How to Prevent an Asthma Attack – Asthma Attack Treatment At Home

How to Prevent an Asthma Attack - Asthma Attack Treatment At Home

how to prevent an asthma attack asthma is a condition where your lung tubules inflame and produce mucus in response to certain triggers fibers smoke dust pet dander perfume detergent etc viral infections or the presence of pathogens in your system in an asthma attack a person coughs and wheezes violently when untreated difficulty breathing and death can occur every year thousands of asthma attack victims flock to emergency rooms and hospitals for immediate medical attention but in fact asthma attacks can be avoided through planning in practicing and asthma free lifestyle realistically asthma attacks cannot be fully avoided but by learning how to prevent an asthma attack one can considerably minimize the number of attacks and prevent dire consequences should an attack occur most content themselves when having bronchial dilator sprays ready in hand in case of an attack but actually one can take more concrete steps to lessen attacks on a long term basis here are some steps you can follow to avoid asthma attacks one faithfully medicate it sounds too obvious to give the advice of regularly taking your asthma medicine but most people actually take their medicine for granted especially if they do not have symptoms this only worsens your condition in props you up for worse consequences in the event of an attack so take your medicine faithfully even without symptoms it is better to be safe than sorry to avoid triggers attacks occur when triggered by some allergen be conscious of your triggers as they can differ from person to person avoid them at all costs in the case of children parents must check the environments their children spend long periods of time in and make sure they are not exposed to any triggers they also make their home asthma free three quit smoking smoking weakened your lungs and triggers asthma asthmatic people should not smoke or be around smokers four wash hands a considerable percentage of bacteria that can trigger an attack are transmitted through the hands so make it a habit to wash hands especially before eating five take a flu shot getting a cold or flu will open you up to a series of asthma attacks and may even lead to respiratory infections having a flu is bad enough for most people for asthmatics it is even worse so make sure to get a flu shot regularly to avoid contracting the influenza virus and endangering your health 6 exercise again this advice seems too simple and common but it works exercising strengthens your lungs and makes you less susceptible to attacks exercise regularly and pair this with a good diet to minimize asthma attacks 7 have an asthma attack plan again asthma attacks cannot be avoided completely but they can be minimized 1 then needs to be prepared for the eventualities of an attack come up with a plan and be prepared be ready with your inhaler to avoid life-threatening situations when you feel the onset of symptoms practice per slipped breathing breathe slowly through your nose without opening your mouth and exhale twice as long as it took to inhale do not hold your breath in between inhalation and exhalation you

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8 thoughts on “How to Prevent an Asthma Attack – Asthma Attack Treatment At Home

  1. To stop asthma use lip reflex. Pressing lip together opens up lung airways and training lips cures asthma. Conversely asthmatic breathing with open mouth and slack lips causes asthma. Sleep with mouth shut.

  2. There are several things for relieving asthma quickly
    Kick Out the Mites.
    Check Air Quality Reports.
    Clear the Smoke.
    (I learned these and the reasons they work from Laken chest remedy site )

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