Indian Street Food KOLKATA | Street food fit for a KING in huge Kolkata market |Street food in India

Indian Street Food KOLKATA | Street food fit for a KING in huge Kolkata market |Street food in India

we’re in Kolkata, India this place has a
crazy amount of street food so we’re so happy to be filming here we have got a bunch of street food gems lined up to share with you the streets of Kolkata throb with a frenetic energy the city is exciting
relentless and a wonderland for people who are passionate about eating this is
our first video from Kolkata and we’re eating some of the city’s tastiest food
we take you into the heart of one of India’s largest markets and share with you
some of its best street food watch out for a mouth-watering vegetable mash
cooked on a giant skillet served with buttery toasted buns and a street food
legend who churns out hundreds of cheesy lentil pancakes a day to hungry locals
we take you inside a Kolkata institution for spicy samosas and the king of street
snacks and sip on the nation’s favorite drink at one of Kolkata’s beloved tea
stalls in this India series we’ll show you some of the country’s most delicious
food from off the beaten path street food to iconic dishes you don’t want to
miss this series get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry
let’s eat we are so pumped to be in Kolkata
India now the people of Kolkata are fanatic about street food and there’s
literally street food everywhere in the city the second you step out your door
you’re assailed with delicious smells we are starting this video in the heart of
Burrabazaar which is the largest wholesale market in the city this place is mad
in the best possible way and right in the thick of it there is some amazing
food so let’s go and eat it is the best possible sort of madness here in
the market so many goods being moved all around it’s a crazy place to be but
we’ve spied our first street food just up here right on the main road let’s go
grab our first little snack to get us started for today our first street
food is something I love to eat when we’re in India it’s called pav bhaji and you can see
we’re in front of like a whole lineup of street food stalls this place is crazy
there’s so much color so there’s all sorts of um sort of fabric shops and
our places selling sarees and whatnot and then this whole lineup of street food
vendors so this here is pav bhaji it’s made up of a vegetable smooosh really so mashed up vegetables
and it’s served with a buttered roll and if you come closer I think we might just quickly nab this seat here shuphu shondha dhonnobad what’s really cool is this giant tava or like this round skillet
on which the gentleman is mashing up the vegetables so you can see he’s got a huge
lineup of all the different vegetables there’s tomatoes, there’s cabbage there’s coriander capsicum and whatnot and he’s just using the spatula and smooshing all of the vegetables up into sort of a thick sort of stew or paste ek pao bhaji yes dhonnobad so we just ordered one pao bhaji and
what he’s gonna do is just scoop up that vegetable stew and pop it in a little
leaf bowl you can see oh gosh the smell is insane it smells beautiful wow dhonnobad okay so
this is it right here so a whole bowl of the bhaji oh perfect
oh and my pao dhonnobad so I’ve got my vegetable smoosh and then also the pao which is
the buttered rolls and they are soft as anything the smell of this is insane this atmosphere is awesome I love street side eating in India because it’s so intense
there are horns honking there’s the clanging from the cooking the smells are
crazy and there’s constantly people walking past it’s really frenetic oh dhonnobad so this here is the pav bhaji and I can’t wait to get into it so this is the
bhaji here the the vegetable smoosh I like to call it so it’s just mashed up
vegetables with a tonne of spices they put a pat of butter on top and
then he added some coriander and and also some raw red onion on there as well and
how cute are these little leaf bowls that they’re served in great for the
environment and then it comes with the pao so these warm battered buns what he did
was he he soaked them in butter and in ghee on that skillet and so that’s
why they’re really yellow there so what I’m going to do is just grab this pao
and just dunk it in that bhaji oh my goodness all right oh my gosh that has got so much flavor
so it’s all vegetables a ton of spice it’s got a really nice kick of heat and you
can really taste the turmeric and the ginger and the garlic in there
this bhaji is insane so it’s packed full of vegetables so if you come up here you
can see all of the the vegetables so this is the sort of pre smooshed mash so we’ve got peas, we’ve got potato, it’s got capsicum here, tomato there’s some cabbage and whatnot and then what he does he pushes that into the
center of the tava and then he mashes it so he’s got this big sort of circular
mash and he just mashes it up mashes all of those vegetables up in that in that ghee and the result is just phenomenal let’s go for another bite
all right okay the bun is super soft a little bit
crispy from that butter and then the bhaji has got so much flavour I love the
red onions because they add a little bit of tanginess it’s so good
absolutely delicious so very conveniently right next door to the pao bhaji street food stall is a chilla stall which we’re very excited to try so chillas are
like a pancake made out of moong dal or lentils and this guy is really famous
for making his chillas he does like hundreds a day and he’s
super popular so ek chilla dhonnobad it’s really neat he’s got these little skillets on top of a couple of burners and what he does he’s got his batter here which has got um I can see all sorts of spices so it’s a dal batter and then he adds a cupful of that on to the
skillet spreads it out sort of like you would do with a crepe or a pancake and then he adds some
onion some tomato and then the guy just passed me a little bowlful of chutneys wow dhonnobad it looks delicious so I just got handed my chilla and what
he did at the end was he grated some cheese into the middle flipped it
shut and then cut it in half it smells so good how good are these street
food stalls here in India so where we just were is right here beside me and
now we’re here so it is all action on the streets here in India I love it I
just love watching the food getting prepared the smells in the air it is
crazy good and this looks like an awesome little meal so let’s just rip right on in
whoa she’s hot she’s really hot I want to have a look inside there can I peel it no
no peeling to be done so let’s just dunk away so this green one will be a
coriander chutney and maybe a maybe a coconut chutney the other one that is absolutely flavortown wow
what I’m getting a lot is that cheese so I’m gonna rip a bit more off
oh look at this so you can really see inside there now so the onions are cooked down
so they’re all soft got that beautiful fresh tomato there the coriander and
you can just see the little bits of cheese all through there get it in that
chutney oh it’s super hot thank you some more chutney he knows I’m loving it it’s it’s a bit soft and creamy from that little bit of cheese it’s got
an amazing level of spice the the pancake itself is very aerated so it’s
incredibly soft the balance in that is perfect
let’s grab some more off I want to try this red chutney just by itself because
I think it’s packed with flavor but I’ve only had it combo’d up with that
coriander chutney that has so much flavor it’s chillies
so the base of it is chilli incredibly strong with garlic so it’s basically a garlic
and chilli chutney and so you’ve got two very bold flavors and man do they come
through this is unreal it doesn’t look like much I must say when it’s all
folded up because you can only see the the outside the cooked bit of that that
pancake but man alive absolute flavor sensation that was a seriously impressive street
food so look at the madness around it’s always so hard to show on camera but we’re sort of
a shoulder to shoulder with everyone churning out some of the best street food I’ve ever eaten that was unreal this market area is absolute madness it’s
a feast for the senses and the eyes there’s so much going on believe it or
not we’re in an incredibly quiet street at the moment and there’s just crazy stuff
everywhere people carrying everything on their heads this is a pretty major road
actually this one’s pretty busy we’ve got a motorbike coming through tuk tuks
everywhere it is just coming up to the late afternoon here now so it’s really
really picking up with foot traffic it is absolutely and utterly amazing but
our next street food is just up the road so we’ll fight our way through the crowd
have a great time doing it and get our next street food our next street food is at this place here and
what’s really great about this spot is that all of the cooks are lined up
cooking up all the different snacks so you can see what’s on offer
but what we have to do is line up and grab a coupon first and pay let’s get
into the queue shupu shondha ek singara dhonnobad alright so we’ve paid for one
singara which is a samosa these guys do amazing samosas and I think
right there is the samosa counter so let’s go and hand in our ticket so I’ve got
my singara in hand so the samosa and it’s drenched in a tamarind chutney but
what I really love about this restaurant is they serve a whole number of different
snacks and what you do is you go and pay for your snack you get your receipt and
then you come up and you hand it to the chef who is cooking up that particular snack there’s all sorts of stuff being fried up here it looks so delicious shupu shondha smells so good they’ve got big smiles on their faces we’re really lucky cause the guys have let us back into the kitchen and we can watch them making
the singara so you see the whole tray of singara they’re so beautiful
what they’re doing is they’re taking the dough rolling it out the dough’s very
soft and then forming like a little pouch and then stuffing it full of the
potato mixture so you can see there’s a big basket there full of that potato
mixture they’re popping it into the dough and then sealing it up and then up the back is a guy
with a giant wok oh thank you so much dhonnobad they’re telling us to get
right in there so there’s a huge wok full of, is it full of ghee? Yea full of desi ghee, full of desi ghee so ghee is a type of clarified butter this place is really famous for using Desi Ghee for
all of its chaat or its snacks so the singaras go
straight into the hot hot ghee and get fried up until they’re really crispy they’ve got trays and trays of them and they’re so perfect they all look identical wow we’ve
got to get into this though let’s just stand over here so you can see this
samosa served in this little leaf bowl again and then you’ve got this drenching
of tamarind chutney and I just had a taste of the chutney it’s super sweet
and a little bit tangy what I want to do is just break into this singara and show
you what’s on the inside can I get that open all right look at that so it’s
got a spiced potato mixture on the inside and it’s dark because they’ve
mixed the potato with a ton of garam masala spice it smells absolutely
heavenly and I can see some peas in there as well oh that is good it’s so good the the
pastry is actually very dry so in a good way it’s not oily or stodgy it’s very crispy and flaky and then that spiced potato
mix is insane I can’t get enough of this tamarind chutney it’s very fruity it’s
sweet it’s got spice so like clove and maybe cinnamon or cardamom
it tastes like a spiced pie especially with the pastry of the singara this is such a good snack we’ve got our ticket for one more chaat
and that is a raj kachori, raj kachori is made up of a crispy giant wheat dough
ball it’s got potatoes it’s got dahi which is watered-down yogurt it’s got all sorts of delicious things inside
we’re gonna grab it from this little window or stall here so these guys are
gonna gonna make it up for us ek raj kachori dhonnobad wow shu-shadu dhonnobad this Raj Kachori is crazy big I want to
try to give you a indication so there’s there’s my index finger and thumb so you
can see how large this thing is and raj is a word you might recognize so
Raj is like the sultan or the king so this is the King Kachori and it’s huge
I love the little stand like Sheena has been showing you the different windows
for different dishes so it’s just this window for this dish and I love watching
it get made because a ton of stuff goes in here let’s rip into it and I’ll sort of
show you what’s in here so you’ve got the the ball on the outside which is a
wheat ball and when they deep-fry it it just puffs up into this giant ball he did
whoaaaa it’s cracking open he then cracked a hole in the top and filled it
with stuff so there were some dry ingredients there was some potato I’ll
try and dig some out so you can see bits of potato in there down here there’s some I’ll try and get some for you some chickpeas and some little mung beans some little
green mung beans in there and then covered in the white stuff is yogurt so
you’ve got sort of a very thin yogurt or a curd all over that there was chutneys
in there I saw a green and a brown chutney so a coriander chutney and a
tamarind chutney you’ve got fresh coriander the green you’ve got these
little chickpea noodles which are called sev you’ve got a tonne of spice powders
he had a tray of a probably a good eight nine ten different spices put all over
the top and the smell of those absolutely unreal but let’s crack into
this I just wanna break it open you can see it’s getting all soft from that
yogurt so it cracks apart very very easily some potato ohhhh ohh man it’s so good crazy amount of textures you’ve got creamy
potatoes you’ve got the crunchiness of the the puri the the big ball on the
outside there’s other little deep-fried sort of wheat chips in there as well so they’re super crunchy chickpeas are soft that yogurt look at that curd it’s so
creamy break some more off oh look at that bit of everything tangy from the tamarind chutney spicy
from all the spices it’s got a good amount of salt
it’s got freshness unreal and I’m so glad it’s this big cause we’re easily going to
devour it we’ve come across town for our next
snack this one’s a drink a chai so chai stands you’ll find all over
Kolkata there’s so many chai stands but this place is a very special chai stand
they do a saffron chai so chai is a tea so saffron tea this is a very special
place while we’re not in the market anymore you can probably hear all the
tooting it is still utter chaos around this part of town too lets go get a chai I’m so ready for a chai let’s go and put in our order what I really love actually
about this tea stall is that it’s so pokey now with tea stalls in Kolkata
they often serve snacks and they make the snacks on-site so if you can peer
beneath the legs of these guys there are a couple of guys in there actually
rolling the dough for the puri which they’re then frying in that big vat of
oil there and then they’ve got all the snacks in front here so there’s the guys underneath making the snacks and then there’s a chai-wallah who is pulling the tea preparing the tea and then the other
guy is taking the orders and being the cashier so it’s all go it’s really frenetic everyone’s excited to get into their snacks and their tea shupu shondha, kemon achen, malo, good! ek kesar chai and one normal chai okay dhonnobad all right so I’ve popped in an order for
a kesar chai so a safrron tea let’s go round over there and just wait for the
chai to be delivered dhonnobad perfect so good all right oh gosh these are so hot check out my kesar chai so this is
my saffron tea what I love most about the tea stalls is watching them prepare
it I could watch them for hours so the chai wallah up the back here he’s
got his huge pot of tea which he’s brewing up and in the pot is the the
tea the milk the water the sugar and of course spices so a ton of spices
go into the chai and we’ve ordered this saffron one so it comes sprinkled with
saffron so it’s all frothy because what he does is he lets the tea brew and
then he pulls the tea so he pours it from a great height from one pot to the
next he strains it of all those spices and then it goes into these cups let’s give
it a taste oh that is so delicious creamy sweet milky very
strong and the saffron has got a really floral flavor what I love about
drinking tea here in Kolkata is the fact that they use these traditional
clay cups basically everywhere every tea stall in the city uses these
traditional clay cups clay cups they buy them from communities of potters
who take clay from the Ganges make the clay cups then sell them to the tea
stalls and they say that I make the tea taste really good oh I’ve got to agree
with them so delicious

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