I Tried To Make Vegan Fried Calamari Out Of Coconut

I Tried To Make Vegan Fried Calamari Out Of Coconut

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100 thoughts on “I Tried To Make Vegan Fried Calamari Out Of Coconut

  1. Awnnnn, why didn't you buy the WHOLE coconut with all it's scalp and shells – the green part of the outside :DDDDDDDDDD??

  2. Why would a Vegan want to mimic a meat dish?? Either follow a vegan thing completely or just be omnivorous.

    I recently read about the sickening trend to artificially create 'vegan meat' for taste buds.

    People…just be what you are! If you are vegan…stay so. If you are non-vegetarian stay so. Stop the trend of mimicking foodstuffs and just be what you are.

  3. Just stop you guys. Enough now. If you're missing meat so much, just eat meat. Vegetables do not need to taste like meat to be enjoyed. There's enough and more fun ways to make vegetables tasty and exciting to eat.

  4. Fried coconut rings= a nice appetizer.
    Vegan calamari from coconuts= not a thing because now you're appropriating the Italian language for your own self absorbed delusions.
    Stop trying to make your SJW BS appealing to people who don't care that you think you're better than us who enjoy meat. Make good food and call it what it is, not what you think it should replace.

  5. So vegans don’t like meat products but why do they try to make meat substitutes? I’m genuinely curious. Why make an imitation is a product you dislike?

  6. I literally thought she cleaned the coconut shell and was like “HoW?!”. Then, I understood it was a white (?) coconut which I’ve never seen before 🤯

  7. Yes Merle and Aria so cute 😂 but can we talk about how cool it is that she just made calamari out of COCONUT?!

  8. I live in the Balkans and when we get coconuts here the water inside is white and rancid and they smell sour and rancid. I am 100% sure they went bad… Never ever tasted a real fresh coconut water not flesh.

  9. I am currently eating the new to the UK KFC Vegan Chicken Burger in your honour Merle… it tastes better with popcorn chicken and gravy.

  10. I dont understand why vegans want to not eat animal flesh, but yet they are always trying to make delicious faux dead animal flesh dishes

  11. When she said coconut have liquid texture im like …


    but damn that’s one pretty coconut
    Coconuts that i’m used to are ugly af 😂

  12. I should try this , I usually make vegan calamari out of hearts of palm, hearts of palm is also so good to use for vegan crab cakes😏

  13. Why not call it wat it is fried coconut… it’s not calamari… it’s not vegan calamari… it’s fried coconut nothing else…

  14. "now go read that book that you say your gonna read but dont read"
    OMG how did she know i was slacking one reading warrior cats a dangerous path!!!

  15. If your a child do not do this:
    Me from Florida in the back yard when I was 8: hey y’all wanna crack some coconuts today? holding hammers and screwdrivers

  16. Who else came here because they're genuinely curious whether or not making calamari out of coconut works?

    But really, I love this Merle tries to make vegan alternatives with out of the box recipes and tests them whether or not it works regardless there'll be an office romance involved or not. I mean. Food. Taste experiment. What's not to love really. And it's just overall funny to have your coworkers taste them.

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