Indian Street Food Hunt- 56 STREET FOOD STALLS on ONE Street! HUGE street food hunt Indore, India

Indian Street Food Hunt- 56 STREET FOOD STALLS on ONE Street! HUGE street food hunt Indore, India

we’re an Indore, India and this street
behind me has 56 street food stalls in it, so we’re going on a massive street
food hunt today we’re starting first thing in the morning and this is going
to go right through to the night time Indore is one of India’s street food
capitals, this video is part of our huge India series and we’re exploring Chappan Dukan a street food paradise made up of 56 food stalls to hunt down Indore’s most
delicious street food, there is so much incredible food coming up so make sure
you watch right to the end of this video I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re
Chasing a Plate, we hope you’re hungry let’s eat! this street, Chappan Dukan is really quiet in the morning but as the day goes on, it progressively gets busier and busier
until it is crazy at night we’ve come super early to try the famous Indore
breakfast of poha let’s go grab a plate this is the famous breakfast dish of
Indore this is poha so poha is flattened spiced rice so you
can see those yellow bits there that’s the rice and then we’ve got a whole
mixture of things added to it so we’ve got some raw red onion, some coriander,
sev which are these crispy chickpea noodles and there’s some rice crispies
also and then the guy just chucked a bunch of masala over the top so some spice, so let’s give it a mix up and then give it a taste Wow it is actually really sweet, so the
rice is very pillowy and it’s very light and airy, there’s a hint of mustard seeds
in there but overall the flavor is really sweet and you’ve got the hint of
zing from the red onion, the coriander is quite bright and flavorsome, it’s really
yellow in color so maybe turmeric has been cooked in with it and there’s a
bunch of spices in there so there’s mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds they
all add so much flavor mmmmm, it’s so delicious it’s really light and airy and it’s got
great texture, so the sev is really crunchy as are those rice bubbles or rice
crispies and you’ve got the crunch from the onions which add a really sharp
flavor and then that coriander is very vibrant as well, this is so good we’ve popped to another stall for our
next breakfast snack and this is khaman which is basically a cake but it’s
chickpea flour so it’s a chickpea flour sort of soaked in water and then baked
so you can see it has a really, almost sponge like cake texture and then on top
of it he dumped a bunch of green chutney it looked like maybe some, some tamarind
chutney as well so this red one there’s a lot of coriander, there’s a ton of
mustard seeds in the, in the cake there look at that wow and then it’s got sev
which are these crispy little chickpea noodles on top and these look so good
which are deep fried chillies, so not battered or anything just thrown in the hot
oil so gonna be hopefully a little bit crispy let’s rip into this, oh look how moist
it is, oh that’s amazing all right Wow that’s incredible, so it’s quite sweet and it’s so moist, there’s so much liquid in that cake, it’s just, there’s so much
liquid look at that you can see it when I push it with my spoon the liquids just
pulsing out of it and that’s like sweet and kind of sour so I think that’s that
tamarind dark brown water I saw him put on, now look at this one I’ve got a
couple of those deep-fried chillies and there’s some seeds in there so it should
be nice and spicy ohhhh, ohhhh that is good whoa here it comes, okay there’s some real
chilli heat there, it took a while to kick in oh that’s so good you got all that sweet
liquid inside, the fresh coriander consider gives it a really nice sort of bitterness
whoa yeah those are spicy, whoa they’ve got me in the back of the throat now, ohhhhh ooooo okay those are really really good
they weren’t crispy on the outside but they’re just beautifully softened they have
not been put in the oil for long those chillies, so they’ve still got a bit of crunch and boy, boy oh boy whoa do they start to sing, they’re right in the back of my throat now oh my god I want to to rip into this end bit because it’s got all these mustard seeds a bunch of coriander, the crunchy sev on top, looks
like the perfect mouthful Wow, oh the cake itself isn’t overly flavorsome it’s just a really good
vessel for the, the chutneys that were on top, the coriander, the fresh coriander
and boy oh boy those chillies kicked a lot, I’m still
burning in my mouth from that mouthful before, this is another incredibly good
breakfast snack that’s the breakfast snacking done, we always put the details
down below in the YouTube description box of where we’re eating so you can
check them out now we are going to go off have a bit of a rest and we’re
coming back this afternoon for the afternoon and evening snacks on this
incredible food street you can always trust a crowd when you’re looking for street food so I’m gonna pop over to this really busy stand over here and get
an egg roll which they call an egg benjo this is a really famous street stand here
in Indore it’s called Johny Hot Dog so this is the egg benjo so it’s a
really nicely toasted soft white bun which feels really oily and then and on
the inside so this egg omelette is really fluffy looking and it’s a masala
omelette so you can see the little flecks of red which are the spices in
there and maybe some chilli and then all of that green is coriander so there is a
lot of coriander in there and then we have it looks like some tomato sauce, a green
chutney and a whole lot of freshly, thinly sliced, red onion so I’m gonna
peel that apart, dump a whole lot of the red onion on it and then give it
a dunk into this green chutney oh it’s really really hot that egg whoa, wow for something really simple that packs a tonne of flavor, so that omelette is packed with flavor, all those spices in there and the coriander and I love the crunch of that
onion, let’s dip it in the tomato sauce cause how classic a combo is that, white bread,
egg and tomato sauce, ohhhh ohhh man, it’s really good, I’ve got to go for one just like
super bite so I’ve got this one side left let’s get some big crunchy bits of
red onion I want to go through the chutney and the tomato sauce oh yeah oh yea, that is amazing I think there’s some
coriander in the chutney as well so when you add that coriander chutney with the
fresh coriander that’s in the omelette, really bursts with flavor, that is so good, I love standing on the street with your little stainless steel plate, crowd of
people and they are just churning out these burgers and they only do about four or five different
versions and this is the only egg one so there’s not much coming out of this
little stand but this is a really, really good street snack there are 56 shops lining this street so this is the place to come if you want a street
food snack in Indore there is so much choice, let’s go and grab our next snack the stall behind me is churning out piles and piles of golden, delicious patties so this is the khopra patties which is a coconut
patty and it’s a deep-fried ball of goodness so let’s crack this baby open
and see what is inside ohhh okay so we’ve got potato and it’s
covering this delicious looking desiccated coconut, spiced mixture and
it’s all wallowing in heaps of green chutney and brown chutney the brown
chutney is most probably tamarind and the green is probably a mixture of
coriander and mint, let’s just try this thing ohhhh yea, that is so good, you crunch through through the really crispy deep-fried shell of the potato, the potato
inside is really creamy and smooth and then you’ve got that hit of coconut, it’s
really spicy so in chilli heat and then you’ve got a really strong taste of cumin seeds, that’s so good that coconut mixture is so tasty and
I’ve also spotted a golden sultana in there as well, let’s grab another bite Wow, it’s a burst of flavour, the chutneys are really sweet have a hint of spice and then that coconut
mixture has got such a great texture, so you’ve got the crunch of the outer shell of
that potato, the smooth creamy potato and then like that texture of the
coconut which is just really vibrant and full of flavor, that is so good time for our next snack
and I’ve seen this place here with these giant tawas or hot plates that are
cooking up bits of roti which are then being filled with fillings to make rolls
so I really want a chicken roll I’ve ordered a chicken kathi roll and
this looks so crispy so he made like a roti, took like a very simple piece of
dough put it on the huge tawa or the hot plate and then loaded it up with ghee
and it just started bubbling away and it is super crispy, let’s just see if we can
hear this crackle oh I don’t know if you can hear that but it is super
crispy and then inside it’s got a rich red looking chicken mixture, a bunch of
red onions and actually some mayonnaise and some I think tomato sauce whoa oh that roti is nuts it’s actually really dry even though it was
cooked in so much ghee it’s dry and crispy and flaky, it’s a little bit
aerated so it’s just got levels of crispness and then the inside you can
see the chicken, now it’s got some mayonnaise in there that was actually a
little bit too sweet for my liking but the chicken with its spice mixture sauce
and the red onions that you can see there were really good, super tangy, just take
another big bite mmm, ohhhhhh oh it’s really good, it’s really simple quick snack, it’s quite small you just wolf it down really easily like
I said mayonnaise isn’t totally to my liking in this it’s a bit sweet versus
the other flavors but it is still a really good snack and has a really good
little chilli spice it’s time for some more chaat, the khopra patties or the coconut patties that we had before was so good, that we’re gonna
go and try their pea patties, let’s go and grab one this is the pea patties and it is the same
sort of look as the khopra patties or the coconut patties just a slightly
different shape and this has come straight from that hot oil, it was so neat watching the chefs at work they’re just whipping all of those patties
and kachoris in and out of that hot oil it’s bubbling away, there’s so much heat
coming from those big woks and this looks absolutely mouthwatering so as you can see
it’s swimming in a puddle of that chutney again so both the green chutney
and also that brown chutney that you can see there let’s open it up and see if it
looks any different to the one that we had before, all right whoa okay so it’s the
same sort of potato mixture there’s obviously peas in there, a ton of fennel seeds and
some other spices let’s grab a big mouthful I can also see a raisin in there
like that last one Wow this one has got a tonne more flavour than the last one, the other one was a beautiful flavour but it was more subtle this one just packs a punch it’s got a really spicy chilli hit, those fennel seeds just pop in your mouth, it’s very very spicy and savoury and then that green chutney there must be mint and coriander in there cause those are really flavoursome and strong as well there is so much going on in this patties so I’m
gonna poke around a bit because I can see all sorts of things so there’s some
coriander there’s even a pomegranate seed in there
then also the sultana and all those fennel seeds, let’s go for another bite it just pops in your mouth there is so
much texture, so the pomegranate seeds pop the pop from the fennel seeds, got the
crunch from the outer crispy potato shell and then the inside of that
patties is really smooth and creamy and then you’ve got all those hits of
flavor, this is so tasty we’ve been filming this video over the
whole day so this street has everything from breakfast all the way through to
late night snacks now that night has fallen it’s time for some sweet treats and
India is super famous for its dessert so let’s go get something sweet we’ve got our little box of Indian sweets
here and I cannot tell you how hard it was to make a decision they were
countless varieties and they all looked so beautiful, so we’ve got milk cake here
let’s get these out of the way and I’ll show you what’s underneath, these gorgeous
looking ones here with the edible silver leaf on top this one is the kaju kalash
and then these long little logs here are kaju punch, they look so beautiful I’m
gonna go for this kaju kalash this round one here so kaju is cashew and
so I assume it’s like a type of cashew paste and then it’s been just covered with
edible silver leaf and then there’s a little bit of food coloring around the
silver leaf and then a little pistachio that’s sticking out the top mmmm wow, that’s beautiful, it’s like a sweet cashew paste, there’s pistachio on the inside as well it almost has the texture of marzipan, it’s just a really nice sweet, creamy treat with a great nutty flavor these sweets are so beautiful I want to try the kaju punch so cashew
nut once again it’s got a little piece of pista or pistachio there in the top
got the food coloring again and also covered in that beautiful silver sheet
you can actually see the silver where it’s been laid over and wrapped right around
that log whoa wow really strong taste of cashew again
it actually had a big chunk of cashew right in the center that is beautiful
it’s not actually too sweet I thought it was gonna be mentally sweet cause
often sweets here in India are very, very sweet but that’s not, it’s quite placid, it’s a
beautiful, beautiful way to end, it rounds everything out really nicely finishing up with these little bits of milk cake, now that was an awesome food
hunting day just full-on food hunting there’s so much good food on this one
little street, remember to hit that subscribe button, we’ve got a ton of food
videos to come from India we really hope you enjoyed this one thank you so much
for watching hit that thumbs up button if you enjoyed this video and if you want to support more Chasing a Plate content check out our Patreon page we’ll see you next time, alvida, alvida

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