Is India safe in 2019?

Is India safe in 2019?

is India safe hey guys welcome back to our Channel I'm in and I'm Sally we make travel content here on YouTube every single week so make sure you subscribe to become a part of the travel tribe hashtag time yesterday in today's video in today's video we're going to tackle a question that we get asked about a lot is India safe we're going to be breaking down today's video into four main categories first up we're gonna be talking about food and health safety second off we're gonna be talking about safety of your money third we're gonna be talking about safety on public transport and the last thing we're gonna be covering in today's video is safety as a woman hopefully we'll be able to answer any questions that you may have and maybe even put a few things to rest and guys if you do like this content or if you really just want to make our day go ahead and just hit that little thumbs up give us a like cuz you know it makes us happy and you know then you've done a good deed for the day and it lets us know what kind of content that we should be creating if you like this kind of thing if we should do it for more countries all right guys let's get into the reason that we all actually came here for right is India safe first stop starting with food and health safety I just wanna have a quick chat about water you cannot drink the water in India so do not don't drink for any reason oh do it ever never drink the water in India from the tap from this don't drink it from the tap of course you can drink fresh bottled water yeah as long as it is fresh don't dehydrate yourself we don't mean don't drink the water don't go to India not drink water that's bad advice don't do that just don't drink water from the tap stay hydrate yourself and you'll be fine end up in hospital oh good that's not good advice seriously guys do not drink the tap water in India it is not safe for drinking try not to brush your teeth with it try not to drink it in the shower orifices if you are a little bit concerned about the environment as well may be going through like too many plastic bottles you can actually get what a purifying tablet most of the good ones do take 24 hours to actually purify the water and make it clean and kind of okay to drink but if you are worried about that you can do that as well so if you do want to save the environment just a little bit otherwise you do end up like you know you think about how much water you drink each day you just end up with a pile of SiC bottles and turtles and whales don't like that shares the ocean doesn't like it absolutely right go for the whale alright so now you know not to drink the water and seriously don't drink the water we're going to talk about food because food is important and it is a big part of traveling to a new country obviously we all want to go to a new country we'll want to try new foods we want to experience all of the local cuisines and all that that a country has to offer and India has some of the best food we have eaten whilst traveling so how do you know when you go to a street food vendor or when you're going to a restaurant if the food is gonna be good or if it's gonna make you sick what are some things you can look out for so you can kind of try and avoid getting food poisoning because Delhi Belly is real and we both got sick look to be honest we did we both got sick yet at different times yeah and are you gonna get sick if you travel to India probably it happens it happens to everyone but there are if he thinks that you can do to minimize the risk or minimize the chances of Lee getting sick when you're eating food in India these are some of the things that we do when we are looking for places to eat so first of all we look for places that are really busy because if a place is busy especially with like local people you know that place is usually pretty clean like people don't really eat in places that make them sick if you know what I mean people are not going to queue up to eat at a place that makes them sick the second thing that we always do when we are going to a street food vendor is if it's food that has been sitting out you know sometimes you get samosas that they keep them sitting out there not necessarily cooked like fresh is we get them to just put them back in the oil heat that up if they fry it in the hot oil then it kills all the bacteria so try to go for places where they either cook the food there right in front of you or where they can heat it up for you yes you know what all the bacteria is gonna die in that hot oily thing Pot yes right pan what would out on my whatever that's cold and the third thing that we did in India is we actually didn't eat any meat now I don't eat meat ever I'm vegetarian so I didn't eat any meat when I was in India and this was a tip that I've actually heard by a number of people I read it online so that if you just go vegetarian while you're in India you actually minimize the chance of you being sick considerably so you know if you just want to avoid getting food poisoning try not to eat meat but in saying that we met loads of people who still ate chicken and all that just know that if you are gonna eat chicken that you might get sick basically exactly so salia nerds three tips for not getting sick in India do you not think the water what's your food being cooked and be a vegetarian yeah and if you do that guys you probably still will get sick for you I'd get as badly sick and it's not to say that like India is the only country where you're gonna get sick like we have traveled to so many different countries in the world and every time we travel we get sick somewhere I think when people think of traveling to India they they worry about getting sick but you know the reality is you could get sick from food in your local supermarket I feel like India totally gets a bad rep so like compared to all the other countries move into I feel like India gets the worst rep like making people sick and it's just not true we were there for eight weeks we each got sick once yeah and I don't think either of it was from the food so you know you're just as likely basically what I'm saying is you're just as likely to get sick in countries like Thailand Lao Australia the UK Jesus you could eat some things in Australia that would make you so you know I'm just saying alrighty guys now we know how to keep safe whilst eating and drinking in India next I'm gonna have you back to money looking after your money in any country is super important obviously when you are out on the streets not flashing your wallet around or big bundles of cash anywhere and just don't these nothing we don't endorse that baby don't do that I don't typically wear a money belt I've never worn one if that's gonna make you feel bad I'll wear a money belt I always feel like though if you're wearing a money belt it almost makes you like more of a target right me I have so much cash that I have to hide it whereas if you just like oh no have a wallet like a normal person not to you're less likely to be robbed but like you're less likely to be robbed now at any point did you feel like we were gonna have our stuff stolen in India no I I didn't either yeah I never like I'm a bit I was a bit paranoid because you know you do hear a lot of things like it like you were saying earlier India does really get such a bad rap from that man and the BBC and all these big news channels but when I was there I wouldn't say that I felt like anyone was going to steal my stuff no at no point and nothing got stolen from us but to be fair we're pretty careful so we always make sure that we're not like flashing our phones because I think that just kind of opens you up to theft really like if you're gonna flash around your expensive wallet and your expensive iPhone and your Apple watch and all that business any kind of just asking for people to come and pickpocket you there was another couple travelling in India at the same time we were then he was king you should check out the channel cuz they remain they were travelling in a tuk-tuk and they had an Indian friend with them in the tuk-tuk and he was on his phone kind of in like I'm sorry I keep saying to a guy I know it's an auto rickshaw so I'm really sorry that I keep calling in at okay I know it's an auto rickshaw and I know somebody's gonna tell me I'm sorry I know she's trying so hard it's just hard because in other parts of the world they call it a tug tug and then in India they call it an auto rickshaw and I get confused I googled this today if you google tuk-tuk auto rickshaw comes up they're the same thing it's okay anyway I know someone anyway King NetWare inner took took with the Indian friend and he had he was on his phone and he was sitting in the side of the auto rickshaw and somebody on a moped like on a scooter came past they were stopped grabbed the phone out of this guy's hand like yanked it out of his hand and sped off so that kind of stuff does happen to be fair I've seen this happen in London so you like just be careful when you're traveling in an auto rickshaw or if you're standing on a street waiting for to cross the road just be careful with your phone cuz people will so next up is local transport and traveling around India so we'll quickly talk about auto rickshaws tuk tuks buses and taxis and trains of course first up we just trains first Indian train rides you know I thought trains were perfectly safe so safe never had an issue who don't need to dwell on it the only thing I would say if you do just want a safety tip for traveling on trains is put your luggage down away from the aisle yeah so like when you're sleeping like put your luggage more towards like where your head is because then people would have to walk into the compartment and like grab stuff from me and sleep with your belongings you know if you've got your wallet and your phone just sleep with them I guess the only time the Indian trains could be like somewhat unsafe is if you are travelling in general class now this is a class where you don't actually get a seat so on most trains that you would be traveling on you get assigned a seat or you get assigned like a bunk bed but if you are traveling in general class you are not actually assigned any seat and it's basically just a free-for-all and you just sit wherever you can find space which basically means that if you're on a really busy train and there are hundreds of people pushing to get in to the Train and pushing to me in this one small tiny little confined space that could be a little bit dangerous but only because of like crushing like I'd be concerned about being like crushed or trampled or something like that but they seem to make it work and I feel like not that many people actually get crushed despite how crazy it looks sometimes like they seem to make it work trains are a definitely travel by trains yes they were perfectly safe travelling by bus today we're leaving Shimla we're off to Manali it's gonna be arguably one of the most dangerous bus rides we've taken so far I don't hear amazing things about this bus journey and it has been snowing a little bit concerned about the roads fingers crossed it's gonna be alright and this is a bus is that bad boy it's gonna take their latest cracked windscreen so here's the thing about traveling on buses in India depending on where you're traveling to the roads are really windy there was not one bus that we took in India that I wasn't like oh it was horrible so if you get motion sick try to avoid buses bus it started getting a little hectic we're just going through some mountains hangings chatting gun this driver is just flying for the but it feels it goes little insane but sorry Sookie before and his it is so whiny Sally's not feeling too great I'm starting on skills here and Sally got motion sick but she gets motions yeah so I get motion sick sometimes though unlike kiddie rides at Disneyland so like playing a pensioner on the teacups Dumbo let's talk about the roads for a second like we've we've mentioned India's got a billion people over a billion people it's really busy there are lots of people on the roads there are lots of people fighting to get in and out of the track and so it doesn't really matter if you're on a bus a train a car a rickshaw or whatever it sure whatever that the roads busy in the roads gonna be a little bit hectic in terms of like the road condition though like I guess it wasn't that it was necessarily unsafe but I think I did feel a little bit uneasy knowing that there had been so many landslides in the previous years that did make me feel like just a little bit uncomfortable like not to the point that I wouldn't go on the road and not to the point that I wouldn't recommend you take that road but just to be aware that if you are travelling in the north of India especially up in the Kim Michelle in the heavy shell Pradesh that it is an area that is prone to landslides and the roads are very very windy and there are parts of the roadway it does feel a bit scary because there's no barriers it's a big sheer drop actually that reminds me so guys you can tell me I don't know how normal this is and yeah wondering if it was a bit of a scam on the bus on the way back from Manali – yeah something weird happened and I'll be honest it it didn't make me feel a little bit unsafe or a little bit uneasy a little bit uneasy I didn't I didn't feel like physically unsafe like something was going to happen but it did just sort of make me wonder about my safety I guess yeah and I said this is for me as a man we were on the bus on the way back to Shimla and a local guy turned around and tried to sell me some marijuana which we politely declined because don't take drugs in other countries guys you don't want to go to Indian prison and about 20 minutes later the bus pulled over and was stopped by the police by military police though not just like regular police they were like the military guys with guns and they got on the bus and I'm not sure why but they they targeted me on the bus like no one no one else did they yeah but I didn't even look at anyone else they came on the bus and was straight to you and it was like this guy show us your bag yeah and they insisted that I take every single thing out of my bag and Sally was like Joan and look in my bag yeah I buried them inside my bag and the guy was like no no no this guy's back we want to check this guy's bag and I don't know call me paranoid but it just seemed a little bit too coincidental that this guy would try and sell me drugs than 15 minutes later the military police get on the bus and only look at me no exaggeration he got on the bus yeah he walked right up to me mm-hmm and insisted to go through my entire bag he didn't even look at anyone else no and then not only would they like in your bag but they like made you stand out I mean they were feeling all around you like really aggressively like even I was feeling uncomfortable and they weren't touching me yeah and so it did just sort of make me wonder whether this was some sort of scam that they have or you know like constructs is a pretty serious thing anything yeah yeah I mean like you know like growing up in Australia where stories about people getting caught with drugs in Bali and dying at people people die they get shot for me it was I would say that was probably the scariest thing for me yeah well the scary part was when he turned around and offered us drugs it was right when we derived it like a rest stop so we got off the bus and right as we were getting off the bus we were like should we take our bags cuz you know sometimes it's annoying when you just go into a bathroom to take off your bags and then we were like oh yeah the laptops are in the bags we better take the bags with us but imagine if we hadn't taken our bags and then it's so easy for someone to put something in your bag and it kind of seemed like a well-oiled machine we're like this guy would be like hey do you want some drugs and then you say yes because you're an Indian he offers you hash and you're like Indian hash why not and then the military come on and that guess like you know then I'm then am I paying them or how much trouble in me yeah and that kind of a situation can arise it almost felt like you know they were working together and that perhaps if there was drugs in Ed's bag that you would have had to have paid these military police and then maybe they would have split the profits it kind of seemed like it it was too well oiled yeah it seems like a little bit the timing of it all just seems a little bit too weak that's what for me hey you know what I could just be paranoid and maybe actually being like crazy paranoid but you know like this this is an experience that happened to me and it did just seem to me at least a little bit time savage coincidental so my tip for you would be do not leave your things on the bus if you're an aggressive I don't do that if you dressed up or the bus stops for a toilet break or at a restaurant or whatever take your things off you do not leave them because that that leaves you open to people putting things in your bag it leaves you open to theft it is just safer if you just just keep your belongings with you and whilst this really isn't likely to happen that you leave your bag on a bus and somebody plants drugs in your bag you know it could it could happen and ain't nobody want to go to prison you know especially for drugs that aren't yours especially the drugs that are not mine so now that we've covered buses and trains let's talk about auto rickshaws or tuk tuks hook dogs as you may know they whatever you want to call them let's talk about getting in an auto rickshaw so obviously when you're driving me on the cities in Delhi and Mumbai Varanasi you know these auto rickshaws that everywhere and they are so much fun literally the best way to get around we definitely recommend you you getting in them they're not unsafe they're not really they're not they're not unsafe and I think this probably ties back into money you just gotta haggle don't accept the first price they give you they say it's 200 rupees it's probably 20 yeah you know or 50 but at the same time you know what haggle have a bit of fun and just accept that you're probably gonna pay more than a local person would when you are haggling with prices for tuk-tuks be aware of this it's a scam I'm gonna call it a scam I think it's a scam sometimes talk talks will offer you a price that is really really really cheap and you know what it sounds too good to be true because it is on two separate occasions we got into auto rickshaws and they took us to a map store or like a information tourists and information right and they drop you there and they're like oh yeah just go in there and you can talk to them about tours and you can get a free map which is we had Google Maps on our phone and we had the internet the whole time we were in India so we were like we don't need a map basically we think they're anchor yeah yeah yeah basically the auto rickshaw driving and the tourist information centre usually in some sort of cahoots a relationship and they encourage you to go in and then they heat you would like hardstyle tactics yeah I guess the tip off looking back for us would have been that both of the drivers who pulled up were insisting that the area we were in was unsafe yeah that's so true they pulled up this guy comes up he's like guys you should not be walking around here it's really unsafe and he was so like sincere and he had this like sense of urgency like we had to get in the talk book he's like where do you want to go I'll take you there 20 rupees and we were like oh like this guy is telling us it's unsafe and he's like really like insisting with conviction that this area is unbelievable and so we got in and then obviously he dropped us like 15 minutes from where we needed to be we were like this isn't where we want to go and he's like go in and get a free map so you don't get lost and you don't end up in the dodgy areas again and we were like ah this is a scam so basically how it works if you do go inside the map store the tourists if the tourist information center anything that you purchase any tours that you purchase or anything like that they basically that took took auto rickshaw driver he gets a percentage that's kind of how it works so that's how I think it works anyway was it terribly inconvenient that we had dropped in the wrong spot absolutely but funny though when we talked about it it's kind of it happens it's part of going to India part of traveling these things happen and you laugh about it yeah if you do want to avoid that entire city like some of you might if you're not interested in any of that hassle use an uber or download Ola which is a great app we discovered in India it's now in multiple countries so you've probably already heard of Allah it works and that's the treat when we were there we used it all the time when I discovered it and you know it just saves you the hassle of you know you just pay directly you you've agreed on the price beforehand they have to drop you where you're going yeah like there's that little bit more accountability rather than all making the talk to okay what Eric Schadt so you know that is just another option yeah totally and it's also just like a little bit of peace of mind especially if you like traveling by yourself maybe you're traveling at night and you just want to know that like you're going to be dropped at the place you want to go to jump in and Ola not that expensive and it's just it's just hassle free but if you want to have a bit of fun get in a tuk-tuk auto rickshaw auto rickshaw it'll always be attractive to me because I spent so much time in Southeast Asia it doesn't feel normal in my body to call it an order well and then order erections auto rickshaw as for so many selfies too syllabus too many so I guess would we say that transport in India is unsafe definitely not where there are a few times when we felt a little bit unsafe traveling by bus yes at no point did we have any bad experiences in taxis auto rickshaws or on trains so you know three out of four that's yeah pretty good pretty good I would say local transport in India is pretty safe finally we are gonna be covering probably one of the most controversial of all the four topics we have talked about today and that is safety as a woman now this is a question that we got asked so much and I mean like so much so much in the comments section from our friends from our family to just like pretty much everyone has asked us did I feel safe as a woman traveling in India it's a two-part answer did I feel safe yes did I feel unsafe yes we should go into a little bit more detail and kind of explain what I mean by being safe and unsafe because that's such a yeah first of all let's touch on the differences between curiosity and an actual harassment when we're in India there are a lot of curious people we're very different to local people we're very wide like we like the way humans on earth basically glowy we are very different to two local people and you know there are so many curious people and so many lovely people who invited us into their homes and gave us sweets and made us chai and insist on you come around for dinner just to hang out because they were curious and they wanted to get to know us yeah so when we say curious we mean like there are times and this happened quite a lot when people will stare at you but it's not inherently unsafe it doesn't fear it doesn't really make you feel uncomfortable but just something to know that people will stare at you you look different you dress different you talk different everything about you is different and that is interesting to them there is a point though when that curiosity does kind of cross over into harassment just a little bit and that's when it does start to feel uncomfortable there is a big difference between someone being curious about you and someone harassing you and assaulting you and I think a lot of that has to do with your personal space an example of when curiosity and harassment kind of cross the line is in regards to having selfies so we took thousands of selfies in India and that's fine like we have no problem taking selfies if people want to take selfies but where it kind of crossed the line into making me feel a bit uncomfortable was when men would want to take selfies and be like really close to my face having a stranger like put their face on your face is a bit uncomfortable well abuse without consent yeah you know like there were plenty of times when we had loads of close group selfies where we were you know all up and the maguey buddy-buddy with each other because that was the photo but these people had asked and we had consented to being close and inviting them into our personal space and vice versa whereas I would say they were number of occasions where there's no other way to put it consent was not given and so it felt a little uncomfortable for sure oh I just do want to touch on this one incident that did happen at this time we were in Jaipur which was the second place that we had traveled to in India and we were with a group of friends and we each went out separately in our own little groups and on four separate occasions each of us was sexually assaulted now there was four different women who got sexually harassed or sexually assaulted from the same night in Jaipur and I understand that this is a completely isolated incident this doesn't happen very often but it is something that I want to address because it did happen and it did happen to all four of us basically I was walking down the street and a young boy came up and he just like grabbed my boob like like really like copped a feel and it's funny because I was wearing sweatpants and I was wearing this like big baggy jumper we'd had a really long travel day to get to Jaipur so was not dressed in a provocative manner at all this guy he came and he grabbed my boob like this and then by the time I realized I sort of like stopped and I was like oh my god that guy just grabbed my boob and I set it to Ed and we turned around and he had run off and nothing happened after that except I felt uncomfortable I guess well you you feel unsafe and I think that the worrying thing about this particular incident was this was a teenage boy that's the thing that I find uncomfortable about it is oh obviously your personal safety right then or so this is a teenage boy he obviously knew it was wrong because he lagged it down the street but he did it anyway and that is that is worrying all the other girls in my group very similar things happen to them where they either had their bums grabbed or they had their boobs grabbed or somebody just kind of touched them in a way that made them feel uncomfortable but this was kind of a strange incident you know at the time we were on a tour and the tour later she had extensively travelled India for months doing tours and she had never ever experienced this with any other girl on the triple any other women that were on the trip so I feel like this was just like an isolated incident I do know that it happens in India but I don't want to put you off and I don't want to like I don't want to tell you this and you think like oh if I go to India I am gonna get sexually assaulted because this although it happens it it doesn't happen that often you know yeah and I think you definitely should be treated much like it's treated in any other country we did have the opportunity to speak to a number of locals about it and each of them said that the best thing you can do is just you have to report it to the police and make a scene like there and then make a scene to make the person who did that to you feel really uncomfortable because if you start screaming like did you touch me like did you just grab my boobs like oh but you're gonna make that person feel uncomfortable people around you are gonna notice that you're screaming and then that person like people around you are gonna know that that person has just assaulted somebody and they're gonna do something about it so yeah I think that's the absolute worst thing you could do is do absolutely nothing after that incident did I feel a little bit unsafe walking down the street by myself sometimes yes walking down dark alleys but to be honest I wouldn't recommend walking down dark alleys by yourself as a woman anywhere in the world late at night because it's probably not safe so although it made me feel uncomfortable overall I wouldn't really say that as a woman you're like really unsafe you know don't not travel to India cause you're scared I guess something to keep in mind whereas we are talking about this topic is you know we've said it before there are a lot of people in India and so if you know less than 1% is doing the wrong thing you know that's less than 1% of a billion that's still a large number of people and those people who are that way inclined probably tend to hang around tourists heavy areas so being aware of your personal safety is very important in saying that honestly and you know I'm sure I'm sure Sally will agree that for every one time that something bad happened while we're in India and we fell unsafe in any way we easily met 20 times the amount of people Italy who were just wonderful yeah absolutely went above and beyond and out of their way to make us feel at home with their hospitality so many wonderful things happened don't not travel to India because you're scared that it's not safe because overall it really is very safe you just need to have your wits about you so to answer the question of this video is India safe I think yes yeah I think so anyways guys who he founds video helpful if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe if you haven't already done so and if you thought there was anything we missed out that we really should have included in this video drop us a comment down below what drop us a comment down below and say hi tell us I you a week spin cuz we love hearing from you guys yeah let's not make the comments down below anything super negative because while this is such a bit of a heavy topic bit controversial it's a little bit you know that's like we said for every one negative thing that happened easily 20 great things did we don't want this to put you off traveling to India in any way shape or form that it's not why we made this video we really just wanted to answer some of the questions that we have been getting a lot and to just kind of like you know let you guys know that like nowhere is as unsafe as people tell you it is you know I don't know well I'm maybe don't go to there are certain countries you shouldn't go to but always make good choices and guys [Applause]

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30 thoughts on “Is India safe in 2019?

  1. Hey guys! Quick synopsis of the vid is this: INDIA IS SAFE. You should go. Like EVERY COUNTRY in the world you need to see if you can drink the tap water before you go, be careful where you eat and watch your personal safety. What are some things you guys do to keep safe on the road?

  2. You can carry a chain and a padlock. Indian trains do have hooks underneath the seats to lock your luggage with a chain for extra safety (though most trains have Armed personnels during night hours).

    And for that military issue, foreigners do carry drugs in certain routes and places, for example getting drugs in Varanasi is pretty easy. You can be checked in these places. Just dont carry drugs, and do keep an eye on your luggage.

  3. Sorry sally and ed for what happened to india with u….because of lack of employment these things happening in india …our government is working very fast for this issue…pls take tourist guide or any indian friend with u when moving with foreigner friends so that they can report instantly in police

  4. The biggest mistake what Foreigners do is that they eat street food in India from the Food vendors which even Indians don't consider safe to eat

  5. i am so sorry thet sally was assaulted like that…and in india we really do have a big problem teaching young teenager men about boundaries…internet has made it much better because connectivity has made it clear that this type of shit isnt cool because earlier teenage kids would dare each other to do somrthing like this to boast off among one another and that is simply not okay

  6. wow i have never heard military police behaving that way….but yeah in India Marijuana is not stricty legal…i mean it is legal in Himachal Pradesh,but even then you should not buy drugs from strangers,you can find marijuana at government stores and pharmacies which most people dont even know about…but even then indian military police are very trustworthy and you mentioned they had legit guns…gun laws are very strict here,no one can impersonate military like that…it was probably a routine check and no offence Ed does looks like hippie type

  7. Most honest review!
    Yes, female safety is an issue! Even for Indian women. You should've slapped that teenage boy and that probably would have grabbed the attention of the locals. Locals are helpful in such cases (most of the time). Just create a scene.

    P.S. I loved your vlogs in India. Happy to see you had a good experience. And sorry for the mishaps.

  8. India is safe, unless you think your boobs fondled or your bum pinched is an unsafe thing ! LOL.
    Some uneducated indian men do not have much morality and so treat women like shit. Less than 1% , but they spoil the whole basket .

  9. Agree on the bus rides! A bit sketchy. But the trains are fantastic in India. Such a fantastic sit down you two! Love Aussies in India! ✌😍

  10. One video a week, it's not a request it's an order (with love) to both of you, we are kind of addicted to your videos. Even if don't have a subject to talk to us, just show your lovely faces once in a week. 🤗 We love you "Sally And Ed"

  11. Hey guys the majority of things sounds like India is super safe and food hygiene is great. However womens safety is an extremely important thing for us. I am concerned for my wife if we go to India. There is a lot I want to see and eat but to hear those stories about sexual harassment does really worry me. Thanks for your your honest feedback though really appreciate your first hand experience.

  12. Sally and Ed!!! You both just nailed this video! I am so so so happy that you both were completely honest of your experience in India and told everything that you experienced. Also Sally, I’m so proud of you girl! You opened up about your incident just so that others remain safe. You’re so strong. I really really want to appreciate and thank you both for giving honest opinions on india because most people just go along the stereotype that India is very unsafe. I enjoyed every minute of this video and wish the best for you both! (I wanted to say so much more to you guys but my comment is way too long!) Will always be here to support you both. Hope to see you soon🤗❤️❤️

  13. Indian military is the most trusted thing you could imagine in India, they are there to protect you. many foreigners comes to India to find best quality of weed and Himachal Pradesh is best known for it so it just a coincidence that only you get into limelight.
    Rape and sexual assault is a serious crime in India and government of India is very serious about it therefore they made some strict rule …and punishment leads to imprisonment for 7 years to even "death sentence" in some cases. Indian culture is family oriented society if someone trying to assult in any form create a scene so that it will come to public notice and rest is taken care by them and public shame is big thing in India.
    One tip about traveling in hilly area in buses . keep some candy aur cardamom with you and try to take seat in the front side of the buses that will help you.
    I hope next if you come then you will get a better experience…..

  14. If you want to have nonveg then go to a good place not to street vendors. Restaurants or food stalls are more hygienic than street vendors.
    Himalayan marijuana (ganja or weed) is very popular among white people. Some foreigner go to Himachal for weed or some serious drugs ( coke, brown sugar, heroine,etc). Carrying little amount of weed in local transport is not a crime. May be for the cameras armymen searched you.
    Sorry for the misbehaving people you faced in Rajasthan.

  15. Yeah, the foreigners tend to buy a lot of marijuana on the mountains in India. Marijuana is not legal here. That is why the guy specifically offered Ed to buy marijuana and the police questened Only him. It's a thing, don't feel targeted.

  16. usually the regular police would do such scam as you have suggested guys ..but the military is too serious and honest enough not to do such things you can completely trust them guys

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