Instant Pot CHICKEN ALFREDO | Healthy One Pot Meal – 30 Minutes

Instant Pot CHICKEN ALFREDO | Healthy One Pot Meal – 30 Minutes

– Hi guys, my name is Elina, and this is my healthy instant
pot recipes YouTube channel. Every Friday we post new recipe, and today we have a guest. This is my friend, Joy, and Joy is new to pressure cooking. We just did the video we showed
her how to use instant pot, and now she asks, “Well, Elina, show me how to
make one pot meal, dinner, healthy, that three of my kids will like.” – Yeah, and that’s easy
and fast and convenient. – After work. – After work. – Simple ingredients. – Spend more time with my
kids, less time cooking. – There you go. We’re gonna make it legal. We are making, yes right, did they say what we’re making?
– What are we making? – Healthy chicken Alfredo. – [Joy] Healthy chicken Alfredo. – [Elina] Without a cup of whipped cream. – [Joy] I love whipped cream. – Or whipping cream. what’s the difference? – Okay, okay, okay,
it’s better for your… – Yes, and it’s still going to be creamy, and cheesy, and delicious
(mmm’ing strongly) – Okay, I’m excited, let’s do it.
– And legal. I’m already hungry. – Okay, let’s do it. (upbeat Latin music) – Hi, guys. Hey, guys. Hey, guys. (upbeat Latin music) – Alright, so let’s do it. Open the pot. – [Joy] Got it, and what? – And we’re gonna cut the
chicken into one, two inch cubes, and I use scissors, ’cause busy moms don’t
have time to dirty another, what do you call it… – [Joy] Knife. – [Elina] knife and cutting board. – [Joy] You just cut it into there? – [Elina] Yeah! And the good thing is, see like my chicken is cut frozen, and it doesn’t matter. (contemporary music) – Well sometimes you might
have a finger in there. So, now were gonna add pasta. – Chicken, pasta. – Yeah, and I’m using
whole wheat linguini, but you can use fettuccine. You can even use spaghetti. You can use white pasta, but whole wheat is healthier. More fiber. – Okay. – Yeah. – This is enough for? How many servings? – I would say it’s like six. – Six servings. – Six servings, yeah. And you can cook more. You can double the recipe or you can one and a
half times the recipe. – Okay.
– So, this is how you cook pasta in instant pot. So you break it in half, and you wanna layer it cross, crisscross. So it doesn’t stick. So just break it. I’m gonna show. Just kind of like go like this. – [Joy] You work out, right? – [Elina] Yeah, no I don’t. I don’t.
– [Joy] That’s how you break so many. – [Elina] Yeah, there you go. You do it.
– Maybe Alex should do it. – [Elina] Wow, you did it all. Yeah, just crisscross, and just kind of like, yeah spread it. – [Joy] Crisscross.
– [Elina] And the other. Yeah, and spread it. Okay. (clattering) – [Joy] Okay, next?
– [Elina] Okay. So now we’re gonna add like
about one tablespoon of oil. – [Joy] What kind of oil? – [Elina] This is avocado oil, but you can do olive oil. – [Joy] This is how much, one? – [Elina] One tablespoon. And once you add the stock, the oil will get mixed with, and, kind of like help it not to… – Stick?
– Stick. Yeah. And, here it’s like a veggie stock, and I usually dilute, like I buy organic bouillon cubes, and I dilute it in hot water. Yeah, so just for… – [Joy] So, it can be a
chicken broth or a veggie anything kind of…
– [Elina] Anything. Yeah. Could be water, yeah. Just pour it on top. And then we’re gonna add half
teaspoon salt, and pepper. – I like lots of pepper. – Me too. – [Joy] Really?
– [Elina] Yes. – [Joy] That’s why
we’re such good friends. – [Elina] Yeah. Okay. And now… you don’t stir. That’s the trick. Yeah, with instant pot most of the things you do
not stir 95% of the time. It’s gonna cook, because many
times it could cause burn, if you use tomato product, because the heating element.
– On the bottom. – On the bottom it starts to caramelize, so it’s better not to stir. – So, there’s a certain… – Yeah. Easy.
– way to layer it. – Yes! Oh my gosh, you’re so smart. – Natural. – Yeah, usually it’s meat, and then veggies, and starch.
– Good teacher. – So, you want to put the lid on. – You do it. – [Elina] And turn it to stewing.
– [Joy] This is very important I heard.
– [Elina] Yes. So, now you press manual. Or pressure cook if you have dual, and press minus to eight minutes. (beeping)
– [Joy] That’s it, eight minutes? – [Elina] That’s it. – [Joy] With the chicken? – [Elina] With the chicken. – [Joy] And?
– [Elina] And, that’s it. It’s gonna start on its own. You will see on. – [Joy] Oh, there it is.
– [Elina] There it is. You will see on, and then the heating
element at the bottom will start warming up the food, and then of it’s gonna come to pressure. Then it’s gonna pause, it’s gonna seal. The display is gonna say eight minutes. After. – [Joy] After it turns on? – [Elina] Exactly, and
its gonna start count down from eight minutes down to nothing. And then we’re gonna do quick release. Release the pressure, and
finish it with some sauce. So, now we’re gonna release the pressure using the quick release method. Basically, turning valve to venting right away after cooking. – Okay. Ready? (steam depressurizing) – Yay! – Okay, it’s fine. – It’s fine, look. Yeah. As long as you don’t go like this. – [Joy] Or like this?
– [Elina] Or like this? You just move it with your
finger, and it’s fine. So, this is gonna take
– [Joy] Smells good. – [Elina] about a couple of minutes. – [Joy] Oh, smells so good. – [Elina] Now, we are
ready to stir the pot. – I’m excited. – K’, open it. – [Joy] Okay, I had a
lesson in this already. It’s simple? – [Elina] Yeah, follow the arrows. – Turn. – And just move it this
way, away from the steam. (contemporary music) So now we can stir it. (contemporary music) K’, because I used chicken thighs, they have more liquid
than chicken breasts. So, I’m not gonna use two cups of milk. I would use one. You take two tablespoons of cornstarch. You always want to add
cornstarch to cold liquid. Now, stir it with the fork. Because, if you use hot liquid or you add cornstarch right here, it’s gonna lump right away. Yeah, and now you pour it in the… – [Joy] So, let’s really get in there. – [Elina] Yes. I think you’re good.
– [Joy] Okay. – [Elina] Yeah.
– [Joy] Okay. – Go for it. Yeah. Yeah, just dump it all. Yeah, okay. And now half a cup of freshly
grated Parmesan cheese, not from a shaker.
– [Joy] Real cheese. – [Elina] Yes, real cheese. No wood cellulose. – [Joy] That’s what that is? – [Elina] That’s what they
add to the shaker to make the grated cheese separated. – [Joy] Oh, we just bought some. – [Elina] Okay, return it. – [Joy] Okay. – Yeah. And garlic. And you can actually, look, you
can place it so it’s steady. And once you have a little
piece left, just dump it there. So it adds that, (mmm’ing), you know, that Alfredo has.
– Everything. You need garlic. – [Elina] You seal everything with garlic. And now as Joy was saying, they
call it in her house, what? – To make it legal, we add
our (laughing) vegetables. – For the kids. Yeah.
– Yeah – Three cups of frozen peas. You don’t have to defrost ’em, nothing. So, people are asking if
they need to cook peas. Well, they’re already cooked, maybe, but you can eat peas raw. They’re just frozen.
– They’ll cook fast. – Yeah, so now stir. (contemporary music) – Hey. – Yeah. Oh my gosh that looks good. So, see how it’s a little bit liquidy now? – [Joy] Yep. – [Elina] So we want to close the lid, and let it sit for five
minutes to become flavorful, and pasta soak up more flavors, and it’s gonna be more thick, and it’s gonna amazing. – So you don’t have to turn
anything on or heat it up, it’s already kind of hot? – Well, it’s already kind of hot. – [Joy] Just like, the lid? – [Elina] Yeah, and just
give it five minutes. – Can’t wait five minutes. I’m so hungry. – So, after five minutes. Be serious, we’re gonna
eat some pasta now. – I know, I’m getting delirious. – [Elina] So, if you
find you want it thicker. Oh my gosh, that looks good. You just press saute, and
let it bubble for one minute, and that cornstarch is gonna sicken it. (laughs) Not sicken, thicken.
– Thicken it. It won’t sicken it. (laughing) – We’re gonna do that now. It’s okay, English is my… second language. So, yeah, actually left
sauteing for a couple of minutes does thicken it. Let’s stir it with tongs. – Oh, let’s stir it, let’s stir it. – Yeah, and I think
– I was just watching it, and thinking about eating
it, I got distracted. So, here’s a question. – Yeah
– Can you over saute it so that the bottom starts sticking? – Yeah, well you just use
your logic, use your eyes, use your pretty eyes
– Your brain. Use your brain.
– to see if it’s thick you stop. – [Joy] Yeah, it’s starting to get hot. – [Elina] Okay, that’s
it, you press cancel. Now, we can eat. You gonna serve it?
(Joy sighs) So, now you’re gonna practice
to see how tongs work with spaghetti better than a spoon. – A wooden spoon. That’s all.
– Do you want a spoon? – Filipinos only use wooden spoons. – K’, so.
– Get ready. – That’s for you. So make sure to grab some
legal peas and chicken. (contemporary music) Blow. (blowing) Ooh, yours looks beautiful. – It’s pretty hot coming out of the pot. (Elina mmm’ing) – Is it good?
– Oh my god. You’re, oh my god… – It’s so good. – (sighs) isn’t good? (wavering voice) – I have to close my eyes to eat. – Oh my gosh. – Mmm, and you know what? The pasta’s cooked well, al dente. It’s not overcooked. – And are you missing
that cup of heavy cream? – No. It is creamy and delicious. – And delicious garlicky. Cheesy. Like look, beautiful. So, how good is this, and easy?
– You have to try this recipe, it’s delicious. – Wasn’t it easy? – It was super easy. – Right?! And everything is in one pot. So, that’s it, I hope you guys take your
instant pot out of the box, watch YouTube channel, iFoodreal. I have lots of videos showing you how to do that,
– Legit – and clean, easy recipes. Honestly, you have to stop being scared. And subscribe to our channel, and hit like, and there, and there. Bye.
– Bye. – Bye, thanks Joy. – This should be wine. (Elina mhmm’ing)
Cheers – Cheers, I know. Wine, I know. (contemporary music)

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  1. I love your friends shirt. My insta pot is en route to me. I have a lot to learn. Thank you for these recipes. I think my first dish will be beans and ham hocks lol

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