How to: Making ginger shot with a blender

How to: Making ginger shot with a blender

ginger shot make at home one ginger root piece washed chop it into smaller pieces add it to a blender/ food procesor along with some water (about a cup or so) blend until you cant see ginger pieces no more strain it you can use a cheese cloth, kitchen towel, a sieve, a nut milk bag whatever….. even your hands maybe ?!! i dont know add lemon juice and honey to sweeten it up or any other sweetner you like or have in your kitchen or dont add any at all mix it well best to drink it first thing in the morning to get your digestion going

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100 thoughts on “How to: Making ginger shot with a blender

  1. I felt the need to comment this. We only see her wooden table and a few of her kitchen utensils, so why do people think her entire kitchen is dirty?? I think it looks fine.

  2. Wow y’all are talking about how she used a kitchen towel.. OHHH FUCKING WELL ! It’s her juice not yours and it’s called improving damn 🙄

  3. As a member of the Comment Reading Association (CRA), I’m only here to read comments. Please keep the comments short and simple. We do appreciate your typing effort. Also please watch your spelling. Thank you and have a great day!

  4. If make this at night time and drink it early in morning it will be fine or not ?
    One glass of that will be fine every day ?

  5. Not enough information…
    How many times can drink this…per day or 3x a day?? Morning before break fast or evening before bed time…
    Why all those people who uploading videos they don't put more information…so your subscribers they don't keep on asking..
    The procedure is perfect..but the way how to drink it… it just any how drink..of curz must have time to drink…
    Any one can help me to explain we can understand more easily and we don't scared..
    Tnx you…

  6. Ginger intake should be limited, quantity of ginger should be a pinch and not more Dan dat. Else it causes weight loss as well big pimples.

  7. Awesome! Just tried this and it was AMAZING one thing I did differently was I added lemon peels and blended it together and it seems to work!

  8. It’s a useful video but maybe you can help clean her kitchen if you want. Instead of you to concentrate on the useful details, y’all be looking for errors, she didn’t charge you anything for the informative video.

  9. What do u gain from this and how many times do u recommend we drink this shot per day. I've been adding ginger to my smoothies and I'm loving anything with ginger.😊

  10. I think you would be better served using cheesecloth then tossing the pulp and cloth away together! Just sayin!

  11. For those who are saying her kitchen is dirty stop being funny, actually her herself is very cute I know her personally..

  12. With the filthy fucking towel and all? I was already finding gross that she didn't skin the thing.. And then the blender bugged in the middle.. Looks like a joke frankly

  13. You could add the honey to the blender and let it do the stirring. You could also add a peeled, chopped half lemon if your blender can take it. Just about anything you want to add can go into the blender and it would save time. Good video : )

  14. Hello Dubidoo, would please tell us exactly how much ginger we can put it in our drinks, according that I see in your video is no just one inch is more than that. Also how many times a day , can we drink a, any side effects? . Other than that, thank yo so very much for sharing your videos. Regards

  15. Thank you very much for this video. Awesome. I also have gingershots and kurkumashots receipes on my channel but this is really something else! Thanks sooo much and keep going!

  16. I had to subscribe to your channel dear. Thanks for this recipe. I love the fact that you didn't boil the ginger. I've been seeing people boiling the ginger and didn't like that. Thanks again for the beautiful video

  17. Like the simplicity of this…using nonfancy equipment that pretty much anyone would have. The recipe itself looks like it would make your hair stand on end. Would this still work if you diluted it as you get used to it?

  18. Thanks so much for this video! I had a really bad stomach ache and after chewing on ginger, i felt soo much better. After the trauma of having to literally just eat ginger tho, this ginger shot has saved me and my digestive system hahaha

  19. you need to say have good it will help the body? you should not make the video just like that and don't say anything at all?

  20. good evening to you everything looking great but you are not talking or say anything about benefit? if you don't no about the benefit then this is a total waste of time ok

  21. Hi this is cool I am definitely going to try this. I love ginger root. Thank you. But question for you can you warm this drink in the morning before drinking? Thanks

  22. Hi guys today is 5 January 2020 and am going to try this ginger juice 5 Jan To 15 jan
    Wish me luck 👍
    And yes ! If I get any changes I will let you know then

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