Is Jillian Michaels Secretly Doing Keto? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Is Jillian Michaels Secretly Doing Keto? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

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going over viewer comments so Patrick went through the comments found some
interesting ideas comments question questions whatever like we wanted to go
over with you so we’re gonna well again I don’t know what we’re doing so you
think like the the the comments and questions that seem like the most
interesting to me and like question comments that can help put her viewer as
well so let’s go with a few comments on our first first batch chat about Julie
Michael Michaels so okay there’s a few comments and if you question some maybe
just like need some clarification so there’s no they’re not all questions
first coming from Lisa al brass for all the talk I have our hard time believing
that Julianne actually eat carbs I suspect that she is big basically Kido
but that like that her bottom line or personal narrative and her corporate
sponsors weren’t allowed to to own her own truth and not so sure about like the
fact that she she doesn’t eat carbs I think she does she probably eat good
carbs but I think she does it caught my attention because actually it was like
it’s like calling her a liar but I don’t think she’s keto I think more like she
probably eat carbs but she eat the good karma the good carbs yeah so she doesn’t
eat chocolate cookies but she’s probably eating like vegetables and and maybe
canola or like some good I didn’t check her recipe book so the thing about
Jillian Michaels that kind of and again I don’t know how to answer this this
comment because I’m sure I did answer it when it was right here I I’m not sure
what to say here right now because basically if I’m answering the idea that
she eats low-carb although promoting high carb the problem or the the funny
thing about that is is not a strange Marketing thing to do right it’s not a
strange marketing thing to do to work out excessively but then stand in front
of a product and say I eat this way for 30 days and I you know whereas the
person was never overweight so it’s not a strange marketing thing to do am I
suggesting that she’s doing that not at all I really have no idea what Jillian’s
reason eating is sorry I can’t comment on it at all do I think from what she
said that she eats 20 she I don’t I don’t guess that she eats kilo that’s
for sure but did I say that she might eat low
carb and just not just not acknowledge that she eats low carb because I mean I
get most of definition of low carb anything under 120 right so like you’re
saying if she’s eating the good vegetables and that’s where she puts
most of her energy she could be doing a low carb lifestyle and just not
announcing that she’s doing a low carb lifestyle but I think she does like
there’s a also a big difference like between promoting like you said from a
big high carb but I don’t think she’s promoting iCard like she’s promoting a
balanced diet and most even with our gripes with diet dietitians and
nutritionists they don’t promote high carb they promote balanced diets and but
like Indiana balanced diet is some promise and we’re like very close to a
low carb diet if you just like heat the vegetables even if you allow yourself
some more some more starchy vegetable or small like serving of canola or or
better grains you still can be like in that low carb territory easily right so
so I don’t I don’t think they promote like having a big spaghetti plate with
like a tomato sauce for for dinner these they’re still like salad needs and yeah
a little bit of vegetable and more starchy vegetable but like that’s my
understanding of the balanced diet so I think that I will say is I don’t think
that that’s how they’re seeing fast I’m sorry I I really feel like when they
talk about eating bread and eating green but he makes sure it’s whole grain I’m
sorry there’s no way that you’re eating bread on a regular basis and you’re
eating a healthy balanced diet your body isn’t made for that
so like the thing that I want to point out is that whenever you have a scenario
where you where you have a professional that’s promoting you to eat something
that we know is harmful so that they can turn around and either sell you a
product or put you on a medication and I go back to what I was told when I went I
remember when I went to get evaluated for sleep apnea I’m not sure if I’ve
talked about the story before but I went to get evaluated for sleep apnea and
what I was told was oh your situation you know you’re kind of on the edge and
so of course my question was okay so what should I be doing and well it was
like well you could buy the Machine and start using the machine now and for sure
your situation will improve but you’re on the edge so it’s okay to keep going
forward and I’m like what what happens if I keep going forward well you’ll get
more events and it’s like why would I ever choose that as an option why would
I choose to have more events each event is a possible heart attack why would I
choose that but this is the way our system is set up it’s like keep going
forward doing the bad thing until you need the medication or until you need
the machine right and it’s like I mean on the one hand I guess it’s like by the
machine early but in that case it’s a machine it’s blowing air into my face
it’s not like I’m taking something that’s harmful why would I wait for it
to get worse and this is where I was really confused by that but I feel like
it’s just because it’s the way our system is built you you eat the wrong
thing and you do it long enough until oh it’s time you take that medication now
and then you’re on the medication ninety percent of people want to get off the
medication but we’re told but don’t worry you can still eat these grains and
you’re gonna be fine just and it’s not the truth and if it’s not the truth why
are we saying that so do I believe that any version of a diet that where you’re
eating anywhere more than 75 grams of carbs per day is a healthy diet I really
don’t believe so I do not believe that that’s a balanced diet or a healthy diet
or you cannot call that anything that’s positive when our body can only manage
20 to stay in ketosis that’s where our body’s up
to be now you know what I can’t tell people what to do though right like
you’re gonna live your life you’re gonna do whatever it is that you feel
comfortable doing all I can say is after reading more research after watching
more videos of doctors talking about more research that’s coming out after
doing more investigation the more I learn the more I see that eating even 30
to 40 grams of carbs can still be detrimental to you and it’s like it’s
scary because it’s not hard to get to 40 or 50 grams of carbs it’s like so easy
it’s not real we can easily get in there so this is where I come back to what are
we trying to accomplish in this instance you’re asking do I think she eats Lokar
I don’t know the way that this lady talks I really don’t believe that she
even fully understands some of the things that she says he definitely
doesn’t think it was a good idea especially surprising but yeah you know
what I mean I can’t even say that because that I saw her in a video with
another keitel doctor talking about keto so and like and she didn’t seem negative
on it so and I can’t remember which video that which doctor it was he’s a
really tall guy I camera which what his name is right now but I did see that so
I can’t even say that i 100% know that she doesn’t know that kita was good I
feel like there’s a part of me that agrees with this person that her bottom
line depends on saying that it’s not mm-hmm but right like like am I gonna
say that oh no because I don’t know it hurt her market strategies I don’t know
what she does at home I really don’t I can just look at the things she said I
can look at the people that she’s aligned herself with and say do I think
that a balanced diet the way she describes it is a balanced diet I
disagree with that okay second come in that you’ll find interesting from Linda
MacNeil do we need to eat carbs you’re right who do not that’s like we they can
email our very depends on what kind what kind of carbs we are eating are we
eating vegetable and berries or we trying to create an argument for
ready-to-eat cereal we did a great one you did a great great job discussing
this I would like I would qualify the common quality carburetor
our hydrates all plans first for the carbs so my my what caught my attention
there is like in the end a carb is a carb like is there like should we go
like the extra mile to to differentiate carbs like if you have a budget of 25
grams of carbs like whether it’s a quarter or a hate or the cookie or salad
for sure there’s the question of density like nutrition density but how would you
respond to that the thing I want people to think about is the reason that we eat
carbs because we eat carbs because they taste good every single carb you eat is
unnecessary why our body makes carbs and our body makes carbs in such a way that
when it’s making it is making it for a reason because carbohydrates do specific
things in the body all right I just put a video up but this carbohydrates do a
specific thing in the body so if I know that then by eating them I’m giving my
body signals that it doesn’t need to have which is why we end up with
inflammation which is why we end up with with all kind of biological
abnormalities that when you go back 70 years we didn’t happen because we
weren’t eating the level of carbon hardest that we eat today so when I talk
about you know I used to believe and I’m not gonna lie I used to believe that
there was such a thing as a better quality carbon than another because I
thought well if you’re getting my predictions from it that gives it value
for getting this you get if you eat any animal noise nose-to-tail you get
everything you need there really isn’t a reason to eat carp so oh that being said
if you’re gonna get fucked go for the least glycemic that’s together you can
get right now am I going to say that eating at one particular type of lettuce
is a better source of carbohydrates than a specific type of cheese or a specific
type of nut the car is the car but look it doesn’t matter in your body it’s
being converted it’s it’s being utilized in a way that is at the end of the day
your and so there’s going to be more insulin is hitting days then right so
your body is to be forced to do something with that you
know I’m sitting here I’m thinking myself that will be a good comparable
example and it’s like you know what if you have a budget every week for
entertainment but you this week you’re looking and there’s just nothing playing
in the theater and there’s you know nothing that you really feel like going
to do does it mean you still need to spend the five hundred fifty bucks
whatever right if your budget is fifty bucks per week like do you just spend it
because you have it to spend what would you look at that and go okay this week
guess I’m not going out because I can’t right so just because I have a budget
for something doesn’t mean I should be using the budget right you used the
budget for the thing if it makes sense I see so many times where because I have
20 grams of carbs I’m eating right up to that edge of 20 grams and for some
people that doesn’t work for some people your threshold might be 13 your
threshold might be 6 the thing is how are you gonna know your threshold is if
you’re eating for flavor you’re eating so you’re eating for taste rather than
eating for how you feel when I’m eating my meal if I feel satiated do I keep
eating no I saw alright why because it makes sense I’m encouraging everybody
rather than eat a meal based on taste solely I mean I want it to taste good so
I want you to eat this way forever okay I’m not saying that but what I’m saying
is just because those car B things on the plate tastes good doesn’t mean that
it should be your sole focus those car B things taste good yes they encourage you
to eat the meal make sure that you get those proteins and fats in because
that’s what’s gonna build your body those car B things are for fun in the
end Linda’s right B because like 5 grams of carbs coming from broccoli like it’s
so better for your body than 5 grams of carbs coming from ice-cream we know that
it’s gonna spike insulin but like you still get the nutrients and like it’s
it’s a it’s a better so a better quality food to put in your body
although the end result will be the same so what I would say there is the only
thing that makes it to come from the broccoli than to come
from the ice-cream is that along with the five grams of carbs are getting from
the ice-cream there is likely other chemical stuff in that food that’s going
to be harmful to you so that’s why I would say that it’s better but I didn’t
but then going backing up from that what I’m really trying to help people to pay
more attention to is rather than trying to figure out which place can I grab
these carbs from think about satiety when I eat my meal I want to feel
satiated and if putting some broccoli or putting some kale or putting some what
other vegetable can it cabbage put like I’m trying to think of other vegetables
that are like even if you put some potatoes I mean honestly if you put 5
grams worth of potato so 5 grams worth of cars of potatoes if you can manage
potatoes my point is if that’s gonna help you to eat the meal be content with
the meal and be able to walk away saying I had my fill and I’m good that’s what
makes that 5 grams worth while the difference and this is a thing that I
got from dr. Berg and it makes so much sense to me in the beginning and so this
is the difference between someone who’s been doing hito for a few months and
someone who’s been doing hito for a few years in the beginning when you eat that
5 grams of carbs from potato there’s no way you’re gonna be satiated you’re not
that’s like what six put six french fries or like a half of a baked potato
like maybe a quarter of baked potato you’re not going to be satiated however
if you eat that 5 grams of carbs from a salad or that 5 grams of carbs from
broccoli or the amount you get to eat is so much more it helps you to feel like
you had a full meal but fast forward to today I’m trying to think of a small
vegetable that I could eat because I can’t eat potatoes because they’re nice
shades but if you would put a small vegetable in front of me that the carbs
added up fast but like any vegetable that you could put in front of me where
the count adds up faster I’d only get to eat
a small amount and I get to eat my regular amount of meat I’m still
satisfied right I do it often where I have no vegetable on my plate I just
have my meat cuz that’s what I wanted today but the thing is that you can be
satisfied with that when you start to recognize that those vegetables are
giving you fun not nutrients and like well they’re I mean of course some of
the marketing nutrients but they’re giving you more fun than if I were to
eat some liver or eat some other parts of the of the animal I could get those
minerals that I would get from the vegetables so all that being said I do
agree if you’re gonna eat 5 grams of carbs eat the vegetable not the ice
cream that’s a hundred percent this is chemicals the point is if you’re going
to eat 20 grams of veg – you’re not understanding what the diet is really
about because it’s about getting your carbohydrates low the lower the better
because you don’t need them like that the main thing here is you don’t need
them they are an extra and the same way that you wouldn’t just go spend the 50
bucks on a movie that you didn’t care about because when I have the money to
spend don’t spend carton cut your carbs on
food that is unnecessary but again you know if you want really to eat that ice
cream and you organize your day around be able to eat that ice cream and you
eat that 5 and I don’t know how much that’s gonna be like 2 tablespoons but
whatever it is if you’re able to eat that ice cream and be satisfied and go
away wow I’m happy I didn’t do it I’m just suggesting that you try to be
careful not to do it repeatedly because ok next comment
Tommy sigh somebody tell me where do you get your potassium 447 hundred
milligrams grouping so it’s to it that’s why it is an Enzoani potassium is one of
those things that for sure avocado it’s a great place to get potassium not
everybody likes to eat avocado every day I happen to like to do that but not
everybody does the other place that you can get potassium even though it’s not
the best place you can get it in supplements so that’s another
possibility but guess what again we’re going back to the whole carb thing right
most vegetables if you choose your veg well you’re also going to get potassium
so the leafy greens most of the leafy greens have a good amount of potassium
in them so it’s just a matter of like doing your research bananas and they’re
not true that much but the thing is is that if you just do your research you
can find vegetables like leafy green vegetables most of the runs that are
really dark green seem to have a good amount of potassium in them forty-seven
hundred milligrams I mean the truth is most of us don’t get what we’re supposed
to get on a daily basis we’re doing better I think if you’re doing a
ketogenic lifestyle where you do include some vegetables some leafy green
vegetables as a matter of fact any any diet that you’re doing is if you’re
eating a lot of leafy green vegetables you should be getting a good amount of
potassium so I’m going to say that a lot I miss doing the other vegetable or any
other place it I mean we could get potassium you think of anything else I’m
trying to think those are the two means I think maybe brussel sprouts all those
will wake it up but the other thing that you can do is cream of tartar if you can
if you can manage the taste of that like again I can do it so putting a little
bit of that in sand whatever drink you happen to be drinking cold drink usually
works better because it’s a bit fizzy again so if you put in something a bit
busy it’s good and also my favorite supplement for and I’m not sponsor I’m
just saying I love this one I um I I have tried zip is but I actually prefer
um I’m gonna be a veneer Vegas work yeah the Vegas sport I find it’s um it
just tastes nice and you can put it in a bubbly water and it just it just tastes
really good like that so yeah good source yeah but sometimes I
will add a little bit of extra potassium to that because it’s not the highest in
potassium so I will add a little extra cream of tartar that was why I’m saying
I do drink but we’ve googled before like if you
just like Google for i potassium vegetables like you’re gonna try to
avoid the food obviously there are some fruits there are iron potassium Donovan
yeah okay mr. bean 1963 I had an interesting comment that actually we we
won’t have much to say but like it really I think
some alkie toe should be I think you to two years and stick to a piece of
protein animal fats and garnish of fresh fresh above-ground veg for my to two
meals daily no keto bar shakes cakes breads whatsoever all the way like
always reading written on the back of the packet that that professes to be
keto low-carb you will invariably get a shock to see that they’re not like also
yeah their ingredient in sugars and stuff but like I did find interesting
because like piece of meat fatty me veggies leafy greens it’s all like there
is to basically that’s all there is to like me I may add some nuts but like
yeah thing about eating a cuticle that bothers people when you first start so
again I feel like when you’ve been doing it for a few years it bothers you less
because you’re not chasing food but I feel like the thing that bothers people
at the beginning is the fact that all the fun things that you used to eat the
chocolate bars the chips the candies oh my gosh I I’ve been watching you watch a
lot of people and they’re chasing down like keto candies trying to find those
perfect candies that taste like cereals trying to find replacement cereals and I
found it thing about that is that it’s that mindset that I’m still trying to
live the standard American Standard Canadian diet but on keto and not
recognizing that they’re incompatible diets right like it’s like trying to be
a bodybuilder but never working out it is not gonna happen right you either
want to be a bodybuilder you’re gonna work out or you’re gonna be a regular
person you’re not gonna work out they’re incompatible I feel like this is the
same thing if you want to eat all those snacky things then that’s still living a
standard American diet standard Canadian diet way of living and eventually at
least from my experience I watch a lot of people online I’m not going to name
anybody right now so I’m not trying to call anybody out but I see a lot of
people that there are keto and then they’re not keto and then their keto and
then they’re not keto and they’re struggling with their weight and they’re
struggling but then when you look at how they do keto they’re doing keto but with
every single bar shake candy-like your every replacement thing you can pass
we think about their eating and it’s like do you realize that you’re keeping
your mindset around sweet so of course eventually you fall off because your
mindset is still around sweet how would it be different if you allowed yourself
to eat healthy food to show your body and kept those those those treats as
treats you know I’m not saying never eat a bar ever again I mean I think I’ll be
ridiculous for me to say that never eat ice cream or never I’m not saying that
what I’m saying is how will things be different if you’re eating those things
once every month or once every two months rather than having them be part
of your weekly plan would you be falling off as often as you’re falling off
because these people are falling off right because that’s sweet so the
cephalic system kicks in and you just you want it even though what you’re
eating is Kido so there’s no real sugar it tastes like sugar and your brain
can’t tell the difference right remember these artificial sweeteners we created
them they did not exist a thousand years ago our body doesn’t know how to
differentiate them from real sugar you taste that flavor your body
automatically is going into processing putting away sugar because it thinks
sugar is coming right this is when it’s in your mouth this is the part of the
story that people don’t understand and then when you’re chasing sugar real
sugar afterward because you’re not that far away from eating those things you
don’t understand why I’m trying to help people to understand that that’s why I
know I sound like that me down I know it I know I do but if you want to be
healthy if you want to engage with your body in a way that you’re creating the
healthiest possible body for twenty years from now you need to understand
that sugar is not helping you and artificial sweeteners are not helping
you so therefore a lot of these keto snacks and I say it snapped because I
want you pay attention if I’m if I’m looking at it as a ketose snack I’m
gonna snap on it which means I can I’m allowing stuff to have it any day I want
everyone to see all of those items as Keadle treats you don’t take your kids
out for ice cream every week right not even you you party do that like once a
month once every other month why because if you do it every week then
snack right it’s just a regular part of the weekly routine you keep it as a
treat it makes it special but it also helps them not to be overweight but for
ourselves then we’re taking these Keadle treats and we’re treating them like like
they’re an everyday food they’re not right there’s something you keep for
once in a while okay a funny comment that I enjoyed this format but the guy
didn’t have much to say just seemed to be sitting back and listening mostly
maybe a little more back and forth would work better so let us know in the
comments it is something that improved like between the first video and now you
see me talking more common from dark shady belen if someone is an emotional
eater then it surely is a psychological or emotional issue like trauma
I heard Richard Grandin talk about something similar a few months back you
were saying about being thin NLT that is me I looked healthy because I’m thin and
people think thin ACO LP so the emotional eating part that I will say
okay so that the idea that if we are emotional eaters therefore we had to
have had some trauma I wouldn’t say it’s a absolute connection yes there are
people who are emotional ears and have lived a lot of trauma then there are
other people who are emotional eaters but if you look at their life story you
don’t really see a lot of trauma now doesn’t mean does it mean that does it
mean that there really wasn’t any trauma or is it that say just has it they
haven’t verbalized a trauma that’s a possibility so like you know like
there’s always that possibility that the person isn’t seeing something as
traumatic although if they would tell it to me I’d be like uh okay yeah that’s
something right and that’s happened often times in my office where I’ve
known someone for months and months and then they say something is just like
okay you should talk about that so but I just feel though that there are other
reasons that people can become emotional eaters so the thing that I see that I
feel causes people to emotionally eat that
doesn’t have anything to do with trauma it’s coming from a household background
where food was used as a reward coming from a background system where every
time you were sad you were giving food or every time you were doing something
good you were giving food so those are bad situations where you’re being
traumatized by the food it’s just that this is the mistaken idea of the parent
and this is the way to help the child over something I’m not trying to throw
the parents on the bus I’m just saying because they don’t know yeah they do
this behavior but then at the end of the day it’s not helping the child to
accomplish what you would hope this help would accomplish right which is to be
healthy and to be able to make good decisions about their food so I agree I
I do see the possibility that there could have been trauma but I also want
to just point out those there’s other reasons that could be happening and what
about healthy coping well okay so of course and if I remember correctly it
does go on to talk a bit more about that is there more that you want to read it
there okay you were saying about being Tynan an LT and that’s me
I look healthy because I’m ten and people think tending out equal LT but
I’m sorry but I’m not okay but I’m not I like tea I like to use camellia oil a
lot because it has when we get three and six and that helps me retain the healthy
fats I’ve learned that our bodies know they might not know all the best
solutions but our bodies tells tell us when something is not good for us not
healthy for our body and it tells us with low energy with loss of air with
illness it tells us that something is not good for us that is something I’ve
come to have come to rely on aside from consulting my nutritionist so
the interesting thing there and I’m actually happy that the nutritionist is
actually looking at information and we’re feeding it back to her so I make a
the assumption that this is a nutritionist that understands low carb
lifestyle mm-hmm the thing that I find interesting there
is and I’m so I’m she said that she doesn’t think her body knows but I’m
gonna disappear that little part your body actually doesn’t know that’s why
your hair is sitting that’s why your your body’s gives you signals when
healthy right like is it sourced to malfunction and if you pay attention to
the malfunctions then you’ll start to know that okay something is wrong so our
body does know this is what’s interesting is that we have because
we’re human we have this ability to override our body trying to do something
you know animals are very predictable they eat certain things right and if you
want to try to like the only way you can get an animal to eat what it’s not
supposed to eat is to the private of food all together
dogs eat kibble because we won’t let them eat fresh meat but if you give the
dog an option between fresh meat and kibble guess what it goes for every time
it goes for the meat right it knows that that’s what it’s supposed to be eating
so we have that ability to override and we don’t need to be in a situation where
we’re deprived to override it fun who tastes fun and we override for that all
I’m suggesting and I feel like her her comment which kind of points us towards
we can override for so long our body starts to tell us that we’re making a
mistake so the truth is I could be sitting here in front of you at this
weight but very unhealthy I could be I could be eating all the wrong foods
because we know we used to think it was unfair there would be all these people
that’s just heat whatever they wanted to eat and be thin and we used to think how
unfair is that but now you I look back on thing like you know what if I was
eating whatever I wanted and was thin would I have figured out everything I
forget on now and be at a good weight and healthy probably not hmm but it’s
always important for us to recognize that is better to be healthy than to be
there a matter of fact I’ll even take that a step further how many people that
we see who are thin and is clear they’re not healthy they don’t eat right so is
that better no right I would I want to walk around hunger all the time feeling
weak feeling tired just to look thin no we want to be healthy right
I can’t stress this enough I guess I every video that we do I’m saying it we
want to be healthy do the thing that helps your body to work better
so I agree that it’s possible to look healthy be healthy and I mean even that
where I’m going to jump on board second is it because I look thin I look healthy
and that’s not even true sometimes you see thin people leave my
bags under their eyes they don’t have the greatest posture you know they want
super slow and you can tell that that person isn’t healthy all right but we’re
still less thing after because they’re thin mm-hmm you know I look at some of
those football players that they’re massive they’re running on that field
and they’re they’re doing they’re jumping over people and I’m just you
know what in my mind that person is much healthier and that skinny person who can
barely move with your body because at least you’re running and jumping and
moving in right we need to reevaluate our definition of what healthy is and
I’m not suggesting everybody should go out there and be you know a 300 pound
football player my point is we need to reevaluate what we’re calling healthy
because if I can move my body and do all the things that I wanted to do you feel
good have no information feel amazing does it matter if I’m if I’m weighing
more than what is typical for my height that’s the question if my body is
actually functioning well there’s no metabolic markers everything is good and
this is the thing right now we have to ask that question all right because I
think that we get so caught up on I get on boots we get so caught up in fun
foods that we we’ve missed the real important things that so apparently that
was the last comment for this video I definitely want to hear from you guys I
this kind of format I like because I feel like it would be great for us to
talk about the things that you’re bringing up because again we only make
these videos because we’re trying to give you good information so please in
the comments I’d love to see you guys talk say more about things you’d like to
hear me talk about actually can I talk about and yeah we’ll bring you more of
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29 thoughts on “Is Jillian Michaels Secretly Doing Keto? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

  1. Yes, audio is better. However the mics are very sensitive to the position of the speaker, so levels are varying with the speaker's movements. Sometimes lower, sometimes distorted in Pat's case.

  2. I wish I could do 20g consistantly like you Violet. I would probably break under my plateau and lose my last 10 lbs. But I do eat too much sometimes because I love the taste of food. But my diet is basically high fat, moderate protein, and carbs around 50g or less.

  3. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on my comment. Your attention to your followers and your willingness to share your authentic logic is one of the main reasons why I continue to stay tuned to your channel.

  4. Satiated, yes that's the key. Sometimes I go beyond being satiated until I'm full. Then when I'm full, I become uncomfortable. I hate to waste food thought I get to the point to where the wasted food doesn't matter. I'm really starting to understand where my limits are. It's a good feeling to actually know when to quit. I start with a salad and end with meat and vegetables, all the while, remember I'm drinking water with every meal. That's enough to get full really fast. It's getting better and better though. This morning, I had a boiled egg and a Hebrew National beef link. At this point, 2 hours later, I'm still satisfied with that meal until lunch. I learned to cut my breakfast in half and it's working. About those Keto snacks, I can't get into dealing with those types of products. I like to keep my meals and snacks simple and inexpensive. As for Jillian Michael, I think she's suspect. For all we know, she could be faking the funk; time will tell. LOL! Violet and Pat, thanks for another awesome video via "Pat Chat".

  5. Hello, I really enough your videos. I have tried to do keto but I got a headache so bad that I couldn't stand it. How can I avoid this because I would like to try again? Second please talk about women that is older I am not in menopause yet but I am 53 years of age. Is it good for women my age. I do IF and I watch my carbs but I have not make it to keep yet. Thank you!

  6. Dr Axe had Jillian on his show, and she SEEMED like he changed her mind about keto by the end of the video, she even said that— HOWEVER, in light of all the OTHER videos she's done…😂😁💖

  7. I like these videos, very informative. Please talk about mindful eating and give advice on how to control anxiety without binge eating

  8. Thank you for mentioning what food our carnivorous pets should eat! Learning to make a well-balanced species appropriate raw cat food for our kitty was actually what turned me to wondering what would actually be best for US. The keto lifestyle has been a blessing in SO many ways. Thanks for your work!

  9. The sound on Pat's microphone is a bit fuzzy. He moves around a lot and the sound isn't a consistent volume . Sometimes loss and sometimes quieter. Maybe his mic needs to be angled up toward his mouth. (My observations) thanks

  10. I grew up in a large family single parent home. I was taught to appreciate food when I had it because my parent grew up with less so we had to eat everything on or plate regardless of whether it was healthy or not. We lived in survival mode all the time because if rice and corn is all we had thats what we ate. I was always overweight from eating carbs and sugar all my life. Im now 33. Now I'm teaching myself to appreciate food in a different way. Not eating tons of processed foods or little to none. I still have those days when I feel weighed down emotionally and I want to be comforted by food but now that I've been eating low carb I don't feel the comfort anymore. The peach cobbler doesn't give me that same experience as it did. I'm recognizing that my attachment to carby foods is in my head and thank goodness for your videos because I wanted to eat that cookie today but instead I asked myself what will this cookie do to me? It's not going to help. I might be able to fit it in as a treat later but in that state of mind being emotionally driven I didn't want to turn back to food as as a comfort. That is something you helped me to realize. I don't have to give in to these impulses. I control what I eat and why. Thank you Violet and Pat

  11. You’re blowing my mind, Pat. The biggest loser pushes the calorie in/out theory. What you’re saying seems true, except that they do push carbs and dismiss the effects of grains, etc. Honestly, I think beer is no worse than bread, probably better, as it’s fermented.

  12. Insulin isn’t a bad thing, necessarily, it’s anabolic.

    But, we don’t want it to spike. Carbs from vegetables, or even low carb ice cream, do not spike insulin as would high glycemic index or high glycemic load foods. I’ve cream is easy to make at home. The sugar is optional. It’s otherwise keto. No chemicals.

  13. Sound is better! Thank you! After being keto for four years I slipped and had a piece of peach pie yesterday. the rest of the day I craved and ate carbs to total 150, even that I knew it was bad for me. I feel sick this morning and my knees hurt. Back to keto for me.

  14. I’m really interested in adolescent psychology and attention disorders and how these impinge on a young person moving successfully toward a higher outcome at the end of their compulsory schooling years. And now if and how nutritional ketogenic meals could assist young teenagers. I’d love to see you discuss this. Perhaps in regard to 18-23 year olds.

  15. Jillian did appear on a keto show 'doing keto right' with a real keto person – so, I doubt the she is NOT doing keto on the sly. She seem very 'corporate'.

  16. I have never seen your channel before. This is just a comment about the audio. There is a persistent hum in the background, you might try feeding your audio through Audacity to take out the hum. Your space still feels some what 'live' it might be the context where your shooting which is seemly a standard corporate office. If you had bookshelves filled with 'stuff' would help to make the sound more 'dead'. You could try putting up acoustic panels off screen. Have a look at Tech Ingrediants vid about cheaply making effective sound panels for an Anechoic Chamber
    Can I also recommend Booth Junkie
    As ever other YouTubers are your friend try talking to Tech Channels such as Linus Tech Tips (Linus Media Group ) here is a behind the scenes of the channel
    I hope some of that is useful, if it is don't forget to…😋

  17. Avocados, coconuts and macadamias come with carbs—but they're good food. I see carbs as incidental in healthier vegetable matter, and harmful in unhealthy vegetable matter.

  18. This is a great set up. The conversation is informative and I feel the sound is working well. The videos are long for me, I can’t sit for 30+ minutes, so unfortunately I stop watching towards the 3/4 of the video.

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