HUM Nutrition FINAL REVIEW! Did they work?

HUM Nutrition FINAL REVIEW! Did they work?

wanna move our feet back to my channel today this video is the final review of the hub nutrition supplement brand so if you haven't seen my first video yet that's the unboxing and first impressions video so I would definitely pause this one and go check out that one first and then come back here for the final review so just as a quick reminder and the supplements that I got are the Moody Bird b12 turbo and a daily Cleanse so I do think it's still important for you guys to see my final review however I also wanted to share with you guys the in-between time that way you guys can see how I've been feeling each day when my hormones are feeling and all that good stuff so I will just roll the tape here so far I feel so amazing I don't know if it's because this guy the moody bird but I have been feeling so much more balanced the b12 I'm getting sold much more motivated especially in the mornings I have so much more energy now finally my favorite so far with the daily cleanse so on the day one of using this has actually constipated for a few days because I ate beans and that's normally when I tend to kind of go down that rabbit hole of trying to fix it by eating different things beans start this toxic cycle and I can't get out of it I took this and on that day literally within like four or five hours it all came up hooked it has just helped tremendously okay so last night what happened I had come right I get extremely bloated soon as I exit daily cleanse my bloat is like completely gone I know it's kind of funky but this is the bloat normally I'm like like pretty flat okay right now it is protruding especially like right here and when I am bloated I can feel it up into my lungs like pushing up okay so right now it is 5:45 and he took these about three hours ago guys I don't know if you can tell but literally I just in the bathroom just got rid of all my bloating issues so I don't even remember what they were on anyone but I did want to share my experience that I had yesterday so yesterday I did have ovulation pains and I do pretty much always have some sort of you latency but I just noticed yesterday it only happened once normally it's kind of like an all-day deal yeah I only felt it once in like five minutes and it was gone it just wasn't as like noticeable it was definitely more of a but I'm very excited to see what it's really like right when I start my period cuz normally the day before and the day that I start I have some major now that you've seen my in-between journey it is time for my final review so right away when I started taking these I noticed a huge difference with my skin bloating which is saved my life and of course PMS so the PMS obviously didn't kick in until which is today so I did wait to film this video until right now when I am going through PMS symptoms that way I can let you guys know if this moody bird supplement has really worked for me and but it does say with the little card that you get with it that it you might want to give it four to six weeks for it to actually kick in so the person that I noticed was on the day that I was ovulating normally I do get ovulation pains and they hurt for about a couple hours and then I'm good to go I notice it enough to notice it but not in the fact that I was actually a pain or needed to lay down or anything like that so that was the first thing I notice with a moody bird the second thing was obviously which is right now I am going through PMS normally I do get whitehead I do get acne down here on my chin and jaw and I get them up here on my hairline so I did get one but not as much as I usually do so to me that is a huge improvement and I can see how this is working normally I would be in yoga pants I would have on the little tens machine thing that I have I would take a nap all day I would eat a ton I have not noticed anything different at all this is a new must-have for period hacks period tips periods anything take this um so to get something that is so natural is even the one that's in here is called the woman's er it makes me love this product even more because it's such a sacred thing to be taking every single day first I'm in the middle of editing the video right now but I just wanted to pause to tell you guys something super important so as you can see yesterday was the day I started PMSing and today is the day that I actually started my period so this might be some TMI information but if you know me I don't really care I am so impressed by the moody bird on the effect that it had on my period not only the PMS symptoms so the biggest thing that I'm so thrilled about from using the moody bird is that it has dramatically decreased the amount of blood in my period I'll put it this way normally when I start my period I am using super tampons all day like I have to probably change it eight times maybe a day however is the first a my period using the moody bird and I am in like light – super tampons right now and I've only changed it once today and it's almost one sock that is how dramatic it is helped so if you're someone like me that loses a lot of blood this might be your new best friend so this was a win for me and I truly do recommend this product the beach ball turbo just instantly I noticed a huge shift in my energy and my mood in the morning when I wake up and I have more energy at the gym again I am vegan and I've never taken b12 before so as soon as I did I did notice a huge difference so if you're vegan or vegetarian I really do recommend this or again if you are just any normal person that wants to up their b12 this is a great supplement for you and finally one of my favorites which is the daily Cleanse I notice this more so with gas and bloating this has really helped me with that I'm not too sure if again it's meant to do that but that is what it helped me with so my skin has been very clear throughout this month more so than it's been before and I would like to contribute that to is these two products working together I do notice a huge difference in mood and so many different things with this both because my mood almost depends off of my gut health bloated and groggy and I don't feel good because I something gross day before and it's just me just bloated even hummus makes me bloat it I can have any sort of being ever this just really really helps with that a ton and I love that hum believes that health and beauty starts from within and I totally agree with that statement so I'm very glad that there is a brand out there that are making awesome products like these that are all-natural vegan filthy free gluten free even if you're not vegan there are non vegan options on their website as well I do think that it is amazing thing to have in a brand so that way they cater to everyone so I am happy to say that I do approve all of these products I prove the brand I think they are amazing I think you for anyone looking for supplements to heal your body from the inside out definitely go check out home they produce amazing product I will continue to use these products from here on out as well as try some new ones that are under website I can't wait to try their newest one which is the skin Heroes that one to me it sounds amazing and I can't wait to try it so I do have a good news for you guys I do have a discount code that you guys can use the code is hum review I will put all the details down below and I am also excited to announce that I am doing a giveaway for you guys so if you're interested in trying the humm product I'm giving away two of their products to one of you guys out there so the two products that I'm giving away is the daily cleanse and the skin hero so to enter the giveaway all you have to do is follow them on nutrition Instagram page follow my personal Instagram page and like and comment on my newest Tom's post on my Instagram page I will also be putting the rules on how to enter the giveaway down below in the description box you guys can check it out there anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this video so thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys in the next video bye

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