Hygiene in Relationships, Best Way to Approach Women, Cross Cultural Dating | The Couch Talk Ep. 6.1

Hygiene in Relationships, Best Way to Approach Women, Cross Cultural Dating | The Couch Talk Ep. 6.1

ladies and men to Jack I mean ladies and gentlemen welcome to another episode of the couch stop stuffing your presents Council I'm your host uncle okay if you haven't checked out you know our latest couch our Peppa so it's going YouTube exciting podcast is the handle check our couch old man you know great people Phil check Nancy you sell child's master yen matter as these they were missing Nadine all real then this goes on and on all right you know I mean great folks Great Falls um man let's just get right into it man today in a building I got it right next to me master yen what a fancy Manny so Charles and I'm sitting in a brittle sprue I don't know I don't speak Spanish so it's okay I'll get it done don't worry I'll get it one day welcome ladies and gentlemen how y'all feeling yes how y'all feeling good we are feeling great commander it's okay let's jump into it man I got two topics for yard today the first one is how important is hygiene in a relationship no I mean like there's some people who don't mind clutter there so people don't mind filth there's some people who don't mind you know to some people who just dirty like that so I didn't ask you this then see you guys are talking too much ladies right if a man pulls up to pick you up and his car is dirty the interior is dirty but the exterior is clean what wasn't good to your mind and guys you know they made woman's car so sighs man I love Jesus that's not one exception but anyways if the question is reversed how you're gonna feel when you put it that way before we go into you know plates not being washed pads not being made shoes all over the place I don't think anyone likes that though how good is that well you say dirty as far as dirty like space for me to sit is it just like what about everywhere like what it was a dirty Lamborghini if there's a space for me to sit I mean maybe he just had a busy week in the back on the finger thing I'm not gonna judge right off the bat but if it's consistent then I gotta go on for you you're on your man you are sleeping right Rick wakes up in the morning doesn't brush his teeth or kissing that girl yeah you just kiss a girl you don't have to go run to bathroom then come back and kiss your girl when you guys are coming in in the morning I think it's very natural that people do that and some people have worse threats than others in the morning especially if you brush your teeth at night sometimes they don't hit us hard in the morning so I think it just depends on the person but some people actually have a condition where like you know they can't help what's happening in there and it's really bad so you know that Wow maybe I'll do that Google of course I believe Google who doesn't believe me I know well I don't know what it's not which will be messy and being dirty mmm you can be messy and clean yes you can be messy and clean like you come in take your clothes off and eat all right there right but you go take a shower and you go to bed that's being messy now you're coming out I just go to bed that's been dirty okay right and you can take and then no I'm just saying you throw your shoes right there you throw your clothes right there on Saturday you pick awesome and put in the wash and wash them you're messy right you're messy but if you don't take every personal hygiene you come in there you just get in the house from the same clothes I wore outside now they go lay in bed you get up you let me take you shopping your daddy so what's about there is what are people who come in and they total clothes right there uh-huh people walk walk on top of it right and the following they wake up and pick up a thing that's been dirty here that's been dirty said they walk that's been dirty yeah me neither you know we're gonna cat who just walked over his clothes in his room that's been 13 he like it picks the clothes in the floor and has 30 that's been dirty I'm you can be messy like okay no it on your room is clean six days a week one day you sign you know I'm tired you come in you just do what you do you're messy but you're not dirty now if that's a habit if you don't take showers if you don't take a personal hygiene you know brush it once or twice a day that's been dirty and no while I thought I was dirty just terrible so how do we like do we like messy we don't mind messy but we dirtiest how do you do a message I mean we have lives we get busy things happen but personal hygiene exactly and things don't happen man don't happen like like some acceptable thing okay all the time you walk in things happen and you just everywhere no no okay if you have a busy week sometimes like if you do laundry you might not be able to fold it that night so maybe you lay there on your bed whatever but as long as you're taking a shower you're brushing your teeth you take care of yourself and you handle it maybe you know a couple days later that weekend like I don't see that being a problem dirtiness is a problem Yeah right just that's the problem because it goes down there you could be dirty down there too and – yeah Xena yuck I think Dennis affects every area of relationship with intimacy – you can't go downstairs it's gonna take it to a castle the beginning cleanness is next to godliness no okay so ladies right if your men shapes is his pits and his ball sack and everything like that you know oh is that good or bad like if he if he claims off his private parts and his kids on oath and all that stuff is that good or bad like waxes or shave why just shades all waxes like I feel a decision Bob well you are I feel like that's different like culture about waxing right but then they're men who do shave or trim or keep like the underarms on about underarms but they're men who definitely upkeep I've been isn't this a common by the way the term is called manscaping no say I think I think it's okay for men to manscape you know I think if one person shows it you are taking everybody why don't they manscape but why don't these I think I just think it's a personal choice it's just like some men like here on the show some men don't right and I think some men think that that makes them a little bit more manly to just you know maybe just like accept their body the way it is mm-hmm I think some other man no would it not be okay you women don't do it personal choice – I think I mean there are women that don't do that I think men men I think if men are faced with the position of having a girl that either shades and doesn't shave I think depending on that man they wouldn't care cuz its I'm not to say like I'm saying like if you're presenting if you're presenting if you're presented vagina if you're noticing if you're presenting vagina in your face how often are you turning down vagina I mean besides if besides nine with non-identical issues back how often are you turning down vagina shaven or unshaven fact how often when presented vagina are you turning it down give me hair you can give me a hairy pussy five times I'll take you four times a few and then I'm like you know No nice and ball body cool I like it nice and ball but you know I know you maybe can't do it this week I'll still take it next week you know saying if you're gonna be giving this to me regularly out loud can't babe you know this is how I like it you know I like it I guess I like it I like it maybe do a little design and yeah are you / you see manscaping for her if she wants it balls are doing born its way and like you said it's about preference yeah and I'm saying at the end of the day it's about what you guys have appropriately she's clean why is that necessary like why do you require that affair even if she's clean I don't I don't know I just don't my hair much I mean I use my whole mouth everything sometimes like to bite it you put your nose in it you go to a nice sometimes you bite it you know how I was thinking right long time it'll be a top I mean you just bite a little bit plug it a little bit you know you've got water you filtered I'm just saying I'm saying and you can legislate but I can bite the sides of it you know to give them a sensation maybe anyway I don't know I understand where the clay is come on no he's talking about no I'm abiding clear I'm just saying like nah it's not like make him in the room who had a cold sour face but anyways it's about preference but I would like it won't and that's not horrible some people don't like it like that some people like whatever is choose you yes it's a personal preference it's only cuz you're in America right because if you're back home I don't think this would be of concern I feel like the point industry in the Western culture influences that's true you're right I don't like I don't like hairy pussy I'm sorry do you know what do you know what girls back home off to right now like us in terms of do you know if they keep it bushy or I'm sure they're definitely influenced by Western cultures like pornography here everything in the West that impacts what happens back home so it's probably transferred over there too but shifted maybe five ten years back I don't think anybody was concerned with that right all right being that big that being about that let me I shot this when it comes to dating marriage you know all that jazz we see we see a shift in in terms of Africans dating African American and African Americans dating Africans and vice versa and all that stuff now when we talk about marriage is a whole ball game being that our parents are still a little bit traditional you know for most people and all that so um I feel like it's a good you know that question is wrong right now how do we feel about dating you know ladies you dating I'm African American and men women and possibly bring it back to your parents I don't feel about that based on good walls explain mmm explain various paths of life so let's have been dealing African it is the my whole life is good to try you know the culture is different so why are you gonna bring her back home tomorrow so it's good to try you know yeah it's just not good to be so stupid you must only be seven people I mean for me as long as you're black I don't care what culture you come from as long as you're black I'm good a man I know stressing because I I've been I've been to all the races into Euro a bit to each the Euro eight a big one mother customer Oh God whoa that's a tough one because you know culturally our parents the one I only like on camera but I enough Western girl from somewhere there may be bias or maybe but like it's it's but we're in America now and so and things have changed and you know you get to experience other cultures but I was talking about and I think that at the end of the day you find what's compatible with you and you go with that now you go yeah a lot of repercussion I you're not you know some some people don't say oh who is that way she from uh uh at the end of the day man you marrying this person or you're within a relationship with this person and you guys are walk yourself out it's not obvious gonna be societal stereotypes and stuff like that but we need to definitely get away from that because that really hurts us more than helps us yeah I think that all I think now the generation or the the times that we're living in it's more acceptable to marry outside of your culture especially with the African culture I think things are changing and people are growing and advancing a parents are understanding that it's not like how it was in their time when they were dating and courting and things of that nature so it's just more widely accepted and that's my personal belief for that I think it depends on I would say the age range you fall into cuz if you're younger your plan is that oh you know you gotta be coming around you yeah being northwestern and the order you get yeah you should yeah it's all over the place but I think we the ones getting into it I kind of open to dating out of our nomes should I say but then when it comes to marry you're like okay what am I waiting to let go what I want my wedding to compromise this is what I like it's it's complicated yeah you're the one going about with that person not your family we have to that's for you so what if you're your mama tells your dad if you go that way forget about me that's not love that's not love you still have to do what's best for you at the end of the day you're the one starting a family with this person you know when you marry you join first and forces with this person you become one with this person it's not that your family's opinion doesn't matter but your happiness matters more on the flip side though I don't think that our parents like necessarily meant wrong by what they said I think that a lot of times marrying someone who has similar traditions is you oftentimes helps more than marrying outside that tradition now I'm not saying there's one that's better than that's good I'm saying it they're different in that if I could marry a girl that can cook me for one cutter cuts or on the layer or arrow every day versus married girl that I love equally but that's not a cook me mac and cheese no I'm being real the choice that we do if you have those choices I would go with the one that can cook the stuff that I'm used to eat now the one that I still got this one here but it's gonna take a while for us to know okay this is what we're gonna do are you willing to learn this compromise me and those things alright but if you finally good as equally that you love that does the same things that you like in your family heritage it's even easier that way now I'm not saying there's not one side that's wrong I'm just saying that that's the perspective that our parents are looking at it from and you have even stricter really traditions like the Yerba and the Evo's and like they're the even so strict as to who we can marry that so so crazy but you know it's America that's just my two cents like recently you seemed like a lot of Africans getting married to white people not this not to say that is the wrong thing but I think it's because of either way they were to school where they live kind of the environment that they were in and made them you know kind of being there so you know that definitely has a part to do with it we see a lot of women on the gram or Twitter or Facebook but I have the oddest social site so even in personally we have personal conversation conversations for women right they talk about all men of our generation do not know how to approach women so my question to the ladies in this room right now is what are some good ways that men you know can use I thought you guys acceptable eager children speaking much so so what's the right length I mean there's no I don't want to say there's no wrong way I just want to say that sometimes like they're very unconventional situations where you may or you know you just the guy might feel like okay this is my only opportunity but I still think a formal conversation should be had you know like that's different from like when you're in the club and a guy sees you and he just like grabs your on because he wants to get your attention or you know like when a guy just goes in and thinks that it's okay for like physically touch a woman to get their attention versus you know excuse me or hey how you doing you know like guys have their own personality and their own ways of you know attracting women or you know like initiating the conversation but I also think that you know it's just a matter of personal space being respectful also you know like gauging the person like where they are what you know I wouldn't say like if you're at a cookout you know and everyone's being very social and casual you know like to act like you're at a church service or something but it just depends on you know like how you feel like you can gauge that person but again I just think that interaction needs to be very respectful I don't like men catcalling at me like sometimes when I'm out in the street if someone sees me walking or you know if I'm by myself people might you know turn a head around a break take their neck or you know just stuff like I don't like that it's just very I don't know it just makes me cringe a little bit or you know if someone if someone honks or just stuff like that not that I would even respond but I'm just saying just like little stuff like that when guys try to get you know like a female's attention like I don't know I don't like that if you're walking in somebody's in the car what's the business from their approach shoot and stop the car come see oh yeah oh yeah okay learn us now now that the approach is there what's the next step like how they what are they what is some things that you may want to hear you know there's something some things that I've been wanting here is like you know can we can we have another conversation like if if you're really see the thing is like if you're interested let's exchange numbers you know what I mean it's nothing wrong with texting it's nothing wrong with like having another conversation it's nothing wrong with you know wanting to link up with someone it's nothing wrong we wanted to I don't know say hey can we go out for drinks or hey can we can we go out to eat whatever however you feel like is appropriate you know for the situation but sure and I don't know what the guy's intentions alright so then I want to gauge like where that guy is and if I even want to pay him some attention based on what he says to me so it just depends on how I meet the person where I meet the person I'm not even gonna lie to y'all sometimes just because I just don't want to go through the back-and-forth I got sometimes guys are really persistent I will give a guy my number and sometimes I won't even respond I will give a guy my number and sometimes we might text like maybe for a day or two depending on what he says I might block the number I'm just saying like I don't know like it just depends on how I'm feeling I don't really know that I have a set way of how to approach but there was a way not to say in a public setting don't grab me if I don't know you or don't come to me from the back punch oh yeah give you the elbow so I feel like if you want to put your purse and see if isn't a social setting come to me you know face forward whatever that is they'll come to me from the back and just have a conversation don't come up and even though your intention is to want to date or whatever your intention is that should not be the first thing you present because to me that sounds tasty the conversations over before you even start just have a conversation hi what see what I know but this is what I don't understand what I don't understand this okay I understand you don't the way to approach right there's a particular way that you want to be approached but then as we approach what what is it that we're saying you said something that was like okay don't sound so thirsty well I'm interested what do I say so I saw I remember one time I saw this one video on Instagram where this guy was like you know sometimes girls you know they don't like when guys talk to them a certain type of way but you know if I seen another guy do it and it works and I'm gonna do it and I'm just thinking to myself like wait like if you if you see another guy approach a female any like aint shorty with the fat ass ain't no moisture number and she turn around and you know she's like you know impressed by that or you know she a nice response to it and you just like don't just do that and just you know get her number I know he's just you know disrespect her and you know she played into it so you thinking like that's the right way to do it and I think it's I feel like that's it that's the thing that we do after like you know even if we feel like something is questionable you know I feel like it if it works then you think it's okay like sometimes that's just not the answer like I don't know well yeah I know some people that works maybe some people watch it that way I just don't think so how do you feel cuz I want to hear your I think you just you should just be yourself I don't think there's a conventional way to do it I think timing I think location it all definitely plays a part but just be yourself if the energies connect they connect if they don't they don't like for me if you can get my attention to respect away you make me laugh or you're charming in some way I'm no if we Bob I'm good I don't think has to be this technical like if the energies don't buy oh she's not rocking would she if you could tell you guys guys I think guys need to do a better job at reading energies and reading body language cuz I think for the most part if a woman is interested in you you will know she's playing hard to get keep it moving like just okay whatever shoot your shot at a guy or have you ever done everyone so how do you like how would you approach a guy then like how would you didn't do that and again it depends on the situation but for me it's just a very casual conversation it's like you're having a conversation with a friend you know like if you said my dad's handsome I'm I'm bold in the sense that I don't mind telling you what I find attractive about you or something that I like or something that you've done or if you just got finished speaking hey you did a good job on you you know whatever what do you do what do you what do you like to do like it for me it's very casual I try not to make it too technical okay so thank you for popping in my brain over heard of that before you know we tie everything together I gotta ask you guys this Oh if a girl smack at you would you take a serious me smack it smack adduction with smack the truth yeah like trying to talk to you I think I should take it very serious no I mean I'm just saying if a girl went smack at you you know I think it is very rare that girls shoot their shot and if a girl is telling you that they're interested in you I think you should take a serious nice you definitely don't find her interested if you're not interested in the girl didn't ya just let her know that you're not interested but you know another day it's French because marriage is friendship relationship is friendships a neutrality is not a bigoted meter you must date you that you must date and you know I don't like to get this all mixed up you know you know so I do business so you know either one local someone can get a referral or one can leach I don't joke with relationships so even at the end of the day nothing happens this a friend of the friend of a friend of a friend or something you know so that's really actually very bold so I think a good thing so yeah even if nothing happens in the friendship yeah yeah yeah gonna hate me anyway if you approach me and she if I'm single you try get um yeah you try you try yeah okay that's no problem with the hold on one second the thing is that we'll do all these hypothetical situations oh my gosh it's on my iPod nah if you're out on the girl comes to that program likes you if she doesn't want to drink or if she doesn't like some you know about if she's generally interested in you you're good to go man that's great you know I'm saying if you're single and if you like her that's great now I'm saying it doesn't happen like that in the DMV they re they come to table the smoky hooker and the drink your drink and then move on the next sailor most of the girls that I've seen most girls I've seen a DMV I'm just I'm being real with you you know all my energy is always great I'm a welcoming person and I think that could be also doubtful for guys I'm very open to any and everything I don't deny anything I'm always friendly so sometimes that can be taken to another level like I had a situation where the girl pulled my hair and somebody else I was talking to was there and it was a bad situation she was just talking I think it's like like like some in a law it was inappropriate it's all the way I handled it I thought I had it the best way but apparently I didn't handle it the best way because the president shorty I was talking to saw it since I raps they showed our song into Anna held there and I you know I kissed her right there forever so I thought I did well by apparently he said no you should have said no that's my girlfriend so so I'm just saying just a lot of things just allowed it's analogous a lot of things but we have to be careful here if the girls are poaching you you're single and you like the girl myself enjoy an approach yes I mean that big man came at pool just marry you will take that as an approach no no but no it's not okay okay so I'm not pulling your hip resentment I come in like this I'm just saying what happened I don't know that was a categorize ahead that's what I'm saying categorize flirting in various for me though I think that for you for ladies I think if you like a guy you guys know that before us even you walk into a room you see the people that you want you with one up talking to you before even the guys realized that are you guys already know so you see that guy in the guy even if you see you gotta you already like there's a height this is more high times you going I totally some of the nonsense because I like him a little weird but you know you know like I just just like you have the buy-in vibes are good he can be a little I think that when it comes to like shooting their shots I think women if a woman is interested in a man I think if they're truly interested in a man they had to be very directly for four men it's kind of like it's kind of hard to gauge what women like and women don't like so when you're when we actually tried to shoot our shots right we're trying to one make ourselves to be like you know more than oh no well we are and then kind of like just presented in a way so it's like yeah it's appealing to to the women so you find us interesting and then want to give us that conversation want to give us your time of day so it works like that not saying that right what I'm saying is the approach right with a female if a female likes a man and they want to get that man's attention the best way for a female to do is to be direct we as the men we will take that and say okay she's serious let me see what she's about and go from there versus we as men when we try to talk to a woman we try to go through every alley every door to find out what she likes what she doesn't like how do we can oppress her do these different things it's not necessarily about hiding your your lesser attractive features but it's more so about finding what she likes and trying to match up to man it was nice this was this was this was great conversation let's do this again as always I'm here with the Tran West again yeah Nancy money such hours and if you're watching this episode you like what you see man hit the subscribe button if you don't like it hit it anyways I mean we're not taxing you nobody's taxing you as well he does subscribe button if you don't thank you if you do thank you it's a site a podcast on all social platforms shout out to everybody in this room I see you Kimbo I see you ma see you flex subloan means over that man anyways I see how to yeah look in anyways I stuck them in a podcast I mean this is a couch tall and we out

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