I SWAPPED DIETS with Blair Walnuts for 24 Hours! *not what I expected*

I SWAPPED DIETS with Blair Walnuts for 24 Hours! *not what I expected*

It’s really loud in here, chaos and soon we get in this trailer, oh like we’re very professional to the side We should do that. One, two three. Hello Oh One two three. Hello Another collab video With the walnut. Yes. I’m actually releasing the one with Safiya tonight and today I’m filming one with Blair walnuts Why are you in Hong Kong? Everyone is coming to Hong Kong. I’m so happy about live here I just want it to be in the hot and humidity wait Like we’ve never been Nick and I have never been to Asia, so it was like our first time and we really like Hong Kong we really want to do and then we also went to Seoul and Everyone’s so kind and nice and like we kind of want to stay here now and not go back to the UK So a lot of you know how Blair eats when she’s eating like other people Everyone else. We don’t know how Blair eats when she’s being just Blair So today we’re gonna find that out because today we’re gonna be swapping diets. So Blair is gonna eat everything I usually eat in a day and I’m gonna eat everything Blair usually eats in a day Have you eaten anything today? No,perfect you didn’t cheat, but I had a coffee, i did too oh, yeah, yours is there but mine already came out so alright Starts out really good really healthy a lot of Western stuff. Obviously. I love yogurt. I love oatmeal I love like rice noodle pasta with a coconut curry situation And then the thing about me is like we really healthy but towards dinner Nick eats two or three dinners So like all hell breaks loose, all hell breaks loose. He’s like we go to a nice dinner and then we get home He’s like I’m hungry and then right before bed. He’s like I’m hungry So he likes I watching netflix like I need to snack on that thing. Yeah. Yeah. He’s like that So you’ll you’ll be like, oh, wow Blair’s lying about what she eats. It’s too healthy There’s no way and then you’ll see dinner and be like, okay, I live quite a bit far from the city So I do a lot of home cooking. I try to be pretty healthy, but I’m the same I’m a big snacker at night a lot of plant-based foods But I do eat a bit of chicken and fish and seafood. So that’s like the best diet from all the diets I’ve tried eating like that. I think would be the greatest for your body. You can try it out do that again See if you like it. Yeah One two three Yeah, oh my god, this is so pretty where did you get all. It’s gluten free oat and everything if you like it and it’s coconut yogurt, okay, so usually I eat this hmm So it’s scrambled eggs with only one egg yolk. And the rest is white. That’s very erika costell on top and an avocado And then this is chicken sausage. a chicken and apple. Yeah, yay This is super American Like if I were gonna guess I would not have guessed that you woulda made me this really I was thinking it’d probably make me Like fish and rice because I know, like an asian But that might actually prefer this for breakfast. Yeah so usually I like to like mix things together like you need a little piece of that little piece of that I hate mixing my food My husband doesn’t mix my husband eat salads like he will eat one carrot and then like one piece of celery and then you want me to mix it and This is my worst nightmare, but you mix it on the plate or you mix it on the fork. Okay, eat in like one bite That’s not Oh, like you mix it on the plate too – I would what that would be my worst nightmare not mix my food, I hate this I hate this. Hey, I’m kidding You need all the flavors like the fat reduce the like sweetness of the ketchup It’s like I get that, I eat that separately Like I eat the figs first and then the raspberries and then the granoa and then the berries. Do I have to do? Mmm really good, but I hate mixing it It’s good. Cool. Really good. It’s not it’s not a sweetening one. That’s awesome. So that’s yes. Yeah I have a drink yeah It is just ice black coffee. No milk and sugar. Okay, I can do black coffee. Yeah, it’s not very bitter. Just random Sometimes it’s better Like if I get it from Starbucks like you usually drink canned coffee in the morning. any kind of Americano It’s fine. So sometimes we make it by myself. Let’s just espresso shots in ice or sometimes Nick just picks up but always cool It’s always cold. I hate hot coffee. It is the bane of my existence. But even in the winter even in the winter Yeah It gave me a blizzard outside And like New York and you’ll see me and Nick with our ice coffees and it’s like snowing on us and we’re like, yeah That’s a crazy. Yeah, have you ever seen that meme of the guy walking through a blizzard with iced coffee Yeah that’s a good start I’m happy with that Me too I feel like this because of the protein in the fact I think will keep me more full than yours Probably because usually want to eat anything for breakfast. It doesn’t keep me a school Yeah, you kind of see if you get but you have the fat in a coconut because you chose coconut yogurts down I Think lunch is gonna be really exciting because I picked something Not typical and I spent a long time cooking it. So I hope you like it I it sounds like you did likely had the stove on everything I just how to open things with hammers and yeah, three two one It’s like And then that is the good thing, yeah, I Made that. You’re awesome. I sat there with a hammer and I drilled it Just because we have the same thing, so I technically always I often eat leftovers so whatever I make the night before I Double up on the veggies or whatever and then I throw it on rice or pasta the next day That’s how much Taylor loves me. She’s just giving me leftover his in just whatever. She has at the house. She’s like Whatever walnuts. I’m just getting anything. It’s really welcome. I actually saw this on her Instagram yesterday, right? Yeah I follow her on Instagram, but it looks so good and I was like, I hope she gives that to me tomorrow Oh really this and the feta salad. I’m like you won’t find a cheese on it No, no, what a jerk if it would be too much for you. No, it’s good like this. I’m excited Can I mix this thing together? Yeah I’m gonna eat my separated. I can’t deal with this Well, we even down to the spinach. We have the same kind of things. It’s so weird I’m just so good though It’s really good I’m super light and fresh and crispy and delicious Yeah, just out here because it’s so hot. It’s better to eat something cold during the middle of the day Tour both pretty similar in that we like to try new things and You were in medical school. I had a lot of school I know I did I did the application test for both and I majored in biochemistry molecular Biology for two years and I was like gonna study for the MCAT and then I was like, no this didn’t take too long So I was a cop-out I was like, what’s the next best thing? That’ll make my parents proud law school So I ended up taking the LSAT and I did it very well and then I was like it’s finishing up like what I had Left and I was about to apply for law schools. And I was like dad I’m gonna do YouTube now by Nutrition I study both Cantonese a bit of Japanese a bit French in Canada, and I finished it. Oh how I am Yeah I think we’re Sagittarius is those and we’re like very passionate about something and we’ll start indoor very best at anything we do But we lose interest quickly. Yes. That’s really empty. That’s how YouTube is perfect. Do you want to join us? Do you maybe what? You want to try blue cookie? Okay sit sit Is that good Roku who you like it, it’s a prude Filming to bloggers loose on the street you’ll see us coming And we’re on a slope right now But we’re in central and now it’s time for our afternoon coffee a little afternoon pick-me-up. Is that what yeah. Yeah Yeah, I usually have a coffee. Yeah, maybe sometimes a snack Okay, we’re gonna had two nos which is one of my favorite coffee places here in Hong Kong and we’re gonna pick out with something For you there All right, this mic is awkward because if I fart over like far They’re gonna ask you which beans you want so these are the notes Oh Strawberry sweet biscuit in the milk chocolate. Look at this very Futuristic way of paying you just go k-wave. Whoo Cool No, we don’t we don’t even have the top Okay. Yeah ours are always in certified. We’re living in the future. Yeah, you want some water? Yeah, I Usually drink water surprisingly. I mean Yeah How much water do you drink a day a lot like two liters out Li okay. Yeah, we’re just waiting on the coffee Now we’ve given everyone our YouTube channel. So I Embarrass myself thoroughly again, you look so gorgeous Oh Thank you, okay now I look no matter I just need you as my assistant something that I hope I don’t hear you all say it in All right So I grab the fruitier Strawberry version of the coffee and where I have the nuttier chocolatier one dark chocolate and nuts like walnuts Thinking we could do like a little It’s really bitter but I think that’s how they make the coffee here it is yeah, it’s normal here with the note of Nuts nuts. Mine isn’t really the after palette is a bit of dark chocolate I’m getting nothing. You smell it first Still nothing are they different. I think that he gave us the same ones I think you guys are not professional it tastes the same. Yeah, this is so different this book This one is so much my job. This one is so much. I said I got pretty What did you get maybe because you you got a sip of water Okay, they’re definitely different now No a little bit Allah This one is so much more prettier You’re gonna say that The first one I tried was nuttier and this meadow mice the sunglasses on to investigate one I will go inside and ask the question the hard-hitting questions. Did you give us the same ones great. Are they different in different? We’re trying to be like all the flavours and we can’t taste the difference. We’re like three but not only can taste it She’s really good. But our tongues are just not sensitive. They’re not working. I Have to come more get more coffee at Pratt things like wine. You’re getting nothing Mystery solved it’s no. We’re just not good at tasting coffee So now we’re at the mall Taylor took me to pick something at the food court to eat But I would like to go into the shops and pick some things to buy Quick distraction into the makeup shops getting just kidding. Okay, there’s no food court there. Oh, okay actually, what we’re doing is we’re gonna look at the They have this a map. Yeah, they have them they have a whole bunch of restaurants So just grab what you would normally grab for dinner. Okay, so then go go take out Oh, yeah take oh and there’s pictures Yeah Okay, just get takeout and then meet back here in ten minutes. I am here with a little booklet I’m sure that Taylor has a real actual plan, but I’ve never been here before so I’m lost in the sauce I don’t even know what I’m feeling for dinner They have Kings kanji here which has the best XO Chung fun and kanji I bet she’s never had kanji and I that’s one of my favorite foods to eat in Hong Kong Just next to Krystal J. Definitely gonna get her a really cute and fun dessert I saw that they have late again, which is really popular. Like they have it in New York tube So I’m like whew, I just got to check out the crepes are gluten-free I should get something nice for dessert so she didn’t bring it home with Nick Here MA Macaroons I am obsessed with ghosts. I would get what I would go home with Y’all nuts has investigated that lady am cakes do indeed have gluten so Mission the so far is failing who I’m gonna have 20 minutes left and nothing or a la maison du Chocolat. Oh, the one the macro America chocolate one Okay. No, you don’t get some per talk to Everyone Vestigators here. We’re searching far and wide for absolutely free desserts. Let me show you how many surgeons Perfect. I’ll take one of those and Kanji are you listen free? Do you have just the mushroom? Kanji? So if your and you wanna come for dessert at Starbucks and um a full of cheesecake and gluten-free we have succeeded Walnut has won again Oh, yes bring a tear Because it Thank you guys, and I have succeeded in finding a sushi place great success. The walnuts has succeeded Okay, so I’m thinking to get some kind of platter so should have a lot of options which is what I would normally get anyway One two three Oh shoo ever got the trick No, that’s not a drink actually soup Oh I figured you’d like some hot soup on this really hot day not Getting me hot soup during the hot day. This is my one of my favorite things in Hong Kong. It’s called Chung fun Turn Fung. It’s rice rolls. And then there’s XO sauce on top. I’ve actually had this before and I love it It’s actually my favorite things to when I get dim sum I get Cheung fun. Haha good Yeah, so they gave you a different sausage if you want a different and then this is congee Have you icons you know, this is what people eat when they’re sick. It’s kind of like the chicken noodle soup So it’s very comforting and healthy and light on your stomach. Very cool. I love that So it’s just like rice porridge it. Yeah, it smells like rice porridge. It smells really nice. I’m so excited This is a sushi bento box. It comes with a lot of different options so that you learn something. You’re not living something. Yeah so so This is the juice that I got you for immunity You’re like, oh we should feel better. That’s funny We both got something for like almost getting a cold but neither was how cold so this is Really you boy. This looks really good. Yeah, and then Oh Jeannie, it’s Cara’s straw. Oh, thank you cheesecake I got you dessert, too, but I want you to Take it home later and have it with Nick at this front. How romantic you later We’re going See what I’m saying I see and I love spice and I love that here when they take spicy. They mean by saying sometimes in America just like pepper I have a massive forehead dude. Have you seen mine? I need a bigger than yours No, wait, ready ready for this reveal. Look at how far it goes back. Yeah, I have that too. Oh We’re back home now, we’re done our day of eating and Actually, it turned out pretty good because I everything I would normally literally the same thing So really wasn’t talking about it was talking that it was so similar because we live in different country It’s not like yeah, you eat like sushi and all the time. Yeah Yeah, I will link Blair below and go check out her channel on her video on her on her channel We are filming sort of Chinese medicine Acupuncture. It was an adventure. Oh my gosh Okay, sorry, I don’t know I was going to ask you one day I’ll put Taylor this link down in the description. But like this is your video. So like why would I put ok? Hey, I got you some macaroons Oh baby you shouldn’t have I I didn’t know a sailor you’re a scammer. Thanks Taylor They’re not regular macaroons, they’re cool Mack rooms like Mean Girl macaroons because I’ve already eaten three Members, they’re chocolatey on the inside and the shell like has a flavor they’re gluten-free – thank you best dessert ever Well, you eat one with me like lady at the Tramp style. Oh This is weird. Everything was like a porno

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  3. I can relate to this video so much, especially the ice coffee part. I absolutely cannot drink any hot drinks ever. Also I live in the North so we have long winters here and I go around with my ice coffee hahah. Ps. in the coffee shop you didn't blur the guy's face at first but the second time filming from outside you did 😀

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