Incredible Outcomes – 2nd Capital Campaign

Incredible Outcomes - 2nd Capital Campaign

I think most folks drive past been top Hospital and they don't really think about all the amazing things that are happening inside the building the people that you'll meet walking through the halls are so committed to the work that they do it really makes it an incredible place to practice our current facility was built in 1990 health care has evolved immensely since vent I was originally built what makes ben taub unique is a lot of things thanks to our affiliation with Baylor College of Medicine and McGovern medical school at UT Health we're performing incredible cutting-edge research every day new therapies are pioneered had not only helped the patients that we treat but also patients across the nation that can learn from discoveries that are happening on this campus the renowned Ginny and Richard MIT Hoff trauma center is one of only two level one adult trauma centers in the Houston metropolitan area a city or county our size should have about five or six more based on the population and the patients that we treat and so we are critical to the needs of our community being a level 1 trauma center means that you've received the highest designation from the American College of Surgeons it means that you have every specialty available for patients at their time of need it means that no matter what trauma you have sustained we can bring all of the research all of the the capabilities available to the bedside in a moment's notice to provide you the best care possible trauma doesn't discriminate and so any of us could find ourselves in a situation where we really need the care that's provided at Ben Taub it's certainly where I would want to come if I needed that care and certainly where I'd want my family to come now is a perfect opportunity for us to reinvest in our infrastructure and prepare this hospital for the future that's why we're embarking on a 25 million dollar capital campaign to renovate and modernize our emergency and trauma center vent table is going to have the most updated equipment the the best facilities the newest triage processes the the best systems available to take care of all the patients that we serve are the residents of Harris County we're here with the best possible care when people are facing the worst it's our privilege it's our passion it's what we're called to do this is been top the hospital built for all of us at the hospital with incredible outcomes please help us stay ready for whatever comes our way you

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