I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid of not living – Peter's story

I'm not afraid of dying. I'm afraid of not living - Peter's story

before I had the diagnosis life was pretty normal it was the nuclear family life and the kids and the dog and the two cats it was work I travel a lot for work but we spend a lot of time as a family the family holidays were really important to us life was pretty normal I suppose I try not to let terminal bowel cancer affect my ability to do normal things I still walk as regularly as I can I get up every morning and go to work I've got a Monday night radio program I've got a Saturday morning radio program that I'm really passionate about but I've got a real focus on how I can impart my experience through podcasts and a lot of media promotions what you are is so much more than cancer you've got such a beautiful timely message for everyone choosing the most appropriate treatment it's actually got a difficult thing because you almost become totally self-centered the first consideration is what's the best thing for me because the one thing that I've absolutely would not allow is for this disease to change how I lived life when I first learned of the diagnosis we talked about what my situation was and what the options were and we discussed it as a family and and essentially the surgeries and the follow-up treatments we're all understood by everyone so I think that you're faced with a whole heap of choices should I be focusing on getting well or should I be focusing on living a life or is there a happy medium somewhere in between there are two key pieces of advice that I am trying to give to everybody for the first piece of advice that I would give people is if you've got an opportunity to save your life or at least provide yourself with a warning that your life could be in trouble then take it I was fifty years old and I received the bowel cancer kit from the government might put it in the wardrobe not because I didn't have any intention of doing I'll actually had every intention of doing it but life gets away from you and it just was one of those things does just slip my mind and I'd say you know no no problems I'll get around to it if you've got the kit use it and do what you're supposed to do and give yourself an opportunity because that's what it's for to all of you people out there that have been behind us and supported it and got the honor Peter sent me thing that would that we did as well absolutely superb love your work and continue to spread the word if I can tell a hundred people and a hundred people tell a hundred people then we get the word around pretty quickly do the right thing get the kick do the test potentially save your life the second piece of advice really is on the other side of the coin if you do find yourself in a situation like mine you can live with this disease even though if you've got just a finite time period we're actually put on this earth to die everyone of us is going to do that what we choose is how we live and that's and that's the most important thing to me is how we actually live and that's what I would encourage everybody to do just live your life and make the most of it you draw strength from your family the love and support that you get from your family and your close friends is what helps you get by they're the things that have helped me deal with my situation I look around and say well the reason why I actually want to live as much as I can is for them I want to do as much for them and with them as I can through this whole period however long that may be you have to admit that yeah there are days when there's the question mark over can i really be bothered today and I think that the answer to that is asking the question yourself or can you really be bothered today of course you can every day I'm not afraid of dying I'm afraid of not living

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