Improve Egg Health After 40 (8 BEST* EGG BOOSTING* SUPPLEMENTS)

Improve Egg Health After 40 (8 BEST* EGG BOOSTING* SUPPLEMENTS)

high fertility mamas in this video I will discuss eight supplements to improve egg health after 40 I love helping women in their 40s prepare for fertility if you think about it it's really the best time to be a parent hopefully you've grown wiser and the wisdom you have cultivated can be a wonderful tool in raising a happy healthy well-adjusted child okay I highly encourage you to prepare your body a minimum of four months before trying to conceive I tell all my fertility clients act as if you are already pregnant and this is why the preconception phase which is the hundred and twenty days it takes for the egg cell to mature into the egg you ovulate according to research is the most important time in the health of your baby it's such an incredible time for you to nourish your mind body and spirit and prepare for new life this means eating nutrient-rich meals getting lots of restorative sleep and filling your mind with inspirational and uplifting books movies messages and taking macro nutrients to make sure you are properly resourced to make a baby make sure your partner is on the same page too because sperm is equally important isn't it interesting that women are highly encouraged to take a prenatal but men typically aren't we make sure all our male clients are educated on proper nutrition and lifestyle that support healthy sperm Sharlee Lincoln women's health and fertility expert here I am getting married at 40 I know I was a late bloomer I became a mama at 42 it was a dream come true once I learned the blueprint for improving egg health I got pregnant effortlessly I'm going to share some of my other videos in the description below on optimizing fertility at 35 plus now on to five supplements to improve egg health after 40 number-one antioxidants I will list three I recommend ubiquinol in a study published it showed older for fertility women undergoing fertility treatments saw improvements in a quality and fertilization after supplementing with 600 milligrams of ubiquinol a day also you've broken all has been shown to improve sperm motility another powerful antioxidant is vitamin C it plays an important role in the regulation of menses and ovarian function it increases iron absorption and progesterone production I recommend a thousand to two thousand milligrams per day if you have a heavy period it is recommended to take 2,000 to 4,000 milligrams next is n-acetylcysteine NAC has been shown to improve the ovulation rates in women by 52% in one study women took oral NAC 1200 milligrams for five days starting on the third day of their menses and Demetrio thickness also significantly improved other research shows NAC helps improve the quality of a woman's eggs it helps lower your risk of miscarriage and increases the pregnancy rate in women who have had reoccurring miscarriages I recommend my fertility clients have 600 milligrams the NAC while preparing for conception and slowly increased to 1,800 milligrams I also recommend it from my male clients to improve overall sperm quality number 2 EPA and DHA your omega-3s according to a study by the ni a omega-3 fatty acids may provide an effective and practical Avenue for delaying ovarian aging and improving o sight quality at advanced maternal age another studies show that four grams of Omega threes decreased FSH levels and DHEA is one of the critical key building blocks for fetal development the best source of omega threes is cod liver oil that is purity tested number three kelp tablets for iodine and trace minerals in 2018 the Journal of American medicine published the following iodine deficiency as a factor associated with impaired fertility they studied 467 American women who are trying to become pregnant during a four year span women with low iodine levels had 46 percent less chance of conceiving during any cycle than women with normal levels Wow and women who were sufficient in iodine had babies with higher IQs number 4 probiotics really this should be number one for how important gut health is to fertility a healthy gut biome is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the gut lining nutrient absorption vitamin synthesis immune function energy metabolism hormone production and balance and neurotransmitter formation without a healthy gut nutrients are not properly absorbed leading to nutrient deficiencies often found in many couples struggling to conceive number 5 maca a specific maca is one of the few natural products as that has an effect on the HPA or hypothalamus pituitary adrenal axis I can only recommend one brand of Maca because of its independent clinical trials on women and their hormonal systems maca harmony by feminine sense is effective in harmonizing the hormonal endocrine and adrenals in my fertility clients number six vitamin D is it a vitamin or a hormone it's both and it's critical for fertility and though it's found in most prenatals nine times out of ten it isn't an insufficient dosage most men and women have vitamin D deficiency and vitamin D deficiency will make it difficult to conceive or maintain a pregnancy I recommend testing for all my fertility clients and I dose and correct until the individuals between 50 and 80 nanograms per milliliter proper vitamin D reduces a risk of preeclampsia gestational diabetes and prenatal infections by approximately 50% number 7 spirulina Oh spirulina I love you so I love you for your mineral content your essential fatty acids vitamins and minerals and chlorophyll which cleanses the blood your antioxidants on your complete protein profile 3000 milligrams a day is recommended ok number 8 this last one on the list last but not least collagen Hydra slate you've heard about all the healing properties of bone broth this is ancient medicine it's absolutely wellness and a cup and if you enjoy making it continue to do so however I have started recommending collagen powder for those who want a simple way to get the benefits of bone broth without the work this will help heal the gut and help you heal after birth will help prevent stretch marks during pregnancy supports thyroid health helps you sleep and supports a healthy metabolism and regulates blood sugar please subscribe if you found this video helpful and make sure to download our report on improving ache health how to restore fertility info

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  1. Hi-Thanks so much for watching and make sure to download our free report on how to improve egg quality at XO Charlene

  2. Wow! I’ve been taking ubiquinol for a long time and never more than 100mg. Should I increase that gradually or is it ok to increase it right away. Great video! Thank you!

  3. This vedios give me the hope
    I'm 47 my period stopped since April last year
    I never get pregnant do you think this vitamins and Life style can make my period come back .?
    Do you think I still have a little chance to become a Mom😌

  4. Love the videos. Im 41 and me and my soon to be husband plan to get pregnant before my 43 birthday should i start taking these now to be ahead of the game. Also quick question any suggestions for someone who is allergic to fish? Some of the supplements you mentioned would trigger allergies.

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