Is India’s Healthcare System Broken?

Is India’s Healthcare System Broken?

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23 thoughts on “Is India’s Healthcare System Broken?

  1. Another issue that all the panelists ignored by focussing the entire discussion on doctors. What about the nurses, wardboys, ayahs, technicians and so on. A doctor can't run even a tiny hole in the wall clinic all by himself, he needs support staff.

    So I'm surprised that no one raised the issue of recruitment of thousands of support staff being frozen by state governments from Punjab to Tamil Nadu? Now they are being recruited only on contract/outsourcing basis. No benefits, no job security, no grievance redressal, let alone a pension. Remember, these are not temporary jobs, these people will work for thirty years or more.

    This will surely damage the morale and productivity and ultimately the quality of patient care being provided. Do the right thing and regularise the contract nurses and other support staff!

  2. No system can survive
    unless it is re structured, and re prioritised, and is rescued from being constantly in a fire fighting/makeshift mode.
    If Primary health care,and secondary care is neglected no tertiary care can save the public or reduce mortality.
    We are building mammoth infrastructure projects ,talking of a trillion dollar economy with children dying of lack of basic health care.
    This debate was well done with balanced views from most doctors,and although it was not possible to touch upon each and every issue,it has indeed made a difference to the hyperbole and negative media attention that the profession has received lately.

  3. Wtf? You have no idea how competing army exams and physicals are.
    Stop spreading false news about youth not wanting to join army, I tried for 7 years to get into army. And so did thousands others.

  4. WHERE IS THE DOCTORS AND MEDICINE,WE ARE SUFFERING,BASTARD CORRUPT MEDIA FOR VOTES BATARD RAHUL GANDHI,BITCH MAMTA BANERJI,COMMUNIST AND OPPOSITION STOPSThe overwhelming majority of India's immigrants are from neighboring countries such as Bangladesh (3.2 million), Pakistan (1.1 million), Nepal (540,000) and Sri Lanka (160,000).

  5. 75% of Medical facilities are in Urban areas, 600+ million Indians have access to little or no access to health care

  6. Please bring REGULATION to curb these vulcher private hospitals as I am myself a victim of medical apathy and negligence and doctots are in this profession only to make money and not doing anything called social service which is bullshit.. Also, doctors lack knowledge, no research and that's what they should be doing.

  7. Aamir Khan's Satyamev Jayte series brought up the subject of broken health system in 2012:
    plz watch:

    Since then, neither Congress nor BJP done much to solve this – OK, BJP has started some work.
    However, corruption chain starts from Rs xx Lakh admissions to medical college.

  8. Doctors have become money making machines. Private hospitals only aim is to extract as much money as possible from patients by fooling the patients. It's all business and a murkier one. There is no research by doctors and blunders done by doctors are growing alarmingly. Doctors must introspect and think what they are doing..

  9. Very few people go to the hospitals managed by the State Cooperation or Munpicpality are there in each area, so I would suggest the government big hospitals only except patients who come with a reference from these hospitals by the Coparation like the ESI hospital do sending their patients for tests that is not with them, so we won't have that Ruch, as for emergency rules are there all hospitals should except.

  10. right from the start…in Mumbai medical colleges charge 30 lacs for admission…
    medicines and medical equipments should be charged legitimately and not like exhorbitant prices without any rhyme or reasons
    above all the govt has to step in to take the healthcare system to the next level…

    but alas we never voted for healthcare, education, jobs…….we voted for manufactured fake nationalism….now its our turn to face the music….i hope there are no losses to any person because of negligence negligence

  11. Everything in India is going to be worse for India; of course, you Indians are to blame entirely. Modi has to first make up the money he spent for the election.

  12. It's a fundamental problem which stems from lack of resources and money to create infrastructure along with bad management. The reason why Kerala has better healthcare is because of a relatively low population when compared to WB , UP , Bihar , etc.
    We need to control population and increase per capita income exponentially to address the root of the issue instead of using it to earn political brownie points.

  13. leaving these goons to conduct NEET for us Tamil Nadu is a blunder. These indians are stealing seats from Tamil Nadu!!

  14. System failure.. helth sector Puri tarah failure..private hospital ke uppor koi control nehi hai.. Jo marji billing karte hai..

  15. There are doctors and nurses and paramedical staff and govts are not recruiting the personnel. Why no channel talks of this problem. The channels are interested in Pakistan,Hindu muslim issues. I request the patriotic channels talk about problems faced by people on day to day basis so that govt. Can to do something.

  16. andh Bhakts generally donot come to see such debates, but whenever you see a debate on tweet of Rahul Gandhi bhakts always see that debate, in those debates you will get 27000 views in a day, in this debate we will get hardly 3000 views in a day, and that is a new india

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