India Poor People Food and Cheap Life – Cheapest Thali in India

India Poor People Food and Cheap Life – Cheapest Thali in India

Today we are going to eat in india’s cheapest Hotel Cost of Indian thali is 20 rs. Mostly labpurs and poor people eats here I have eaten here for abour 1.5 years when I was in India I will give you a complete tour When you have last 50 rs. in pocket and you hungry you will feel this hotel as 5 star Please…Don’t give dislike to this video there is lots of rain and they offer 3 different types of curry Alu pyaz, dal fry and Chhole bhatur labour loves dalfar and it is tasty this hotel is oppsite to Ahmdabad bus staip and it is always full for 20 Rupees you will get 6 purie and one vegetable 20 Rupees is not a lot but you will get food for that they sell about 1000 plates so they make about 6000 puris This is Puri department – 3pesron are working Today they are super busy due to rain all hotels are closed Restaurant owner works from 5 am to 11 om some time he doesnt get to see his children rich people may thinng this is trash but where you to born ? you can’t decide ..we must not judge poor people I love the people who work hard and make their own career and set good example This is the place where people clean their hands water is the straight from municipality in blue container – clean and fresh Due to rain it looks messy and cleaner is working hard to keep it tidy land is very expensive in Ahmedabad so you have to make best use of land Man is working hard to keep dish clean- poor people are very happy to eat in this cheap restaurant Only 20 rupees full plate food there are 10 people working inthis hotel including owner. Who take care of payments Thanks for watching this videos is you like to watch more videos like that please subscribe !!

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  1. Great video, keep making videos

    भाई अब आपकी तबियत तो ठीक है?
    How is your health Sir ?

  2. ahiya me khdhelu che saras che. Bau time pela….
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