hi there and welcome to my fabulous little corner of the Internet my name is Yvette and I am the style satirist today is part 1 of my three-part interview series basically it's just tips and tricks to help you land your dream job hopefully but really any job and some of these things I feel like need to be reiterated if they haven't already been said so let's get started so I'm just gonna go from head to toe because I think that all of these things are equally important let's start with the hair guys boys men whoever's watching if you have long hair in 2019 that's perfectly fine but if you've got a man bun you and I have got different issues you can wear your hair down to your grandma's house to your girlfriend's house to the beach in the shower but when you're going in for an interview your hair should be pulled back and away from your face now if you have long hair because you're insecure about your ears that's perfectly fine you don't need to tuck your hair behind your ears you simply just want to put it away from your face the same thing goes for women now I know a lot of us feel confident and sexy when our hair is wavy and big and cute or slick and down and we're sitting there and we're trying to make our hair look good before our interview my best suggestion is to grab all of it and put it back and away from your face having your hair loose and in front of your face is just a distraction from what you're saying and if you're truly qualified for a position that's not what you want to happen moving on to the skin now guys if you have facial hair that's perfectly fine you don't need to go and shave it off but you don't want to come in looking like patches o'houlihan or with scraggly hairs please for the love of Jesus line that up if you do have patchy hair I would suggest at that point shaving it off because it's almost better than showing up looking like you missed a few spots now for the ladies I know that we like to wear makeup this is coming from a woman who wears almost a full face of makeup every day but wearing a heavy lipstick and a heavy eye shadow again it's just gonna take away from what you're actually saying moving on to you a teeth now this is the one that's gonna seem obvious but for whatever reason I guess it's not please do not show up to an interview having just had a bowl of minced garlic okay I'm being dramatic but sometimes that's what it seems like what I suggest is popping in one or two minutes five minutes before you sit down with the person or people who are interviewing you I say five minutes because it doesn't seem that obvious when you sit down and talk to someone like you just try to cover up your bad breath it's really enough time for the mint to dissolve into your breath and ten minutes before that you probably should have just brushed your teeth now if you do not floss every day I don't judge you I get it sometimes I forget to but I don't care if it's the first thing that you do in the morning you haven't even eaten you're just going straight to your interview please floss your teeth because the truth is that you probably still have in there from last night's dinner next is something that drives me freaking nuts and that's nails guys if you have long nails with dirt and scum underneath your nails you better believe that the only thing I'm gonna trust you with is taking out my garbage don't show up to an interview with the dirt under your fingernails your fingernails should not even be long enough to collect dirt underneath them so do what you got to do go get a manicure have your mom your sister your girlfriend your roommate your brother I don't give a have somebody cut your nails if you can't do it yourself women if you have chip nail polish just cancel your interview and reschedule it there's nothing that irritates me more than going to an office and seeing the receptionist with tip nails now I know some people are going to want to beat my ass for that and that's perfectly fine it may just be a personal preference but it just looks extremely unprofessional when you have chip nails at that point you might as well just take all your nail polish off and go in with natural fresh nails last but most certainly not least is smell there are way too many tools out there for you to not smell like ass there are deodorant wipes there are Dior and sprays there is deodorant I don't care if it's a hundred and twenty degrees outside you drive a black car and you've got leather seats that is not a cop-out for you to come in smelling the way that you do in the same sense you do not want to wear a fragrance or a perfume that overpowers the room I want to be able to actually meet you before I could smell you so rule of thumb wear something that your interviewer or the person that you're talking to you can only smell at about an arm's length away so that's it for part 1 of my three-part interview series I hope you guys enjoyed watching and learned a thing or two about how to show up for an interview thanks for watching

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