HYGIENE : Class with Lene

HYGIENE : Class with Lene

welcome to class with lien get your drinks ready and your popcorn spinning because class is now in session what's up you guys I am your girl Charlene and today we're gonna be talking about hot thank you smelling ass yes funky ass non tart smelling ass breath now I'm pretty sure most of you guys have seen my post on Instagram YX you guys to send me any type of story or anything about Hadji man but this thing about me I hate you guys to send me a letter however we got something else so with all this being said let's jump right up into these letters and see what the hell you people got going on with Hadji who cha OKs that means somebody breath its torque alright first letter says dear Queen I have a neighbor that loves to stop by every morning and pray for my family and I but what she don't know is that her breath smells like this out of shrinks ass let's reread that echidna iced dear Queen I have a neighbor that loves to stop by every morning and pray from my family and I but what she don't know is that her breath smells like this out of shrinks ass this time fucking its birth yeah y'all do being can't be me because I wasn't told ass hey y'all birthday us thank you so it's not my damn fork so what should I do sincerely shits breath if I were you from my perspective I would act and pray to God to cast out demons spirits and animals are not their breath because it's hard though now that I think about it I have a genius idea on what you can do I think that you should get a big pretty sign you know a big right nice pretty sign you know the ones that come on the host part from Walmart and get the little emoji stickers you know the little small little stickers but get a bunch of them so she could understand what you're trying to say and what I think you should do is you should write be it bold and pretty I mean big and tall I think you should write please do not knock beat turnout nore簽a goddamn doorbell and that you have a Mick or some type of Listerine or some type of breath mint I'm down you're broke through your back here oho ass because it's giving me a headache in the morning I came to think the burns turn instead of sign that I need technology being in not gonna cut your hope with this come knock on my goddamn dough at 6:00 a.m. every morning so yeah just politely tell your neighbor I don't mean no harm I don't wanna hurt you feelin this sweetheart because I know she little precious the old lady you know it's always some precious old lady with about 50,000 minutes deep I'm down a purse there'd be something nice and sweet and stuff you don't want to hurt thank goodness but child in this case when this dinner was what's going in here and what's coming out it's a joke pace you just gotta do what you gotta do cuz I know I wouldn't want to about it walking around me come to me it's it's caca goddamn only some funk yeah its breath I'm gonna tell her ass go sit your ass down I told you our church when we didn't ate and unit had communion alicia has something running through your breath and then look at sock at the church now with that being said let's hop right into the next story Missy what's going on with this dear Queen thank you there is this female that I worked with and her hygiene is horrible I told her my coworker told her I brought her best feedback thanks a breast thinking a pendant you had to go buy us some mapping but it works damn this one's thinking his birthright they're invited works is hot can you buy me some good okay all right I brought us some bathroom by the words in soap but she just don't get it we work in a warehouse so it's wits and her hygiene is what we smell more of the story is ladies take care of your hygiene cuz people don't want to Spanish from shit-faced well you know what I tell you this if you have a co-worker and she's got some thinking is hygiene and you wouldn't oh well even a co-worker talk maybe even they got their boss talk I think it's your cheese to take acknowledged and what I think you should do is well since everybody and tell her it's pretty nothing that you can do you already tried to help her but back by her some expensive ambience by works clearly is not working for her body so what I'm gonna need you to do is hmm oh I got the perfect idea come on the phone and say hey um I'm having this party and this party it consists of soap a towel to water in you and bring your ass to the house and what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna wipe you up and down all night long and see that smell is gone and you don't have no goddamn green dust coming out your ass because you're not taking care of your hygiene it's making it worse Oh give me a headache Lord Jesus how did here can you not take care of you Wow yo body and your ass damn you know that brings me into a time where me and my great grandmother decided to go for a little ride so she called me on the phone and she's like I need you to drive me places because mind you she's old so she was like I need you you know drive me a couple of places you know just a little places cuz I had stuff to do we got in the car she told me I need to go to the wash is here McDonald's and bourbon Walmart Walgreens next market Dollar General Douglas Street so you know me being me beautiful granddaughter I took her out last night we went to what's the washeteria and it was got worse so in precious thing so we consider washeteria and we're washing clothes I decided to not help her because but one thing I come here body movement again so she's watching clothing you know me I have my earphones on Jim its hood you know I'm getting a real loops of him you know why she's here so she didn't comes to me and she comes in this South scary voice so I know something's up so I'm like you know are you okay grandma you know what's right she comes to me and she whispered but why he was saying something she was I read up in this thinking master ad unsanitized fleet and focus as mass is Washington your bathroom well restful take it alone but I tell you it can't either watch – I smell I hike this girl like the louse my dear my what is this you know you know I know she in there but what the hell is this smell so you know it's great daughter I'm not gonna die I guess so you know once she finish you know doing her little business and why she's here we're finally got everything done and it's time to wrap this thing on it so I told her okay grandma let's go yeah you did everything get all you know errands should be done today next time take you out and you know she stays in the country so it's gonna take you know I'm on the road just happily just driving my car girl just had some reason vibing and the next thing you know I smell something I feel right lean back I couldn't hold I just had to go you know could do nothing shit and I said what dammit where am I just did this a time right now well I feel like you should have told me something you knew your son was born it on that goddamn seat when we was on the highway she told me that please pull over and let you squat down on the side of the road through them bricks in it instead of doing it in my ass in the backseat don't even think about getting that pesky girl I had to stop by the goddamn store and buy some II didn't work tried to post a baby powder on them eating work I had to go buy some paper Earl it didn't work nothing didn't work to get this much detail costume no I said you know just go just get out the car drop top at home and it was and there you have it that is the end of this class session stay tuned for more and what will be the next topic if you have not yet subscribed to this channel and stay tuned for more cuz you never know what we're gonna talk about good bye and clean your ways at all times

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