Improving Mental Healthcare – The Pulse on JoyNews (24-6-19)

Improving Mental Healthcare - The Pulse on JoyNews (24-6-19)

out of 26 million garner city budgets the Ponton circuitry hospital submitted to governments for the running of a facility this year it has so far received just three hundred and thirty thousand city's medical director of the Ponton psychiatric hospital dr. frank venom says the poetry some is negatively impacting health care delivery at the facility he was speaking at a ceremony where the hospital received electric inclusive electro convulsive machines a critical equipment for psychiatric treatment from the central International Central Gospel Church medical director of the Palatine psychiatric hospital Dr Frank Benin is displeased with the current state of the facility one of the biggest worries is frequent shortage of medication for psychiatric patients it is therefore common for patients relapse after they had made progress if you come to my hospital and the environments so good if somebody comes to the hospital and they're not getting the medicines they need or the lab tests it is because government is not providing for the money my hospital says something around 26 million so far I hear there's been new releases I would say a million and 30,000 canasa DS even the one I'm talking about three hundred has just come so indeed we received three and thirty thousand so far it's difficult you've been to my hospital that's how come you see the buildings that are deteriorating that's how come you see the bad road network that's how come you see the roofs that are leaking that's how come you see the environment that is not very good I mean the food visions eat the hospital has more than three years being without electroconvulsive therapy machine a critical device in the mental health care delivery patients are therefore transported from Pantera into the across our country hospital to use the machine however still change this is because the International Central Gospel Church has presented one ECT machine to the hospital usually it's not everything that we have we have a lot of needs that we have in being able to meet and what it happens like that it creates a huge gap in the service so for example when we have patients who genuinely need the service for example what after arrange to transport them to a place who have the service so what we're doing at this very time was were sending them to across psychiatric hospital for them to undergo the procedure and unfortunately that put a lot more pressure under a crab machine and then it also such at breaking down so now see that for a long time now I'm in a whole country people who needed a service were not getting it we needed to try to use other means that were not as effective how's this procedure who are not likely to be transported to occur as i catch maybe for one challenge or vehicle or the other so what happens is before they come in then they are already unwell so their response to treatments would be delayed whereas this one will sort of give a quick search for them to get well quickly it we delayed and that is what we and the long I believe the more expensive the treatment is the hospital which was established in 1975 is the biggest among the three circuitry hospitals in Ghana the hospital receives psychiatric patients from all over Ghana as well as its neighboring countries namely to go Benin erequest and Nigeria

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