hey what's up everyone Derek here from simin Nutrition thanks for joining me in my kitchen for another video today I just want to make this quick little video talking to you guys a bit about my instant pot so if you follow me on Instagram or you watch me stories or anything like that you will know that I use it quite a bit and whenever I post anything that I make in here I always get a bunch of questions what's the recipe for that what settings do you use is it worth it are they healthy to cook with so today I hope to answer those questions and give you guys some ideas on what you can cook in your zapata if you have one and if you're on the fence about getting one maybe this video will help you to decide so just before we start I want to make it clear that this is not a sponsored video instant pot did not pay me or it's not reached out to me to talk about it or anything like that I bought it on my own money and this is just simply my own impressions of it so the first thing I want to address is that in spite its name instant pot it is not instantaneous like I think a better name for it would be like your food's gonna be ready and just short of an hour pot or something like that because when I got it I thought it was gonna be like instant I thought I was gonna make rice in like 5 or 10 minutes or whatever and you see that you're like you see that it cooks beans in like 12 minutes but it doesn't take into account the time that it takes to heat up and build pressure and then the time after that where it takes to like release pressure I can cool down or whatever so it doesn't take all that long and the nice thing about it is it is really convenient so you can just like set it and then walk away and you don't have to worry about foods like burning or anything like that so it is really nice but it is definitely not instantaneous so I'm sure most of you guys that are watching this channel already know what it is but for those of you that don't know what the instant pot is it's basically like a pressure cooker however it's not really like the sketchy old pressure cooker your grandma needs to have that looks like you know like blow up this is a lot different than that it's really easy to use and it has like a lot more features I think at least I don't know I never had a pressure cooker so there's definitely like a lot of buttons on here and a lot of features and a lot of them I don't use so don't be intimidated by all the features that it has on it but it does do a lot of different things it can be a pressure cooker a slow cooker a rice cooker yogurt maker saute and searing pan steamer and a warming pot and it's all in one there's definitely sounds like an infomercial doesn't it but the most important thing for me is that it makes cooking things like beans rice and legumes really easy and really quick and you don't even have to like soak them first which is awesome so the one that I have is the instant pot mini duo seven in one and it's one of the smallest ones they have I think it is the smallest one I kind of wish that we got a bigger one now however we didn't know how much we would use it when we first got it and for like a person or two I think this one's probably an okay size but if you have a family of four or whatever you're a big eater you want a meal prep in like large batches you probably want to get a bigger one than the mini but one thing that I really like about it is that the cooking surface is made of stainless steel so rather than using some like nonstick surface that will get like scratched up over time and start leaching into your food yeah this one's totally stainless which is really nice I can be a little bit habitual in my cooking and with the instant pot it's a no exception I do tend to cook the same type of meals in this but the formula that I kind of have created works really well and I enjoy it so I don't see anything wrong with it and I'll show you an example in just a minute of something I made the other night but basically what I do is like I'll just add some sort of like carbohydrate with the protein so like rice with lentils or maybe some potatoes with some beans or something like that and then I'll just chop up a bunch of veggies that I know can take the heat corn and carrots are a couple of good ones add that into the instant pot and then I'll usually use like some veggie stock or I'll just use water with some spices and then that's it just press the bean and chili button turn that on for like 12 minutes or so and yeah you just said it forget it it turns out amazing like every single time so here's the meal I made the other night in it and yeah this is a pretty good example of what we cook in here alright so I'm just in the midst of throwing a bunch of stuff into the instant pot for dinner here so I'm gonna show you guys what I'm doing alright so in the pot here I've already got some brown rice and some French lentils is a really nice combination you can cook it on the stovetop like this as well but yeah they go really well together in the instant pot and I've got some chopped carrots there as well I'm gonna throw in some chopped onion red pepper and then a bunch of spices we've got cumin garlic powder onion powder paprika and I'm also gonna put in some raisins as well it just adds like a nice little sweetness to the whole dish and they kind of just all dissolve and make it taste really nice and to add some extra flavor I'm gonna use the vegetable broth here as the liquid there's a lot of buttons on this thing and I honestly only ever use this being a chilly button here and I just put it on for 11 or 12 minutes and everything always seems to cook just about perfectly if I'm cooking chick peas they take longer than this so I usually put it up to about 14 same with beans but for lentils rice and things like that 10 to 12 minutes is usually good so I'm just having it with a salad and some tofu on top nice and simple got a nice dressing on there as well so I know you guys are always asking me for amounts when I make things like how much grains did you put in here how much liquid did you put in and I honestly never measure it and I never know because I just kind of do it intuitively and you just have to practice and it's like trial and error and eventually or figure it out I definitely appreciate following recipes but you've got to learn how to cook on your own because yeah if you just follow recipes all the time as soon as you try and experiment you're not gonna have any idea what to do but if you're not comfortable experimenting there are so many recipes online and lots of vegan recipes as well so generally stuff like the carrots and like onions if you put them in or whatever they don't soak up any water because they're so water rich already it's just for things that are dry like the lentils and the rice that are gonna soak up water so I always put those in the bottom and then I fill up the liquid so that the liquid goes as high above the top of the grains as my first knuckle does that make sense okay I do better with visuals so let's say the grains go up to about here you're gonna want to fill the water so that it goes up to there just at the height of your first knuckle over the top of the top of the grains I'm terrible at this so to answer the questions that are in the title is it worth it so I mean that's gonna depend on everybody and it's gonna depend on how much you use it but in my personal opinion and in my experience it's definitely worth it and I don't use a lot of these like kitchen II type gadgets like we have a food dehydrator over there and I love it I just don't use it very much I've had slow cookers in the past I just don't use them very much other than like the stove and my Vitamix I really like hardly use anything in the kitchen I like toaster oven as well we don't have a microwave but I would use it if we had one but I definitely do use this a lot more than I thought and we got it on sale we got on sale for I think it was around $100 Canadian and if you consider the money that you're gonna be saving from buying canned beans and legumes to the dried beans and legumes that are like so cheap that you can get in the bulk section you're definitely gonna be saving money in the end mmm and you're probably gonna be saving money by not eating out as much because it is just so good for meal prepping so that's all well and good Derick we can cook a lots of things in it but is it healthy is it a good way for us to cook our foods so I did some investigating on this and I tried to scour PubMed and the medical journals as much as I could for information on like pressure cookers and them retaining nutrients and it was honestly kind of hard to find good definitive answers that's the nutritional science for you but it definitely is a healthy way to cook and if you base it just on the sole fact that you're probably gonna be eating more home-cooked meals if you have this rather than eating out then it is definitely healthy regardless of how many nutrients get retained in the pressure cooking whoa I let you on the counter so you can say hi to everybody and then you just yell at me oh my gosh you're not supposed to be up here everyone thinks we're dirty cuz we let you up here so before we look into a little bit of a science that I found about pressure cookers and nutrient retention I mean let's think about some of the stuff that we already know about cooking food and nutrients so the first one is the nutrient being looked at I mean we know that vitamin c is degraded pretty easily with heat but then things like minerals maybe zinc for instance aren't as affected by heat so the nutrient being looked at is definitely one of the main factors cooking temperature the length of time that something's cooking for our another two of the major factors so the hotter something is and the longer that it's cooked for the more the nutrients or certain nutrients are going to be degraded and a factor that's often overlooked is if the cooking water is consumed so if you can imagine if you cook like a cup of beans in 20 liters of water a lot of the nutrients of those beans are gonna leach into that cooking water and they're just gonna be gone you're not going to be drinking all that water so you know whatever's left in the beans is what you get however if you use something like the pressure cooker or the instant pot and all the nutrients are being kept in the container there so none of them are going to be leached out in any of the liquid so what does that mean for the instant pot well as far as heat goes I would say that it cooks food at just a slightly higher temperature than steaming and boiling does and quite a bit lower than baking and frying and the reason I say higher than steaming and boiling is because if we remember back to high school science we know that water when it's under pressure has a higher boiling point so it'll be a little bit hotter but not very much but and I'm not very scientific so I don't really know how much hotter but it's not much so I think it's generally recognized that like deep frying is probably the hottest pan frying and baking are next and then steaming and boiling are a little bit lower down and then microwaving is actually quite a gentle way to cook food as well which is probably a topic for a whole under video and we know that the instant pot cooks stuff pretty quickly so it's not going to be cooking for all that long so it has that going for it as well so there's one study claimed that boiling and steaming caused significant vitamin C losses 34% and 22% respectively well with the other treatments more than 90 percent retention was observed so for fame if you guys watched my last amazing food video about bok choy you'll know why that is so important so for feign was no more detectable after boiling or steaming while pressure / microwave cooking did not cause any significant loss so I think that's pretty relative to what we're talking about here if you want to check that I will put a link to that in the description down below and I found this other one as well and it was just a quick mention that pressure cooking increases starch digestibility as well as reduces the levels of anti nutrients so it's hard to say indefinitely which is the best way to cook every food to retain the average amount of nutrients across the board but I do know that the instant pot is like a great way to cook stuff and if it helps you to eat more Whole Foods then it's definitely going to make you healthier and contribute to better health in the end so I think that's probably all I have to say about the instant pot I would be interested to know your thoughts on it in the comment section down below and if you have like a go-to recipe that you just love like why don't you share it with us all so that we can use this as a little database maybe we can all reference back and try each other's recipe something you'll be pretty cool so I guess I've got to make dinner right now I might as well show you guys a little something something I'm gonna be throwing together here so I'm starting off with a bunch of French lentils but I'm gonna rinse them first so I just measured that and that is exactly 2 cups of dry lentils while they're wet now cuz I rinse them but you know I mean so I usually add the veggie stock last but I'm just gonna add it now so I can show you guys how much liquid I put in over top of the lentils so that little trick I showed you guys I put my finger in here and I just put it down until it touches the lentils you can see it is right at that first knuckle and then there I've just added two large oriental yams now I'm just gonna add some spices so I've got some ground cumin onion powder so if you have pressure on you it would go really well in here as well just dice it up and throw it in there garlic powder and here's some chili spice just figure throw it in there for a good measure whoops lost one so I don't usually mix it up too much just enough to get the spices moved around everything will all cook and the flavors a little meld and everything it'll be fine but I like to keep the legumes grains or whatever I'm cooking on the bottom I just find it works out best that way one thing you always have to remember with these is that this little event is pushed that way or else the pressure will not build and then just like every time I'm gonna hit that bean chili button and just set it for 12 minutes that's it let's see what we got when we're done all right so it just started the timer so I'm just gonna give you guys a little update of what's going on here so you got to wait to this little float valve pops up so it builds pressure and then that little float valve pops up and then that is when the timer starts so it'll be 12 minutes from now until it's done cooking but it has been like just over 20 minutes to get to this point and then once it's finished it still takes a good like 10 minutes or so for it to relieve the pressure so that you can open this so you can see how that would take about an hour but I still do think it's really like simple and convenient and easy like you don't have to be watching it you don't have to stir it or anything like that you literally just set it and walk away and then once it's done it'll like reduce the pressure and then it'll just keep it warm for you so it's really nice all right so it just beeped telling me that it's all done but the top is still locked on here because there's still pressure in there so you can wait until it depressurize is naturally or you can put that over there and it will take the pressure out of it quicker so let's give it a little mix here down to those lentils see how everything cooked so you can see it cooked everything really nicely there's no liquid left in the bottom and the lentils are not just mush or anything like that yeah came out really good I like to throw some frozen peas in right at the end and just let the residual heat kind of defrost the peas because if I were to throw them in at the beginning they would just turn all brown and to mush and there'd be nothing left for them so I just add a few other things so it's just a really simple little salad there's some tomatoes and some bell pepper in there as well we know that we lose a lot of vitamin C when we're cooking food so the bell pepper will help to bring that number back up then I've got some sauerkraut there and just some avocado as well all right so here's the little meal like threw together there and I'll taste it and see how it is mmm really good Mike obviously needs some sauce somewhere on this dish but flavors really good such a good easy meal and so nutritious so from the moment I pressed the bean chili button it was about 40 to 45 minutes until it was like fully done and I was serving it so doesn't take that long considering it didn't take me very much effort I didn't have to wash it or anything that's pretty awesome all right so I think that's probably it for this video I'm gonna go make a sauce for this and enjoy it you guys will have to let me know what you thought it on this video in the comment section down below if you guys want me to do some more instant pot recipes I just kind of wanted to do this video just to sort of introduce it throw the feelers out there to see what you guys thought about it so definitely let me know in the comments down below like the video you guys know else mails subscribe so you can see more from me and I will be coming to you soon with some more fun videos I have a couple what I eat in a day videos plans and one where crystal and I are going on like a bit of a road trip and it should be really fun so I'm excited to film those and edit them for you guys so I'll see you soon with another video and I forgot to show you guys this little feature that I really like so this comes out of it really easily and if you have a little lid like this little silicone one that we have you can just pop it on top of there and then you can put this right in the fridge and then when you're done with it you can take it out put it back in here and then reheat it using one of these like 25 buttons that are on there I'm sure there's a reheat button doesn't say anything about heating heating just use the bean button when you're unsure

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28 thoughts on “INSTANT POT! Is it HEALTHY? WORTH THE $$$?

  1. I absolutely love my instant pot!! It's so handy for cooking when you're short on time or want something nutritious but not much effort. I love that it cooks for me and I can walk away from it, its amazing so if you're thinking about buying one, you won't regret it!!

  2. This is out of the question for me, my girlfriend has the exploding pressure cooker phobia ๐Ÿ™ Looks great though and could really help

  3. You said instapot so many times that it started showing up in my unrelated Amazon searches while viewing this ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. Thank you for mentioning the starch digestibility and antinutrients; those are the things I worried about.

  5. The key to cooking perfect beans with really less time and even saving up on energy is OVERNIGHT SOAKING. It has also been shown to even reduce phytic acid content which can interfere with some vitamin and mineral absorption.

    Here in India, we have been cooking beans soaked-dry beans in pressure cooker since forever. And now with my instant pot, it easier than ever.

    Also, I batch cook them and freeze them to add in any recipes I like.

  6. Truth is Stove top pressure cooker are just as safe, cheaper, faster, more reliable, you Never get the 'BURN' message, which closes it down till you've scrubbed it out. Stovetop pressure cookers are far more controllable and because the pressure is way higher than instant pots, which is an Expensive gadget, the increased speed means it cooks healthier. You won't see many recipes for stove top because there is no money on it but every instant pot recipe can be done better in the stove top type, which people have for decades.

  7. Love my Instant Pot! Make coconut milk yogurt all time! Easy way to make any grains and beans. Saves money.

  8. Mines def the most used Christmas gift I ever received, so convenient my fav is white rice canned coconut milk and curry seasoning and veggies and a little water ๐Ÿ‘

  9. I've wondered before when it comes to the Instant Pot…Is soaking beans overnight then cooking for 8 mins (in the instant pot) better than cooking the same dry beans in the instant pot for 30 minutes? Which method would be best for absorption etc… Or is it all the same when it comes to pressure cooking beans? Love the Instant Pot ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. love the instant pot!! i got specifically when i decided to go plant-based. fave thing to make is lasagna soup/stew ๐Ÿ‘

  11. The ability to refrigerate then reheat it was a selling point for me ๐Ÿ˜ƒ But it brought up 3 questions for me. Is it safe to store food in metal? It won't damage the pan going from the cold fridge to the heat? And, are they easy to clean? Thanks ๐Ÿ‘

  12. Welcome to the IP family! Btw, the IP is considered a pressure cooker. Love mine. Bought my son and his family one, and they use it all the time. We got the 8 quart size. I donโ€™t regret it. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  13. I bought the 6 qt instant pot. Then also purchased the 8 qt. I wanted 2 instant pots, because it's so awesome and 1 is not enough! If I cook rice and some peppers and mushrooms, it will be hard to get the water amount right to get the rice perfect and not mushy. So by having 2 you can cook them separately at the same time. And things like kidney beans take 36 minutes in instant pot. You'd overcook any vegetables if you try to make them together.

  14. @9:54

    With Vitamin C, being a heat sensitive compound, and only losing 34% even when foods were boiled, I wouldn't even worry about nutrition lost from boiling, steaming, or pressure cooking if one is on a whole plant food diet.

    I don't even try to target specific nutrients and according to Cronometer a typical day for me is just under 300% of the RDA for Vitamin C. Lets pretend I boiled everything that day and reduced it by 34%. That would mean I still got 198% if the recommendation for Vit C for that day.

    My diet isn't even all that varied and I still have every bar on cronometer either very far into the green or so high I am in the red.

  15. You need to learn how to use the saute setting before doing your dish. Then you can caramelize your onions and garlic before throwing your grains and other veggies in and pressure cooking your meal. My wife loves this method and gives the dish a better flavor.

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