Is For-Profit Healthcare is Bankrupting You? – Medicare for All?

Is For-Profit Healthcare is Bankrupting You? - Medicare for All?

so the current CEO of United Healthcare the previous two CEOs both took home over a billion dollars in compensation seriously Steven J Hensley and dollar bill McGuire both of them took over a billion dollars out of this company this is the company and skims 20% off the top of every one of your health care dollars right United Healthcare they are behind the scenes doing everything they can to destroy Medicare for all and their CEOs bragging about it check it out leave your comments ding the bell and subscribe to our Channel during a call with investors recently said that Medicare for all would quote destabilize the nation's health system you know that's kind of the point of it all right I mean the nation's health system is corrupt it's it's expensive its destructive we we had 600,000 people last year have to declare bankruptcy because they couldn't afford getting sick this does literally does not happen in any of the other developed countries in the world of the organisation of Economic Cooperation and Development the OECD countries there's 34 of these OECD countries they are the most developed countries in the world goes from you know at the very top countries like us and you know Germany France the United Kingdom at the very bottom Costa Rica in that entire spectrum of countries there's only one out of those 34 where anybody goes broke because they got sick and that's the United States it's right here only one that's it and the the you know the Barons of of health insurance these health insurance companies is specifically intended health care the the the CEO of United Healthcare who by the way was paid 83 million bucks in 2017 is is you know going after single-payer you know this the single-payer program will result in millions in trillions actually in savings literally trillions thousands of billions of dollars in savings that are being sucked up right now by these health so-called health insurance companies such as banks all they do is pay checks the United Healthcare doesn't immunize a single child they don't do a perform a single surgery they've never taken anybody's temperature well maybe they've got a nurse in the in the office you know next to the executive dining room where the private chefs come in and prepare the lunches for the CEOs who make 80 million bucks a year I mean you know but uh as Alexandria Kashi of course says in response to the CEO of United Healthcare saying oh this is gonna be stable as a system if Ida stabilized he means disrupt for-profit insulin schemes because the discovering scientist freely gave away the patent because he didn't want us to price gouge life-saving medicine then yes and she says the sprits representative jeyapaul's bill not mine but i'm proud to co-sponsor at medicare for all this is a OC alexandria cosmo cortez these director of bernie sanders a staff warren Grinnell's he he says he's really not concerned about the feelings of the health insurance executives he says whether the united health CEO likes it or not we will no longer tolerate a system allowing him to make eighty three point two million dollars while americans go bankrupt when they get sick the greed of united healthcare is killing americans together we will end it

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28 thoughts on “Is For-Profit Healthcare is Bankrupting You? – Medicare for All?

  1. It's not bankrupting yet, but certainly every year there is an increase from the insurance company to cover a Medicare gap policy….it is becoming increasingly unaffordable.

  2. the GOP whore army and big pharma sell out humanity and mass murder so they can collect money and read a larger bank statement. Do they need to walk on mink carpeting? Do they fly to Maui every other day? They are old pathetic toothless men and a holes like Trump with 9 dollar hair yet they need more more more

  3. Thomm what's 340b it came on as a commercial on your channel it has to do with health care and I wonder if it's a scam by the neocons

  4. All these private medical insurance executives need to be given a huge pink slip, and no golden parashoot either.

  5. If you want to see an even worse system than what we have now just let the government take it over. Anybody that's had both private and government care knows the difference government care is the worst. Government controlled anything is the worst. The current problem with the healthcare industry is that the government is involved. You may not believe me but that shows how little you know. Under a free market the consumer wins. when the government is involved you get crony capitalism. Did you know that in order to be a large company and succeed against its competition it needs lobbyists. The problem right now is that government is involved. If you get government out of the way you can solve the current problem because that will open the healthcare industry up to free market competition. The answer never is more government.

  6. I am an Emergency Physician. If you get sick and get a horrendous emergency bill or hospital bill and are uninsured you need to bargain with the hospital there are only two kinds of patients, those with insurance and those who are uninsured. The uninsured are basically a write-off. I tell patients to call the hospital Building Department and tell them that they have no job and no savings but would love to try to make good on what they owe. I tell them to try to offer 20 or $25 a month to try to make a good-faith attempt. People in the hospital billing department will be taken aback because they don't expect anybody to try and make an effort to pay such insane bills. If you phrase it right and know how to work it you can get away with a few Pennies on the dollar. Also I think there's some sort of rule that you can't report someone to collections if they are making a good faith faith effort to repay. If the hospital found out I was doing this I would No Doubt be buried. Work it people work it!

  7. We need to answer that stupid question about how will we come up with the money for us to have great Healthcare with everything covered with the answer of : how can we afford another 5 trillion to pay private insurance companies to screw us over instead.

  8. Welcome to America! If you dare have the audacity to even get a little bit ill we will bleed you dry!

  9. $83 million to the CEO of a health insurance company?? America is a disgrace. 65 countries around the world, even Rwanda, Cuba, Mexico, and Russia, have Universal Health Care.

  10. I don’t understand the logic of Republicans. They’re okay with someone thieving at their’s and their family’s health up to the point of bankruptcy, and they see the irony? But they’ll support anything conservative just because they’re so attracted to the propaganda of it. Do these people not have a working brain??

  11. Why would anyone think that for profit healthcare would work, really in a capitalist system where businesses try to maximize profits why would a healthcare provider provide the most expensive treatments which tends to be the best treatment for a patient they will just go with the least expensive treatment which only makes good business sense for their bottom line and screw what’s best for the patient.

  12. The other countries with much better healthcare systems are probably Democracies( to a certain degree) and probably Capitalism based.
    So why such disparity between the U.S. and these other almost mirror imaged countries, when it comes to healthcare??
    The United States of America is NO LONGER a Democracy, but a Plutocratic Oligarchy. Capitalism has its inherent weaknesses/evil unbalanced that it produces in the long run. Functioning Democracy always creates necessary "socialistic instruments" to push back the extreme wealth concentration inherent in the pendulum of Capitalistic economies. It happens in OTHER countries. It DID happen here in the 1930's( FDR's New Deal-welfare/banking reform/social security) to counteract the imbalance of gross inequality that was created in the late 1920's.
    A Plutocratic Oligarchy, protected and in staunch secure position, protected by an obscenely funded military, will NOT allow "socialistic instruments" to be created, LIKE THEY ALWAYS HAVE BEEN, but only under a DEMOCRACY. The fact that desperately needed "socialistic instruments" do come about or into being, IS the PROOF of Democracy no longer the government in operation in the U.S.
    Unchecked Capitalism( Democratic processes operate under "checks and balances"), left to its own desires, has evolved into a hybrid Plutocratic Oligarchy, and that form of tyrannical rule, left unchecked( that is it's SOLE ESSENCE-not being checked or forced),will evolve further into anarchy, oppression, militaristic corporate fascism, bloodshed and death.
    That is the chosen path of the plutocratic oligarchs.
    Gordon Gecko: sir, GREED, is NOT good!!!!

  13. yeah disrupsion in health care is well over due/example if i were making 80million/year i would also be crying fowl. its incredible medicare cannot negociate drug prices/lobbiest money. the ACA was a begining .NOW the gop want to back up you have preexciting condition NOT COVERED.BUT right NOW the gop is suing to elimant the ACA with a better "PLAN" wheres there plan/policey NULL/BS. maybe MEXICO will build "the wall"/and pay for our health care.

  14. I was forced into bankruptcy last year due to medical bills. I had retired on the cusp of an illness while I was in between Medicare and employer coverage by three weeks during which time the bills went into tens of thousands which I couldn’t pay. As luck would have it I had shifted my student loans for my daughter to a zero interest offer from a credit card prior to filing . I had to pay the court $3,500 to keep my car because the value exceeded bankruptcy limits. It was the best thing we ever did.

  15. Americans Greed, Hell waiting for the Greedy Rich bastards may they Rot in hell with all the other Criminal crooked politicians, The bastards are robbing people blind living luxurious on fraud and theft and I'LL gotten gains, the Greedy hypocrite heathen Pricks has turn helping people into a Robber Baron's health care system Racket
    Skyrocketed insurance premiums an deductibles with Greedy ass doctors and hospitals and clinics
    these Pricks are Worthless an a dame disgrace for any form of human life, The Greedy hospitals won't help you with no insurance you have to be dying to get any Care anymore, Ambulance service for a 2 hour ride $3300 dollars, a helicopter ride Over $10,000 dollars, a 30 minutes in emergency room Tab $1200 to $1400 dollars
    a 15 minutes with your doctor $164.00 dollars, A one hour consultation with a neurologist over $500.00 dollars, With Most of them milking the Government on Medicare, Medicaid, with the pharmakia industry making billions
    an crooked doctors getting kickbacks an favors from the pharmakia industry with the Cronies crooked politicians being the majority shareholders of the pharmakia industry and the Greedy hospitals for profits group's major shareholders of monopolies Crooks Biggest thieving bastards in history same crooked bastards robbing the bank's an Wall Street an getting Rewarded for their theft's by the Federal reserve Bank Association club of Crooks, Same shareholders and same Greedy Rich bastards Pricks, Hell will be full of these Greedy bastards.

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