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when I post a new video. If you’re so congested because you’re rarely
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out there for you to have good poos. I’m Wendy Leung: Holistic Health & Happiness
Coach, Licensed Acupuncturist, and Powerhouse IBS Conqueror, and I had IBS-C too. I teach my clients how to get their guts in
order. And now I’m sharing with you too. Poo talk alert: Today we’re talking all about
IBS constipation. Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo,
poo, poo. Constipation is a broad term. It can mean that you’re able to go but that
it’s difficult, or that only small amounts come out at a time and you don’t feel like
you’re done going even though you’re gone multiple times during the day. Or, worse case, that you’re not able to go
for days at a time. Or maybe even longer. Are those the kinds of constipation that you
have. Let me know by dropping a yes or no in the
comments below. None of these are fun. And being chronically constipated means that
you’re congested, compacted, and stagnated inside your digestive tract. It’s like that way a garbage truck compacts
waste, except it’s stuck inside your body and it won’t come out. So this is obviously now healthy because you
feel so heavy, bloated, gassy, and painful that you don’t want to eat because you have
no idea where there food is going to fit. One of the problems that can happen with chronic
constipation is that you might start relying on external medicines to help you go. There’s a bunch you can take with water and
tablets that you can insert, that you can force flush. But none of these things fix the actual problem,
and a lot of times they can cause long-term dependencies, compounding the issue. From a Western medical standpoint, these external
medicines focus on two problem areas. Water absorption issues, i.e. your body isn’t
handling fluids properly inside your colon. Or colon motility issues, i.e. your body isn’t
creating the movement needed to push your poo through and out. When I had IBS-C my gastral specialist told
me just to eat more bran in order to bulk up my stool to push it out. So that turned out to be the worst advice
ever, because it just caused by bloating and my gas pains to flare up even more intensely
when things still didn’t move. And the meds they gave me to induce colonic
spasms, well, it sounds exactly as painful as it was. And still no poos. From a traditional Chinese medicine perspective,
or TCM for short, there are ten different diagnoses for chronic constipation. Ten. Which stands to reason that there’s no one
size fits all medicine that will help everyone. We can get an idea of which one is happening
to you based on your description of your poo, although really your full health history is
need to know for sure. Pellet poo, for example, is an indicator of
Liver Qi stagnation, i.e. stress in passing the digestive system. Stress causes your body to clamp down so it
creates pellets going through the intestine instead of a smooth log. Pencil poo usually shows an exhaustion of
the body. There’s not enough force to push out a full
size poo. So what are your options if you don’t want
to keep depending on laxatives and suppositories? One is to get a handle on your stress. You’ll hear me say time and time again that
in TCM, IBS combination of mental/emotional stress and an already weak digestive system. In order to restore your body’s natural function,
you need to relax the body from the inside out and the outside in. I know from experience that this is way easier
said than done, especially when your IBS stresses you out even more, which is why my IBS program
actually has an entire section on long-term stress and anxiety reduction. The second thing to do is to remember to breathe. When you are stressed and anxious, your body
tends to clamp down and hold and then you often forget to breathe properly. But there’s a really strong connection between
the lung and the large intestine organ system in TCM. And so taking care of your lungs will help
your gut too. The third thing, to keep moving. It can be super painful to exercise when you’re
feeling bloated and congested. But one of the best ways to open up your body
is to promote flow by moving around. And I’m not talking about high impact cardio
here. That’s just going to exhaust you and make
you feel worse. But going for daily walks and taking in fresh
air, especially in calming area like parks, or really getting out of the city, is going
to help get your circulation going. Stretching can also really be helpful for
blood flow. And there’s even yoga moves that you can do
specifically for constipation, too. Lastly, you want to make sure you’re eating
the right food. Some foods, like dairy, sugary, or greasy,
and cold foods put out the digestive fire and cause sluggishness all the way through
the digestive system. So make sure that you’re always following
the TCM golden rule of thumb: warm, simple, cooked meals. So that you’re not eating the wrong foods
that will make your constipation worse. So to recap, here are the four things that
you can do to get your constipation moving. Number one: stress management. Number two: Remember to breathe. Number three: Regular low impact exercise. And number four: Eating right, warm, simple,
cooked food. Oh, and number five: Patience. Remember that all these things are going to
take time to resolve your constipation. Don’t expect immediate results, like those
over-the-counter meds that you’ve been taking. But do expect long-term healing because that’s
the ultimate goal, right? Okay. So if you’re ready to start moving your poo
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you know that has IBS constipation because we want to make sure that everyone is aware
that IBS is not a forever thing. And so I can help you guys beat this together. I have so much more to share with you, including
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is posted. Poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo, poo,
poo, poo.

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51 thoughts on “IBS WITH CONSTIPATION: How To Move Your IBS-C!

  1. What's the worst thing about IBS-C that you're super excited to get rid of once you get your IBS under control?

  2. You are so knowledgeable. I love how your tips focus on easy, natural ways to improve your health. Thanks for sharing, cheers!

  3. I need to move more. That is my one thing I need to work on. Well, I have to figure out my stress. I am generally very calm person (emotionally) but I feel that my body doesn't take stress well in a physical sense. This is very difficult for me to grasp because I don't feel stressed but my body shows symptoms of stress.

  4. It's good to get your guts in good working order! You're very knowledgeable and supportive. I appreciate that!

  5. Love your energy and your knowledge! Who knew there were 10 different types of constipation!! Thank you for sharing, Wendy!

  6. I absolutely love how you talk about this topic with such clearly descriptive terms "log", "pencil poo", etc…

  7. I honestly don't have patience haha. Thanks for this. Did you still have pain after your constipation was cleared out? And also, did your legs or arms also get sore … Like referred pain? I'm going mad with the fact that my right side (leg especially) seems to be strained and gets sore. Basically my whole right side seems to have been affected by my impacted colon.

  8. Also do you think a constipated colon can result in strained muscles? Like strained rib muscles and abdomen muscles. Even back muscles? I think that's why my right side also hurts, it feels like a muscular pain sometimes

  9. Hi Wendy !

    i'm a complete IBS C Newbie,
    i've been trough all exams possible, and i'm a IBS C patient.
    Currently into full on fodmap, and lot's of trial and error
    i'm not diabetic, but i'm sometimes short on sugar, after a restroom visit, having hands that shake…
    does a dose of sportdrink cure this?

  10. My constipation has gotten worse again lately, and as I've always suspected, my lack of sleep seems to be one of the main contributors. However I've been trying to fix this for such an extremely long time but my body just doesnt allow me to stay asleep. I'll wake up multiple times randomly, sometimes maybe to use the bathroom, and all in all it's just gotten out of hand as I have dark circles under my eyes now. I tend to think often, which I feel is another reason why I have trouble falling back asleep and I've become very sensitive to noise. Man.

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  13. i was diagnosed with ibs in my 20's then it all but went away last year I started using cannabis and it made me eat a lot it has caused my ibs to come back with a vengeance. I stopped using cannabis but hope it goes away again. This ever happen to anyone else?

  14. Happy to find your channel. I’ve suffered IBS-C since the early 90’s… this is the most annoying chronic disease ever! Even w everything I do still get occasional flare ups.

  15. so glad i found this channel,i started hompathic treatment before but was about to give up these videos are so informative to show you how to do things the right way…please do a segment on the 10 types of poo and what they mean and how to correct.

  16. Hi, doc thinks I may have IBS, with constipation, bloating, and abdominal discomfort. Im scared ill aways be in this condition all the time as it has been pretty constant. What can I do? Drug medications seem like theyre going to gelp for somethings but make others worse

  17. I ve constipation,bloating,drowsiness,weakness,i ma taking laxatives..i went throug almost all investigation like endoscopy,colonoscopy,biopsy,usg,liver fn test..nd i ve no pain…wat can i do..its pathetic

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  20. Hi Wendy. Great content, thanks for sharing. For how long should food triggers be cut out? For good? In my case giving up dairy is the hardest one

  21. Hi Wendy Leung
    I am Noor from Pakistan. I am suffering from constipation problem since last 16 years when I was of 14.
    So plzzzz i need your guidance. Now i come to now that I have IBS problem , after watching content based on symptoms similar to me.
    Some weeks before I started to follow lowfod map diet plan, also i took probiotic as oral injection.
    Now i have got rid from lot of bloating and smelly farting. But the problem is If i didn't drink lot of water early in the morning i remain constipated for 1 day or more.
    Other thing is after taking water the poo will come in the fluffy or watery diarrhea form.
    Also i do breathing, try to remain calm also get moving. So please tell whats the lack in my treatment?

  22. I haven't gotten checked for ibs but I definitely think I have it. Always constipated, have bloat and gas. It's miserable. And I feel so dense and heavy like there's a bowling ball in my lower stomach 😩. Glad I found this video, going to check out the handbook

  23. I have really bad IBS-C and I haven't found much videos about it so when I find yours I felt really happy cuz it's miserable

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