each half in half to end up with four evenly sized quarters
cut each quarter right down the middle and into half inch pieces once you have all your potatoes cut add them
into a baking tray lined with parchment paper and make sure that they’re all in
a single layer and evenly spread out next up I’m gonna grab the zucchini and
cut it into quarter-inch pieces and once you have all your zucchini cut add it
into the baking tray and again guys make sure they’re all evenly spread out
now we’re moving on to the bell peppers I like to cut off a little bit from the top
and then cut around the bell pepper this makes for an easy cleanup that way
there’s no seeds involved cut each piece of bell pepper right down the middle
and into 1-inch pieces and again we’ll add cut pieces of bell pepper into the baking tray
making sure that they’re all evenly spread out next up I’m gonna grab our two onions
cut each one in half and I like to remove between one to two of the
outer layers this gives the onion a better texture and it makes it so much
easier to cut cut each piece of onion right down the middle
and into half-inch pieces and evenly divide the onions into
the baking tray for the last ingredient to prepare I’m gonna grab one head of garlic
and cut a slit on each clove of garlic this makes it so much easier to
remove that garlic once it’s cooked and add the cloves of garlic into the baking
tray with the rest of the vegetables alright let’s start adding some flavor
to our vegetables I’m gonna drizzle in some extra virgin olive oil
be generous here guys this is what’s really gonna flavor this dish then season
everything generously with sea salt you wanna be generous here guys we
have a lot of sweet vegetables here and you don’t want this dish to be underseasoned
crack in some freshly cracked black pepper then sprinkle in
some dried thyme so important guys to get all these seasons to cover each
piece of vegetable I’m also going to sprinkle in some dried rosemary and for the final ingredient sprinkle in
some sweet smoked Spanish paprika this is gonna give these vegetables and
incredible pop of flavors okay our vegetables are ready I’m gonna
add these into our preheated oven again guys bake + broil option 250 degrees
Celsius 475 degrees Fahrenheit after 35 minutes our vegetables should be
perfectly cooked I’m gonna go ahead and remove this from the oven and check this
out guys look how beautiful this turned out this is ready to be served
okay guys our sheet pan vegetables are done the aromas in this kitchen are
insanely delicious let’s give this a try and see how it turned out grab some
potatoes bell pepper zucchini everything that I can here we go what a beautiful
combination of flavors those potatoes are perfectly cooked nice and crispy on
the outside nice and creamy in the inside the rest of the vegetables are spot-on
the money the flavors that sweet smoked Spanish paprika the thyme the rosemary
that extra virgin olive oil what a beautiful dish so effortless to put together in
the oven for about 35 minutes you can get so many other things done
guys an insane side dish if you enjoyed today’s video hit that like button
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  1. You are a culinary genius,that looks really delicious 🙂 An Extra "BIG" thumbs up 🙂 We have the same Disneyland magnet on our refrigerator too 🙂 ROCK ON!!!!!!!

  2. A gorgeous side dish indeed, lovely combination of spices and herbs, i can imagine the nice kick of smoked paprika, excellent!

  3. hello i am new here i press the red button and also hit the bell and like 40 done hope you will do the same and stay in connected

  4. Roasted vegetables! Classic! Can’t go wrong!
    (The link for your mortar and pestle is not correct. A granite mortar and pestle shows up. Can you help resolve this issue. Thanks.)

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