Indian FRIED CHICKEN FEAST in DELHI | Old Delhi street food tour | Incredible India street food

Indian FRIED CHICKEN FEAST in DELHI | Old Delhi street food tour | Incredible India street food

today we’re in Delhi India we are so happy
to be here because there is so much incredible street food this city has a phenomenal food culture we can’t wait to share what we find with you we’re taking you
into the heart of Delhi’s food culture winding our way through the alleys and
laneways of Old Delhi to show you heritage food vendors that are hundreds of
years old we share with you traditional Indian dishes and the street food that
locals love to eat this is our fifth video from Delhi watch
out for crispy golden spicy fried chicken from a local favorite and
witness the spectacle of Indian street side cooking at its finest join us as we
head into the suburbs of Delhi to a neighborhood snack bar for sensational
chaat and get sucked into the chaos of Old Delhi on the hunt for delicious
lentil fritters and a winter specialty Shahi tukda India’s answer to bread and
butter pudding in this 11 part India series we’ll show you some of the
country’s best food from unique dishes dating back hundreds of years to
irresistible street food you don’t want to miss this series get ready for some
mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re
hungry let’s eat we’ve been in Delhi for a little over a
week now and we’ve been filming some amazing delicious food oh hey, we just walked past a cow, cows in India are sacred it is very common to see cows just
roaming the streets like here we’re just in a residential neighborhood so we’ve
been zipping all around Delhi filming a bunch of different foods the food scene
here is so varied so diverse and today’s gonna be no different we’re gonna be
eating a bunch of delicious foods we’re off to find some chaat which are savoury snacks this is the chaat shop that we want to
visit this green one here and I can see actually all of the chaat inside all of
the different ingredients that make up chaat when you order chaat it comes with maybe sometimes ten or fifteen different ingredients it’s always
very delicious namaste one bhalla papdi, yes, dhannayavad we can get up right close to the gentleman
who’s making the chaat he’s got all sorts of different ingredients we
ordered a ballah papdi you can see here some crispy fritters he’s popped some
rice krispies on top some lentils and chickpeas and then on goes that dahi
or the curd the creamy yogurt wow looks swadisht pomegranate too swadisht dhannyavad
whoa look at this beautiful plate of colour let’s head over to this
leaner and get into it this ballah papdi is absolutely stunning I mean look at
that for a plate of food chaat generally in India is beautiful but this just
takes the cake for me it is so so pretty this stack of
ingredients here and I really like the stall this green really makes it stand
out the guys sitting in the window here crowds of people coming in
and man alive this looks so good so we’ve got a ton of stuff
on here so the ballah papdi is the sort of the two main ingredients it’s just
two separate words so under here is a lentil ohh look at that it’s been all
crushed up so a lentil doughnut basically and that’s been crushed on and
then we’ve got these crunchier bits so they’re basically just like a wheat
chip a little deep fried crunchy chip which are gonna soften up because
they’re covered in the curd and then in the colour you can see in the curd so
you’ve got the green and the brown so that’ll be a tamarind chutney the brown
and probably a coriander chutney the green then we’ve got these
pomegranate seeds on here oh look there’s a chickpea these pomegranate seeds which
are just the most stunning deep red colour and oh there’s a chilli there hanging
out as well and then on the top here I believe that’s some ginger it looks like
some freshly julienned ginger on top oh man bit of everything oh I’m covered in it that is unbelievable there’s potato in
there as well I got a little rice rice puff like a rice crispy oh and that was
one of the chips I had that was super crunchy the yogurt’s very fresh that’s very
cold the yogurt it’s got some really good spice chilli and he sprinkled
other spices on there so it’s got a lot of levels of spice on and this pomegranate
seeds just pop in your mouth let’s get some more with potato pomegranate seeds
but particularly I want a bit with more ginger I really wanna get that flavour oh wow
the ginger’s a very mild flavour actually so you’re getting up a
beautiful heat from the ginger but it’s not too overriding it’s been cut very
nice and thin eating chaat like this is such a great experience and it’s a real
North Indian thing so what you find is there’s actually a lot of dishes and
they often have the same ingredients just things are a slightly different
shape or the way they combine put the combinations together slightly different
so this restaurant does have a big menu of different dishes they do this is
their specialty so this is that the real famous one but they do a number of
different things you can see right here in the window actually it’s sort of all
the different styles and these little puris these are puffed ones whereas
I’ve got flat ones in here so different styles of the same thing and they combo
them up and man the flavour is just unreal unbelievable
and you’ll find these little stalls all over the city
always snack style so stand up and eat them
quick eats, fun eats, texturally always mixed up so lots of different textures
and flavours going on so a quick hit of great textures flavours it’s a very cool
stall wow we caught the metro to another part of
town we have come to Old Delhi I love this part of town it’s probably my
favourite part of the city it is a bustling area full of laneways
there’s always people rammed into the laneways shopping and of course
eating now I can see our stop up ahead it is a tiny little hole in the wall
selling pakoras or lentil fritters there’s a lot of people in front of it see what I mean? It is just it all go let’s see what they’ve got frying up this stall is actually set quite far back into this
area here they’ve got a big tray filled with all these deep-fried goodies namaste do you have any kalmi vada pakora? Perfect yes please
they’ve got all sorts of deep fried snacks and the guy over there is
actually he’s not frying some at the moment but he’s got a big tub of hot oil
and he’ll be making the fritters and popping them in there when this
needs a top-up I’ve got a bowl of deep-fried goodies in
hand the stall is just over there it’s a really cute little stall the
walls are sort of black from all of the oil that’s come up from the deep frying
and whatnot it’s got a ton of people standing around it and I love how Old Delhi is
just full of life it’s really chaotic in a really beautiful way and it’s just
constant, constant people walking past constant bicycle rickshaws people carrying stuff on
their heads so I’m just going to press against the wall here and get into this bowl
of treats so he gave me a real mix of things this here is the pakora so the
deep fried lentil fritter it’s got some leaves in it some spices and whatnot
and then I think these are deep-fried wedges of sweet potato some more lentil
balls of some sort everything is in a lentil batter they had a a big pot of
the batter up the back there and it’s very golden yellow in colour and what he
did was he sloshed a whole lot of green chutney probably coriander chutney
over the top let’s just get into this sort of chip here it’s got some of
that coriander chutney on it I thought it was sweet potato but it’s actually just normal potato very creamy that lentil batter is quite thick
and crunchy has a lot of substance to it I really like that chutney it’s got
a great heat to it beautiful coriander flavour hmm this pakoda is covered in
green chutney I’m gonna go for this one it definitely needs the chutney because
the fritter itself is quite dry but with the chutney it’s perfect you can taste a
little bit of chilli in there I think the green is a very mild green chilli very savoury quite salty this is a great set of little snacks we’ve got here
and I just love the chaos so we’ve got the bicycle rickshaw going past followed by
the motorbike and then behind Thomas is a guy with a massive stack of stuff on his
head it’s just chaos I love it we’re now wandering the streets of Old
Delhi and it’s just so full of life it’s such an incredible place to be I
mean everywhere you look there’s something going on these guys are
pushing a huge cart of flour or something
oh oh now I’m in everyone’s way got some guavas coming through I’ve lost track of Sheena, Sheena is stuck by a bike okay Sheena’s in the middle of the road I’m over here
things are crazy crazy she’s literally stuck in the middle of the road
come this way wow so Old Delhi is just crazy it’s so full
on and it really makes you feel alive because it’s as a traveler it’s just
insane it’s an amazing place to visit with incredible food I love wandering
these streets this part of Old Delhi is a great part of
town to sample Mughlai cuisine the Mughal Empire actually ruled
northern India from the early 16th century right through to the late 18th
century they were a Muslim dynasty and obviously the food culture has retained
to this day it’s very meat heavy very rich so all the biryani all the kebabs all the kormas and whatnot you can sample all of those foods along this
stretch now we’re actually going to stop at this place we have walked past it so
many times and every time my mouth has absolutely watered assalamualaikum my mouth has just watered because what they serve is fried chicken assalamualaikum and you can see here look at the fried chicken if you’ve
subscribed to our Channel and if you’ve watched our videos before you’ll know that I’m
an absolute fried chicken fiend I can’t resist it so today’s the day tonight’s
the night look at all of that fried chicken and all of the all these
chicken pieces going into that hot oil Wow this spot is so cool so the restaurant is
open and all of the cooking is taking place at the front of the restaurant all
out on the street facing the street and it is all go they’ve got a huge pot of chicken
which is marinating in a quite a thin spiced filled marinade and then it’s
just going straight into that hot oil now they only serve two things here oh three things they serve fried chicken fried fish and rotii to go
with it so we ordered half a fried chuck look at it all on the bone just cut up
and then we’ve got two really thin roomali rotii to go with it look how
paper thin that roti is and then there’s some sauce here for the
chicken to be dunked into and then we’ve got some fresh onion I’m gonna squeeze
a ton of that lime onto that onion let’s get into this chicken I want to grab
this drumstick here look at how crispy it is and all of that spice which is
coating that chicken I love how it’s just all on the bone I’m gonna dip it
in that sauce that comes with it holy moly that’s good
it is so tender and very juicy still that chicken I love how the marinade is just
crisped up enough it’s not it’s not a batter it’s just crispy on that
skin it’s got a great spice this sauce is quite spicy so in chilli heat I’m so happy to be getting a
fried-chicken fix crunchy juicy tender spicy oh this chicken is unbelievable mmm this plate is gonna disappear very
rapidly I reckon let’s get a pile of these fresh onions these are gonna be
perfect actually I love it cuts through the richness of the fried chook
refreshes your mouth and then you can dive straight back in to that oily crispy
delicious fried chook fried chicken feast done now we are heading for some dessert and dessert is literally right across the road which is very
convenient system let’d just navigate our way across the road so much tooting and
honking now this is what we’re after it is called shahi tukda it’s a
traditional Indian sort of like a bread pudding it’s got loads of different ingredients
and it looks so beautiful how beautiful look at all that cream
delicious we’ve got the shahi tukda and this is a very interesting
dessert because it’s a bread based dessert they take bread and they
deep-fry it in ghee and then they add a whole lot of sugar syrup it’s got
cream all over the top dried fruit they layer it all up and now he’s just
working it in this pan and he’s scooping this sugar syrup up on it breaking it
down because it’s hot that pan is heated so he’s just constantly moving
it and making sure it doesn’t stick getting that sugar syrup all through it
and look how beautiful it looks so you got some cream on top really nice and
hot oh it’s swimming in that sugar syrup Oh yum oh really good sweetness the bread has taken on the the flavour of the ghee as it’s been fried so it’s got a
butteriness but then because there’s so much sugar syrup amongst the dish and
being poured over it now there’s this buttery and sweetness you’ve got these clashing
flavors and it’s so good and that cream on top just adds a whole other
dimension and so does this dried fruit I’m not actually sure what that red
dried fruit is but adds a nice tanginess to the dish I’ve just asked the guy what
the fruit is and he said it’s cherry so that’s why I’m getting that real um
sort of a tanginess from it and there’s really big pieces oh it’s um perfectly put together
so it’s got some spices in there as well so everything going on in there
is really great it’s just a perfect combination and I really love the
stand it looks so beautiful sitting here with all the red bits on top and
the white cream in there very pretty to look at as well what a thing to have this
real prettiness in amongst all the chaos they go together really well it’s

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