Introducing NVIDIA Safety Force Field

Introducing NVIDIA Safety Force Field

we all would like a vehicle that monitors the surroundings and shields us from collisions the safety forcefield is a practical realization that it's not possible to guarantee safety regardless of what other actors in traffic do but it is possible to guarantee that we do not contribute to an unsafe situation if all actors in traffic had that sort of guarantee then no unsafe situations or collisions will occur the safety forcefield takes the vehicle's understanding of the surroundings and determines the set of acceptable actions to do this it uses a constructive computation to consider which actions are helpful in maintaining obstacle collision safety the acceptable actions never create or escalate an unsafe situation and this computation can be combined with any software for autonomous driving as a layer in the motion planning that monitors and protects against unacceptable actions the safety forcefield follows from one core principle as opposed to a large set of rules and exceptions so the beauty of the safety force field or approvable planner of this type is that the guarantees that it provides have been mathematically proven and it seamlessly can handle highway driving cluttered urban scenarios and even on structured parking lot type of driving it also separates cleanly obstacle avoidance safety from a longtail of rules in the road the real world is a very complex place and we have to understand that ideally it would be there as a sort of beat to power on anything unsafe that would occur and the motion planning and other things that would operate on top or even a human driver if you had this underneath would do the normal everyday driving and if you did brush up against an unsafe situation then it would push you in the right direction and keep you safe it considers longitudinal and lateral constraints together and the constraints can also be visualized in a very direct way it's a beautiful thing that we have drives him to our disposal at Nvidia where it's in the nature of something like the safety forcefield but the situation's we want to test it in are inherently very dangerous and we could do that in drives him without putting anybody in harm's way

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13 thoughts on “Introducing NVIDIA Safety Force Field

  1. hope you have programmed brake and acc comfort level for occupants, can it be programmed to honk horn after emergency braking cause the twat infront wanted to make themself feel like a good person by slowing/stopping on the road to flash someone stopped on a slip road out.

  2. Drive sim really needs more realistic traffic. Definetly not everybody is going to stick to the rules and drive exactly on the speed limit.

  3. Seems like it's pretty liberal with stopping distance. Just barely stops in front of hazards sometimes. Curious what tolerance is like, given how many people are driving on naked tires with terrible actual stopping distance

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