How to Talk to Your Pain (Alternative Healing Method) – Teal Swan – Online Synchronization Workshop

How to Talk to Your Pain (Alternative Healing Method) – Teal Swan – Online Synchronization Workshop

[Music] No okay I’m just gonna show people how to do this you ready good so here’s the thing so I have an option I have an option when people ask me about the physical aspects of their their embodiment what’s going wrong with them my option is either I have all the answers for you right come to teal Swan I’ll tell you what your issue is or I can give you the tool to figure it out for yourselves and I would way rather do that yes so I’m going to use one of my volunteers my team members and what we’re going to be doing she’s playing a play a Mission Impossible this is Lynn everybody song you seen her before that workshops in on my other el9 workshop um next was okay getting myself organized here I’m gonna show you how to figure out what’s going wrong with you no matter what it is it doesn’t matter whether it’s an issue with an Oregon doesn’t matter whether it’s an issue with a pain you can embody the consciousness of anything that is part of you I have to understand how this is I have to after help you understand how this works I had that explanation for you before of the TV screen where you’ve got an entire field of potential energy and then it condenses to create a physical form right the truth of this universe is that everything is the same energy it is all the same universal consciousness that which we call God is actually everything this rate so in you are just one part of that massive consciousness that means you’re connected to it that means you have the capacity to know literally anything anything anything because you can access that consciousness it is sad to me when people say I don’t know what’s going on with this aspect of my body because it’s your consciousness so what you’re going to be doing is learning to channel your own body or pain or XYZ or whatever it is and all people can channel this is super super critical to understand all people can channel you are limited in terms of channeling only to the degree that you are completely identified with yourself so let’s say what do you want channel to be in my body you haven’t had any ailment yunjin just what do you want what are you struggling with literally it’s like anything so do you have any pain do you have any frustration what type of anything just tell me well you know I’m struggling with my bladder in the past I haven’t really had many problems weird that can’t have anything to do with Munich at all oh yeah at the Munich Fifth Element she I’ve had like struggled of like a UTI problems like for several years like to the point where I was like peeing blood like almost like monthly at certain points so Tia pulled me up okay because there was a girl I’m struggling with that and I ended up channeling her bladder and I didn’t really think about that but I have not had a problem since then so maybe we should pick another I guess it works weird okay so like I’ve had like a patch of like eczema on my leg for like years alright permit and it goes in and out okay ready okay I know we’ve got some eczema sufferers here right when you just said the word stuff when you just said the word eczema there was a huge pulse from the collective so we’ve got some people that are dealing with eczema okay are you feeling it okay so this is what she’s gonna do she’s gonna close her eyes right she’s gonna let go of Lin she’s not Lin you’re nothing she’s not letting okay she’s literally almost like a method actor she’s going to take on the energy of the eczema having no idea about it so this is not about the mind creating this she’s gonna let the energy of the eczema just take over her whole body as if she is the eczema okay and she’s not she’s gonna do a stream of consciousness just answering the questions that are asked to her or exploring it for herself if you’re doing this by yourself you can do that so as the eczema don’t think much how are you feeling I feel like I want to distract myself from every minute like thought I have so it’s like daunting so like it sure like bringing everything back to my body or touching everything it’s a severe like anxiety and anxiousness do you know what your inches about no cuz I won’t like let my mind go anywhere this is a powerless feeling like you’re completely powerless to this like physical condition like I want to touch everything you feel like I’m wanting to distract myself constantly does it work for you Sara until you just think that you feel the exhaustion of having to run away from things yes it is exhausting well what if we just go in the direction of whatever you’re trying to run away from and try to deal with that okay what are you avoiding now I can feel it in my stomach it look it feels like the feeling of being attacked like something coming at me okay so you feel like something’s coming at you mm-hmm do you know who from is right is it a specific person or is it everybody just answer and truly thank you hmmm like big scary men it’s like now it’s making me shake well that’s good let your body shake shaking and the buddies are with a good thing by the way it’s how the body like my right arm let’s shake so we’re done in and out of wanting to like distract myself dad’s attacking and you can’t get away can you no but you want to get away that’s why you want to distract yourself yeah it’s almost like you’re in prison right because obviously if you ran away you’d be away from it but you can’t get away so you’ve just got to look somewhere else right yeah you aware of how old you were 3 hmm I feel like he’s just like screaming at me and I feel like he’s that going to hit me but he never does so it’s like this feeling I feel this way all the time like this feeling of freeze and never being able to do anything with it you wouldn’t you see it that’s why it affected your legs Oh like a girl about moving forward ok that makes sense you can’t do anything about it you can’t move forward you can get away I have a severe reaction to like mosquitoes and I know they they bite my calves like this is a distraction I just thought it would be like the same vibrational match I guess the same thing with itching you’re right I do in a distract myself this sucks ok what if you could be the way that causes like serious relief are you aware that Lin already did get away no no see if this is this is no arc you’re stuck still yeah this is very classic what’s classic is that even though some parts of us can get away from the travel hood at home other parts of us aren’t even aware that we left so it like the three year old is still at home I feel like glued to the carpet like my feet can’t move okay oh yes where are you in a room not with my dad look at your buddy you see how old you were this is weird you’re not home anymore you as Lynn you did good way you left like that realization calms like the tops of my arms down too and look that’s your partner you’re not even listening do that to me all the time that’s probably no their element um okay that’s another parts work but look what he’s not happy is he no now you have the power if somebody’s attacking you can get up you can get in your car you can drive away tell us about the reaction emotions I’m just happy that I even though I have like those vibrations running in me I manifested someone who feels very safe to me mm-hmm till your legs you know my whole body wants to shake love it do you feel like you have a need for us to meet good look you’re in a new environment you see new environment with new people is there a need you need us to me as eczema um no I just feel like a kind of ties in with what you’re talking about before and like calming my nervous system down doesn’t want Linda to write mm-hmm so you need a limb to constantly calm down the hyper-vigilance date because I mean that a lot basically all day and do you feel like Lin propagates that I think that Lin is an amazing distractor okay so I’m what I’m doing right now this is really important I’m talking to the eczema as if Lin is a different person let’s see – we’re making them distinct from one another so that we can figure out the relationship okay so eczema says Lin right what does they she she’s been I’m an amazing distractor and what would you rather she do this instead of distract actually like I’ve never heard this from these any part of myself before but like meditating like consistently it would help me I’ve never heard you say no I know you want Lin to meditate what is it about meditation that you want it pulls my energy like inwards towards myself instead of like something externalized yeah and it really does calm down my system when I do it so in general you feel like Linda’s constantly out there and she’s scattered and she’s like moving out that way and that makes you feel unsafe yeah okay so can you tell them that hmm okay so from here besides letting your body shake and letting this energy in the you know release and the awareness that you’re not stuck in that situation anymore now it’s up to them to implement those changes that that aspect has said that it needs implemented and if she does that there will be no excellent that’s really interesting I’ve had this problem for years and I even like know a lot about doing parts work and I’ve never gone into it show you guys that is an example of how to deal with any type of a physical ailment that you may have you have direct access to exactly what is going on with any part of you any ailment any pain literally anything like if all you felt was a pain in your body you could say okay I’m going to become this pain as if it was another person within you become that and then see what truth is held there [Music] [Music]

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100 thoughts on “How to Talk to Your Pain (Alternative Healing Method) – Teal Swan – Online Synchronization Workshop

  1. Thanks you Teal for everything, Love you from all my heart, we will change this world TOGETHER,😘😘😘😘😘💗

  2. I wanan register on teal site but i don''t get the security question. I've tried all answers i can come up with… HELP

  3. Dear Teal.
    I did this today and carried it out through the completion process.
    Its absolutely amazing how I was conducted to the trauma moment.
    Then I was able to re-write it.
    Now the memory changed.
    I love you Teal.

  4. So You Talk To Ur Pain, I Do That A Lot, I Usely Talk Them Out Loud, I Feel Ease & So On But Keeping Silent Is A Mocking Bird, But How Can you Figure what is ur pain, The First Thing That Comes Out??
    I Thought It Is By Listening Within, But I Still Don’t Know How To Manage Or comprehend It. Or How To Tell The Difference, Beside U HaHa

  5. Thank you Teal, i have been doing this practise since i was born, i came in this life with memory of all my past lifes but got a lot of resistance for 7 years, thank you for sharing it!! <3 Is really important to understand our bodies and that we are that and we indeed have access to them! Closer steps to get to know them and us <3 You are gold, thank you!!! We understand, keep it going!! <3

  6. Thanks very much. I am not sure exactly how to follow the steps. I would really appreciate it if you can make a separate video with a clear outline on how people can do this for themselves.

  7. Thank you so much for this way of viewing and understanding pain/the body, Teal. Lynn, I've seen you in a few of these online workshop videos and I want to thank you for going into these processes so that we can better understand them—it's incredibly brave of you to do so, and I sincerely appreciate it. Sending love to you both 💜

  8. I have been having severe jaw pain. I did this exercise and the message I received from the pain was ‘I have to follow the rules’. This made perfect sense, as I am working on ‘speaking out’ and going against the ‘rules’. Fear. So Instead of resisting the pain, I have been giving the pain comfort and reassurance that as I speak out, it will be okay 🙂 the pain has been dissipating! It really works!

  9. Sadly this is not how you get rid of Eczema. Please look into Dr Robert Morse, and the Great Lymphatic System. This is where these health issues lie, all health problems. Its acids chewing on us from the inside out. It can manifest in many different ways. Im sorry but this video is not going to change the chemistry of your inner terrain.

  10. I think NDE’s are just the personality splitting in two and one side feels hell or hellish and the other side feels great
    Whatever you experience is just one half the experience

  11. When she said Eczema, I literally went "YES!" like I got so excited. I just laughed then when Teal said there was a collective pulse. Thank you, thank you for posting this!!

  12. Yes I have bad eczema that I’ve been wanting for you to explain how to deal with it thank you!!!!!! Love ❤️ you teal!!!!!

  13. So, I exploded into tears and it was beautiful and i accessed my ego who escaped when being attacked by my biological father too, big scary man… so Lynn, really just helped alot of people who she doesnt even know by being a volunteer and ofcourse, Teal 😚. I manifested psychological disassociation to escape… and i realised what does Tonya do that makes the little girl feel unsafe? The ego and identity disassociate? Tonya lets emotionally invasive people invade her space so she can feel close to that little girl who only knows emotional invasion as connection with her dad… but then my mind and true identity feel unsafe because they want space, when theyre spacing out… its because they want their space, they want space to grow and learn without the invasion of others so they run from my body… into outter space where theyre free to explore the whole universe and only return to the body when Tonya js physically alone. So basically my self was never in the body around other humans… also relating to yiur video about throat chakra and a girl being born into a triditonal family, being raised with a plan and not given any SPACE to disocver her likes a d needs and true identity, so i need alot of space so my mind is never in the earth realm. Now i can integrate because the shadow of that little girl hiding undwr my father's radar dispersed a little and more love can come in now. 😏💛

  14. This is by far one of the most phenominal perceptions on both sealf healinh biut alternative healing i've EVERy witness. My hat goes off to you. Namaste

  15. Coughing and possible projection aside, your vibe is one of illness here, Teal. You light seems smaller than usual. I hope you have time for yourself that you need lately. ♥

  16. Very helpful method. This is very similar to Internal Family Systems Therapy developed by Richard Schwartz , Ph. D. Check it out if you are curious!

  17. By the title of this video and Teal’s conversation at the beginning, I was really hoping to get some tools and learn how to talk to my pain so that I could heal myself. I’ve found this video to be more a psychological session. I was really disappointed

  18. This is cool. But this form of thraphy does not. Work for me. I feel the same way with anxiety. I do feel like I am running from my life.

  19. Hi teal that cough alarms me.beautiful teal..heres lots of healing love luck blessings frm i the wolf.wth respect.🎋🌌🎁

  20. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️👁🎋👣👣👣👣👣👣👣🌌🎵🎡🐺

  21. Teal can you explain tinnitus please ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🌸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  22. I felt that sudden wave/ pulse as well…that was really strong! 😀👏✌️ Yeah, we need that! Thanks 💕🙏

  23. I would be SUPER greatful if there were some directed questions/advice that were toward lower abdomen pain, pelvis pain, lower back pain, and digestive issues because ive been suffering with this for a few years now and I'm wanting to seriously get to the root of why it's always there so I can heal it and move on. ~Namaste~

  24. Thank u that helped me deeply I hear same thing from all of the wounded parts begging us to slow down listen be present love ur life… 💗

  25. You can create a language of communication between you and your body. It can speak to you and tell you what you need to here. I too had a UTI and it was so obvious why it manifested. As soon as I found out the exact and specific cause it left within a day. The message was so detailed it was hilarious, a red inflamed nodule/cyst that was at the edge of my urethra. Once I got the message I expressed it to my ex. I was literally blocking myself from letting my anger, being pissed off at his abusive behavior, flow. I thought I could absorb and transmute it with love and sacrifice and endure pain for him. But my body was absorbing most of the intense rage and anger he released on me. My body had a message: No More! Piss off!

  26. How freeing and powerful, we no longer need to fear pain, but rather see it as a message to check in with ourselves <3. I'm excited about life hehe

  27. Did anyone catch how she knew what the questions were before I think she said "Ernie" could even verbally tell her what the questions were? Amazing!!

  28. I saw this video months ago and actually applied it to myself. I was mind blown. My physical pains are often very painful and "screaming" (and i have major resistance to hear them), and that's THE thing that works for me. THANKS A LOT FOR THE GIFT OF THAT VIDEO!

  29. omg that was amazing! i'm so bad at visualization but this one actually helped. i have severe headaches, acid reflux, and throat tightness due to anxiety. i embodied that sensation and felt my infant self crawling across a black and white checkerboard. my dad used to make me climb across a checkerboard as a child because it's thought to raise an infant's IQ. i opened my eyes and asked what this sensation wanted and i recieved a strong phantom smell of lavendar. i realized my anxiety is driven by constantly pushing myself and trying to compete with everyone else. i realized i need to slow down and smell the flowers and not push myself so much!!! thanks teal!!!

  30. I have to go to sleep and beyond to soothe, calm and restore.Very rarely if pain is intense out of body.
    Rejuvenating effect lasts only a couple of days.
    Not afraid. 
    It is not something I can consciously initiate or know when it will happen.
    Meditation, art, nothing on the physical plane has the same effect.Not into deep breathing. Practiced yoga for years without any effect. Would Teal please explain what is going on. I think healing on another level, experienced without conscious intention and not understood. Would Teal please help explain? Many thanks,

  31. hey Teal can you make an episode about how to deal with anger about world cruelty to children and animals? I find it very hard and wonder if there's a way to process the anger in a healthier manner.. tired of getting pissed of of other humans action of cruelty

  32. As someone has said its hard to relate this to yourself so would be great to have it outlined exactly what to do

  33. I wish Teal, and yes, she does some good work, but surely it is more respectful to apologise when you have a cough? Perhaps, she already has, and I'm "projecting" my own stress and difficulties… hope not?

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