I'M SO AFRAID! | How I Beat Heath Anxiety Forever (ACTUALLY WORKS!!) (2019)

I'M SO AFRAID! | How I Beat Heath Anxiety Forever (ACTUALLY WORKS!!) (2019)

what is a fearless family hope you guys are all doing awesome thank you so much for being a subscriber and if you're not a subscriber make sure to click that subscribe button if you're dealing with anything related to anxiety anxiety disorder stuff like that and I wanted to talk about health anxiety and there's a lot that could be said about this but I want to just simplify everything because one of the things that I've realized whenever it comes to anxiety is things are a lot simpler than we make them and a lot of the understanding of anxiety disorders is based upon lack of information it's based upon misunderstanding things and really if we take the time to understand the nervous system which is the core of what is producing stress anxiety even trauma things like that a lot of our questions are going to be answered and a lot of our misinterpretations of the symptoms of either stress or trauma will start to be answered as well so here's the truth we are built for survival our brains are old we still have the same brain function as the cave people our brains are built for two things survival and procreation and here's what happens with health anxiety I would have just a heartbeat differently or my heart was pounding and I'm having a heart attack I would have like some sort of lump on my leg or some puffiness or maybe even my lymph nodes would start to swell up because I was sick and that's how it was helping me fight off the sickness and all of a sudden I've got cancer and I would just contemplate these horrible situations that usually involved my death at just the smallest site of some sort of problem or some sort of physical ailment or mental ailment and I want to explain why this happens I want to simplify everything for you so once we understand that the brain and the nervous system are built for survival and that the nervous system operates on a subconscious level we understand our amygdala in our brain takes in information through our five senses and 24/7 it's constantly scanning and looking around is that a threat is that a threat is that a threat because our brain goes back to the cave people days where there were always threats of tigers there's some bears and all those things all the time now I don't know if you can tell but I'm sitting on this comfy couch man these pillows are amazing my wife and I picked out this couch specifically because of these amazing pillows there ain't no Tigers around here all that sounded so southern all right no tigers around here man I'm about to go pick my banjo man there was any Tigers I'm gonna scare them off with my banjo okay no no it's not funny but nonetheless we're not being invaded by Tigers we're not being invaded by bears all the time most of us are living in pretty safe environments yes there are risk but it's not the constant life-threatening situations like the cave people face but nonetheless our amygdala can't discern the difference between anxiety because of a tiger and anxiety because it's just a misinterpretation so we start to misinterpret these non-threatening symptoms whether that be physical symptoms but our nervous system is going to believe us whatever we tell it it's going to believe us so what do we do how do we fix this we're going to first start off cognitively but that's not gonna be enough because the nervous system operates on a non cognitive subconscious level however saying things is a good way to prepare to let me explain how so first we change our what if question what if this isn't a life-threatening disease what if I'm not going to die from this what if I overcome this in just a few days and my body naturally heals itself okay now there's power in words and there's power in thoughts but that's not gonna be enough in and of itself to reach the nervous system so we're gonna have to take it a step further we've presented a new possibility for our nervous system that maybe this symptom bodily or mentally that I'm experiencing is not life-threatening but now we need to make it a reality and the cool thing about the nervous system is whatever we visualize just like we're children and we imagine we pretend our nervous system is going to believe that that's the case that's why I can sit here and visualize the worst-case scenario and my nervous system starts to respond I can get really stressed out or even going to fight-or-flight symptoms whatever we believe whatever we visualize our nervous system is going to believe that that's a reality it's gonna back us up so we can use that to our advantage if we can visualize the best-case scenario if we close our eyes maybe put on some relaxing music that's fine and we start to visualize ourselves healing from whatever this physical or mental symptom is we start to visualize ourself overcoming it moving on with life within a of days maybe it takes a week but we visualize ourself overcoming it and not being overcome by it and it's as simple as that we change our what-if question because there are power in words but we know that that's not gonna be enough we use visualization to show the nervous system through visualizing almost like playing a movie in our heads of what we now believe the truth is all of a sudden our nervous system is gonna feel that we're okay with that it's gonna be looking at this mental movie that we're playing and it's gonna say okay apparently there's no threat here the parasympathetic nervous system is going to start to produce rest the sympathetic nervous system is going to quiet and we're gonna go back to homeostasis and all of a sudden all these irrational fears all this health anxiety is going to go away so that's it guys also leave a comment let me know anything that you've done to overcome health anxiety of course make sure that you're subscribed if you're not a part of the fearless family and that's it we'll talk to you guys

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27 thoughts on “I'M SO AFRAID! | How I Beat Heath Anxiety Forever (ACTUALLY WORKS!!) (2019)

  1. im 18 and i know im hypochondria but i cannot stop myselft worrying about my health every single day. I keep googling every symptoms i have. One day i thought i had heart cancer but all symptoms gone after several days. I thought i was fine. And the following days i noticed other symptoms and thought i had another cancer or a very serious disease that i would die. It became a cycle in my mind. im so young im just 18. I am also really anxious when i read some articles about sudden accident and think i would be like that someday. I read about a person having cancer without any symptoms before and i start worrying im having cancer and dying now. It is very horrible and i cannot get rid of it

  2. aye I just wanna say I love you man, I’ve been dealing with dpdr and a number of other issues and your videos have carried me through. I’ve to a point where Ive decided I need to get tf up and live! I’m working on charity projects and I’m focused on my music rn! Imma make it through this!

  3. Health anxiety I think you've pretty much described how I feel. When I get this it lasts a few days maybe a week or so and if I have an episode I feel like I'm on the verge of a heart attack I'm terrified ill stop breathing or my heart will stop. I do drink alcohol mainly on a friday/Saturday and smoke 20 cigarettes a day no more than my friends and weed is the cause I think which I stopped a few months ago, I'm on 10mg propanalol but yesterday I had a 2 hour flight, I am not scared of flying whatsoever I've actually dreamed of becoming a pilot since I was a child, that's another story though but I thought I was going to die, tight chest, can't get my breath and heart pounding, cold sweats. I felt sorry for the people sitting around me because I couldn't keep still. This disorder is not a joke, I have no stress in my life I'm a day truck driver in the UK with a pretty chilled out life and no more worry than any one else all I worry about is money and my health but nobody I know has gone through this and if they have it has been mild. I'm a 27 year old man and this makes me just want to cry. I want to exercise but getting out of breath terrifies me that I could have an anxiety attack, I'm not very fit and probably slightly overweight. I think I'm going to try and quit drinking at weekends but that is hard because all of my friends drink and smoke (they don't have anxiety though and they drink and smoke more than me). I wouldn't wish this shit on my worst enemy. My grandma is 92 been through world war 2 and smoked like a chimney since 18 years old and has never had this in her life which baffles me. If anyone has experienced anything similar to what I described and has beat it please help.

  4. I have a genetic metabolic disorder that causes a build up of harmful amino acids in the brain. This means I’m supposed to eat certain things but for years i are whatever I wanted without a care or worry. Finally I went back on diet and even though the drs say my amino acid levels are in check I’m now terrified that I have serious brain trauma. This led to a panic attack two months ago and since then I have been derealized, out of it and scared that I’m dying or losing my intelligence. It’s probably just my anxiety but I felt so normal until after my episode and now nothing feels normal. Hoping these tips will bring me back to normalcy

  5. Please i really need to knw 1 thing i already suffered from dpdr in my past nd after dat i get involved to my lyf again nd i forgot what i had in my past nd living normal lyf . Bt from last yr i had an panic attack nd after dat i lost all my memories i dnt know who i m. Even i feel knowledgeless i feel lyk m a body or body is m9 o dnt knw what m doing whole day where i was in my whoke day m nt connected to myself plz tl me what it is because everytym m in my body so i dnt recognise my acrivity and feeling where i m so plz help ninja plz help

  6. Thank u soooooo much! Just by watching your video here I feel sooooo much better! And you should mention prayer in your videos too… God created u to help people and u are blessed! Thanks again brother.

  7. Im 17 yrs these past days idk anxiety has been kicking in i be thinking ama die and always checking my pulse i be stressing out alot i cant sleep well and all this feels terrible

  8. I am obsessive about searching symptoms of all types of cancers and all life threatening diseases.
    Sometimes i know i should not do that but i can't help it.
    Working on it with meditation, motivational videos and Some walking and i may seek help from an OCD specialist.
    I will be fine soon.
    Strength to everyone who's fighting any kind of anxiety disorder.

    Edit: i am doing fine now. Hopefully you guys too doing fine.

  9. Yo i use to google about my health of course lol but just last year i just got like this nervous thing with my stomach before i ate so i went to google to see why. And it said anxiety then i freaked cus i saw people with depression and suicide anxiety and it freaked me out ive never had panic attacks or anything just get a weird feeling specially in the mornings

  10. Over the last 2 months I’ve been fighting health anxiety. Constantly afraid of heart attack, aneurysms.. the list goes on. This led me right into depersonalization and so on down a spiral of fears of death and being depersonalized blah blah. Even though I’ve had a ct scan of my heart and brain and ekg and been told everything is fine for some reason it hasn’t been enough. I am stuck with constantly wondering when will it end. It sounds like I almost need to trick my nervous system into believing it’s okay!

  11. Thanks for helping me with depression and anxiety.I had no hope about myself. I had anxiety like 3 yrs. You literally saved my life.

  12. I challenge my “health symptoms”. For example if my heart feels weak or beating different, I’ll do cardio to prove to myself nothing bad is happening

  13. Hello. I'm 23 years old and I'm dealing with hypochondria the last 3 years. Actually, one year in-between was good, and then, it came back again. My question is, are you health anxiety free? Is it possible to completely overcome it? I really wanna reverse it to the times were I wasn't a hypochondriac, to lead a normal life without feeling fear of every step I take.. I wanna break out of this depressing "zone of controlled fear" that Ive created, and live life spontaneously like before..

  14. I had health anxiety all Spring last year (2018). I kept convincing myself I was having allergic reactions to things (even if I hadn't eaten or come into contact with a single thing that could've done it). The way I finally got over it was after I had my first (and hopefully last) severe anxiety attack. I am not saying this is how it will end for everyone, please try and calm down before it happens because it wasn't a fun experience, especially because it happened in a restaurant in front of like 20-30 people. But after that I began realizing that it was what everyone was telling me, and there was no real threat to my life. I don't want to scare anybody, but in my case I had to go through something horrific to get out of it. (Sorry if I seem like I am rambling)!

  15. holy moly this made so much sense and logic, cant believe i didn't look at it this way before – if i gave myself these symptoms from sending the wrong message to my nervous system then with the right message I can reverse it

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