I Tried To Make A 700-Year-Old Lasagna Recipe • Tasty

I Tried To Make A 700-Year-Old Lasagna Recipe • Tasty

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100 thoughts on “I Tried To Make A 700-Year-Old Lasagna Recipe • Tasty

  1. I thought that the Simpsons exaggerated when they made fun of the ignorance of the Americans regarding the rest of the world and its history, but now I see that no, anyone knows that both the potato and the peanut, the tomato and the avocado are original fruits of American continent among other fruits such as coffee, cocoa, banana, papaya, mango and other tropical fruits. You don't have to be a genius to know that.

  2. The thing with "ancient" recipes is, that the authors, who where professionals writing for other professionals, often left things out that would have been obvious for cooks of the time, like salting your pasta water would be to us for example. This lasagna might well have been baked, but the could have left that part out for the afromentioned reason. In this case I don't think they did exactly that, but there might still be missing or rather left out parts.

  3. I'm feeling very superior that I knew tomatoes are not Italian. They're mesoamerican. Southern Mexico and South American.

  4. Too much clove. You should be using a very light hand with those spices. You could just mix the cheeses together and lightly spice that. It would speed up the process and keep it balanced. Needs more salt though.

  5. 4:58
    "Oh this is a pro move, I don't know if you guys have ever seen it" "It's called 'Ow, my hands hurt'" LOL

  6. You know Buzzfeeds in a bad spot when all their homegrown personalities have all left the company to be successful on their own and they have to hire on outsider YT personalities to make their content relevant again.

  7. This is just so goddamn fucking inaccurate. Americans always ruining the traditional recipes of Italians. You Americans call Olive Garden Italian. HAHA!

  8. "Rest thy dough" Oh dear… Please don't tell me they're gonna use 'Ye Olde English' the whole video.

    Edit: They are… sighs forever

  9. I must be from the past, because I love foods from back in the days. When women had to cook on a fire, and everything was whipped up by hand👍🏼

  10. please please please try some ancient aleppo city food ask for it it has the best food in all of meddle east and the oldest inhabited city in the world we talking about 7000 bc ask for aleppo food

  11. awesome series idea! I'd love to not only explore current favorites, but just things that people used to eat waaaaayyy back in the day. So interesting!

  12. Try to cook something from times of Russian empire. Russian cusine of 18 century is really unique and unusual!

  13. Very interesting, but I think at the jokes you got a little overboard. Humour is good and important, but it can be too much 😀

  14. There is actually an older recipe for lasagna but it's not called that. I translated it for the SCA and it called for chickens and eggs and all sorts of things but it was definitely lasagna.

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