HUGE HERO CHANGES: Kylo NERF, Finn & Luke BUFF & Health Card Update! Star Wars Battlefront 2

HUGE HERO CHANGES: Kylo NERF, Finn & Luke BUFF & Health Card Update! Star Wars Battlefront 2

hello everyone and welcome back to the channel for another Star Wars Battlefront 2 video and today we have a lot to cover as the patch notes for the droid ik update that is dropping tomorrow were just released and in these patch notes are a ton of hero changes as always if you do enjoy the video I definitely appreciate it if you could drop a like as those really help the channel out and push these videos into the algorithm I have never set a light goal before but let's see we can get to 4000 likes on this upload it might be a high bar to set but I think we can do it anyways like I said there is a lot to get to so let's just jump right into the news first things first before we get into the hero changes and this is only for people who haven't been paying attention for the past like month the patch notes detail all of the new content that is dropping tomorrow which of course includes Naboo for capitols supremacy the highly requested troika which will be part of the enforcer class the all-new tx1 30 tank the general Skywalker appearance and of course the two new clone trooper appearances now that we have that out of the way let's talk about what has me excited the dozens of hero changes that dice is dropping tomorrow and I did not expect this because there are some that are going to completely change the dynamic of certain heroes there are two that we already knew about in advance the first being that as of the next update all blaster heroes will be able to crouch and I am interested in seeing how Bosque and boba look when crouched especially Bosque and second lightsabers are getting fixed or improved tomorrow as they will be brighter and have pointed edges to better represent their looks in the film but let's move on to the new and exciting stuff and start out by talking about the hero health on kill star cards because they are getting some massive changes this week they aren't being removed and made passive yet but they are being drastically changed in multiple ways first all of the health values are being evened out between the different heroes for whatever reason heroes like Ray would only get 60 health pack for killing a hero whereas heroes like Dooku and Anakin would get more than 100 so now all of them have been brought to exactly 100 which will serve as a pretty decent buff to Ray and a small nerf to Dooku and Anakin and many of the other heroes that had standard health on kill cards will be unaffected where this really chain things is with Palpatine I Denver CO phasma and Chewbacca who are all having their health on ability cards replaced with a standard health on kill card for phasma and Chewbacca this is a huge buff to Baca was forced to get kills with his ground slam which can be an okay ability in certain situations but in galactic assault more often than not it's just going to result in you losing more health than you earned back or maybe just getting completely killed because that ability can be pretty glitchy for phasma I mean do I really even need to explain that one her staff strikes have always been pretty bad and I'm really glad they're giving her a regular health on kill Palpatine and iDEN are a little different because both Hyden and Palpatine were definitely better off with the health on ability Palpatine and iDEN would both get 30 HP for each trooper they shocked and both Chain Lightning and Ivan stunned roid would usually shot two to three people resulting in close to a hundred health pack each time now they're only going to get 20 health pack for each actual kill so it's going to make it a little harder to regenerate health pack for both of those heroes against other heroes it's a little bit worse for both of them as iDEN would get seventy back for each hero she shocked whereas Palpatine would only get 35 so while they will get a solid 100 health pack four hero kills in hvv it's much easier to pull off shocks mid-battle to regenerate some health so it's a bit of an odd change overall it's not a big deal for either hero especially iDEN who can just sit back and spam secondary fire in galactic assault if she does need some health back but it's definitely going to have an effect on how aggressive you can be with both of those heroes also if you were wondering and noticed that they weren't included Finn and Yoda star cards are staying the same Finn's will still be tied only his undercover team and Yoda us to his unleash for Yoda I do agree that giving him a regular health on kill star card would be a bad idea as he is already so powerful and has so much health but for Finn I just don't know because Finn is already one of the lower tiered heroes tying his health on kill to undercover team makes that card a complete joke in hvv I think he should at least be able to get health back with his regular blaster maybe not Deadeye because I can see how that could be irritating in galactic assault but there is no reason whatsoever that he shouldn't be able to regenerate health with regular blaster kills and melee kills when someone like Han who has a way better blaster can get health back from everything in his kit moving on let's talk about that luke buff that we just heard about for the first time a few days ago and wow I did not expect them to be changing this much first up his repulse is getting a very nice upgrade as the recharge time for the ability has been reduced by three seconds so you'll be able to use it way more often and the base radius has been increased from 10 to 12 meters so you'll be taking out people further away personally those are not the two things I would have changed about repulse but I am fine with a buff for that ability regardless I just really think they should give Luke damage reduction during the animation and slightly tweak the damage so he can one-shot every trooper that isn't heavy and do more than lightly tickle other heroes if they just did that Luke would be perfect but I'm still happy with those changes I just think repulsed it needs a bit of work to be on par with other hero abilities because it has such a long animation and pretty low damage for how long you have to be vulnerable luckily there is more to Luke's buff than just that as Luke's borderline useless stamina card is getting a massive buff and instead of giving Luke just 10% more stamina it will now give him 35% extra I will say I'm still not sure if this card will be necessary just because Luke has near-instant stamina regeneration and if you know how to play Luke you'll really never run out but either way I'll definitely be playing around with this card to just see how it feels because Luke is one of those heroes that has so many average star cards and so few crucial ones to is set up that you can really just mess around without putting yourself at a disadvantage the patch notes also say they have adjusted Luke's attack animation speed it doesn't specify if they sped it up or slowed it down but I can only imagine this means they've made them faster as it would make no sense for them to slow loop down it seems like an important thing for dice to forget to include but whatever I guess they did the same exact thing with Yoda later in the patch notes they said they adjusted his attack animations but they didn't say if they sped them up or slowed them down which I don't know that's a pretty crucial detail finally they have also fixed the luke glitch where he can kill you after he dies I cannot tell you the amount of times I have been fighting Luke successfully kill him and then I get damaged by a force ghost out of nowhere it is so No I'm glad that it's finally gone hopefully for good next up my boy Finn is finally getting some long-overdue love and this may not seem like a big deal wink wink to those of you who don't use Finn very often but they are finally removing Finn's movement penalty while his big deal ability is active and thank God for this I don't know why they thought it was necessary in the first place but maybe Finn will finally not be a complete waste of space when he's by himself in heroes versus villains I mean yeah he is great for supporting his team but if he is on his own you are better off not activating big deal at all because you can't move and light super heroes pretty much have a free kill at that point Thank You dice for finally removing this BS I don't know why on earth that took you so long to do it in the first place because people have been asking for this to be gone since day one but regardless I'm glad the dark times are finally over moving on and yes there is more this update is super intensive on the hero changes General Grievous is getting a long-awaited fix although not to his biggest issue which is still his thrust surge but he is getting some improvements to his blocking reliability during unrelenting advance which is also a pretty big problem honestly the only real disappointment from this update is that they are still leaving Grievous in his current state which is pretty sad to see his thrust surge is completely broken it maybe works like half the time when Grievous doesn't spin like a helicopter his claw rush has so many bugs like randomly coming out of the animation after bumping into a pebble or not allowing you to cancel the ability as you Corrine off a cliff or just instantly lodging Grievous into the ground Grievous is just a mess although what's kind of funny is despite being a broken mess Grievous is still pretty good even if he's only working at half capacity I really wish they would show him some love though as his current state is kind of embarrassing for a triple-a game Anakin is getting a very small buff to his poll dominance as the animation will now be a bit shorter which I think is unnecessary but totally fine by me kylo ren's poll is getting a nerf as it can no longer damage through blocks and honestly I thought that was intentional as a lot of force abilities have been able to damage through blocks for a long time but I guess not the more this game goes on the more dice just promotes the play style of infinitely blocking and never doing anything else well that is all of the important hero changes from today's update I think the biggest takeaways from this are Luke Chewbacca and phasma getting huge buffs Luke in the form of upgrades to his stamina and abilities and chewy and phasma's in the form of a regular health on kill kylo is also getting a decent nerf as with harsh pol dealing damage through blocks was really useful for delaying health regen or just finishing off a weak enemy so that is a bit of a bummer as kylo has been my main lately well guys that is going to do it for today's video if you enjoyed it please be sure to drop a like as that really helps out the channel and I have a very important announcement for those of you who stuck around to the very end over on my Twitter I am giving away a kylo Ren Force FX lightsaber I ordered it last week and it just arrived over this weekend just follow the link in the description to my battlefront night Twitter and make sure you are following me and you could win this $250 Black Series Force FX lightsaber and it is really really cool I kind of want to keep it for myself but I just don't need the clutter anyways thank you all so much for watching today's video subscribe if you are new and I will see you in the next one bye [Applause]

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21 thoughts on “HUGE HERO CHANGES: Kylo NERF, Finn & Luke BUFF & Health Card Update! Star Wars Battlefront 2

  1. Yea that changing of the lightsabers is a complete waste of time that could have been spent on literally anything else in the game

  2. There’s another glitch I’ve seen with grievous’s unrelenting advance (I’m on Xbox btw so this could just be our problem) but sometimes when you try and manually cancel the ability it stops for a split second but then goes back to the two spinning savers animation, might I add that you can’t do damage during this glitched animation and you can’t jump, dash or anything. I personally believe it’s a glitch where the game sees that you’re cancelling the ability and then cancels it but then instantly puts you back in the animation so it reads you as not in the ability while on your screen you are, just a theory though

  3. i just find it funny no one realised you can activate finns big deal and immediately deactivate so you get your movement back aswell as a boost to health i mean iv always played it like that

  4. I dont understand how people complain about anakin skywalker so much. This dude been nerfed like 3 times like geez. He been nerfed so bad where he is literally broken to play.

  5. We need:
    Ashoka and Ventress
    Mace Windu and Chancellor Palpatine
    Rex and Jango

    A guard class:
    CIS-Magna guards
    Republic-Senate Guards
    Empire-Royal guards
    Rebels-Honor Guard
    First Order-Praetorian Guard

    If they're just doing 2 enforcers then:
    Empire-the new troopers from the last order or shock troopers
    First order-Executioner troopers


  6. Hi.
    Palpatine HvV main here.
    You're all going to die. 🙂
    They done goofed by giving Palpatine a health on kill card.

  7. I kinda of wish Luke's "Force Ghost" Kill should stay cause look is one of most powerful Jedi in the Star Wars universe. It should be like Luke's last stand or death from the grave. If not keep it, make it an ultimate ability like Retribution from Anakin. This makes sense considering they're father and son and also Luke is one of most powerful Jedi.

  8. 2 videos later you're going to be cribbing about how Finn is too powerful. Big deal gives him and his team 50 PERCENT damage reduction, extra health, unlimited blaster coolling and more. This is way too op and the only thing keeping it in balance was the movement penalty. Why are people too stupid to understand this

  9. I was playing Kylo today after like a month of not playing him and thought I might play him more but NOPE dice gotta need him

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