Is Skipping Breakfast Better for Weight Loss?

Is Skipping Breakfast Better for Weight Loss?

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100 thoughts on “Is Skipping Breakfast Better for Weight Loss?

  1. This is good stuff and I love it but I hope you go into detail of the good stuff that I really want to know more about such as autography, how fasting is cleansing, flushes out dying cells, growth hormone etc.

  2. I have already switched most of my calories to my breakfast. Then just eat a smaller protein heavy meal in the evening.

  3. I must say… I have lost over 40lbs and I definitely have found breakfast a good start to my day. If I skipped breakfast then I found myself ravenous come lunchtime and thus ate way more than necessary.

  4. Dont listen to the haters Dr. Gregor. Im liking these new video styles. I like the energy you have and your character that you put into these videos you make. Dont stop being you!

  5. I’ve been hearing for the last few years that skipping breakfast and fasting longer is better for you and helps with weight loss….so you are saying this isn’t true??

  6. As a kid, for MANY years, I would skip breakfast because I simply just was not hungry! And my energy level was just fine. For many years as a kid, I had no appetite until after school, then I would raid the frig.

  7. On a side note, I've always heard that you should not eat any later than 6 pm, if you really want to lose weight…. Have earlier dinners.

  8. I love seeing you in videos!! It will improve with practice, but I'm a huge fan. I used to binge watch all your videos, until I got caught all the way up! I love your humor and speech patterns. Relaxing and informative! Glad to see you 🙂

  9. I went through an intermittent fasting phase and then my morning hunger went away and I literally wouldn’t want to eat till afternoon. Since then I’ve slowly brought my first meal forward and found only benefits. Break the dogma breakfast skippers!

  10. What if you're just NOT hungry in the morning? I only really feel interest in food at about 11h, at which time I just cook lunch

  11. The data you’re presenting is so important—I thank you so. But, the new format is ghastly and is so distracting, it’s difficult to focus on the data. And isn’t that your goal—to present the data? If so, please stop this distracting format. I’m loving your new book, by the way.

  12. Awesome video Dr. Greager! It's so interesting how our body reacts to food at different times of the day.

  13. Another fat loss video…when will they stop? Is that why Dr. Gregor is so popular because of the fat people population?

  14. GREAT INFO! Where the hell have you been, when I was fasting every morning for 2 years on my stupid intermittent fasting protocol? I KILLED my own testosterone and muscle mass – AND suffered severe hunger! For what? For nothing! #Idiocracy

  15. Great content! Thanks so much! As an aside, noticed a typo in your description: "Here’s a peak" should be "Here’s a peek".

  16. Good one. I had a feeling that this arc would end this way, even though the cliffhanger made us think you might conclude with the corporate conspiracy crap. Here's one other argument: if you are going to get to 30 grams of fiber a day, it's really hard to do from 2 meals, and if you eat one of those meals out, forget it. Fiber is not served in most restaurant meals.

  17. Wow. So my husband gained 10 pounds over the holidays and started this morning fasting in the morning, so essentially skipping breakfast and then I watch this! Maybe he will change his mind now. Lol.

  18. I have spoken to people from some South American countries who've said their governments say lunch is the most important meal of the day. I don't know if everyone is able to take 1 hr for lunch or whatever, but there seems to be some truth to eating earlier in the day. France is thinner than the US and apparently many French workers are still able to take 45 min, 1 hr or more sometimes for lunch.

  19. This is really fascinating. Thanks, Doc. I find I'm least hungry in the morning. I also like to exercise in the morning on an empty stomach; so I never eat breakfast.

  20. If you missed my last video, catch up with: Is Breakfast the Most Important Meal for Weight Loss?

  21. Always follow where the money leads. Always. The plant based/vegan industry is now also worth multi billions and growing incl books, supplements, private retreats/clinics/online health pgms, premade/processed foods, related YT channels and commission based sponsor links, celebrity endorsement etc. Dr Greger hopefully will continue to be a source of objective (credible) science based info minus infomercials or ads. Sadly, the treatment of animals is being lost and sources of news like Daiya owned by Big Pharma co in Japan who do animal testing is lost or the work of activists. Those on YT who used to sold out to cult of celebrity and commercial agendas. Kudos to Dr Greger.

  22. I'm never hungry in the morning until I've been up for at least 2h and been active, a walk to work does it and suddenly I want food. So my body naturally leans toward a slight intermittent fast and when because of work trips I have to eat earlier I end up always bloated and weird. Every single time. For me the breakfast thing is so not true :/

  23. Good info, thank you! If someone wants to do intermittent fasting, they could just skip food/calories later in the day, rather than the morning/breakfast (as I think most do with IF).

  24. Love Dr. Greger's delivery! @4:18 "WHAT?!" Also am absolutely loving the new book How Not to Diet! I've already made some tweaks and am feeling great. Keep up the amazing work!

  25. I guess I'm doing it all wrong again. I mainly miss breakfast because I don't have the energy/time in the morning. Maybe I'm not eating a big enough breakfast to wake me up.

  26. I really like the new video format, with you on the video! So much fun to watch! Thanks for all the information, you are the best!

  27. See I find breakfast to be a gateway drug. Once I kick start my appetite in the morning by eating, I just want to carry on eating all day. But if I fast, I don’t get hungry until 5pm. The only effective way I have found to lose weight is by intermittent fasting

  28. This is sad, bc I'm rarely if ever hungry when I wake and can only do a light breakfast of fruit, a few nuts, tea with ginger and soymilk. If I eat much more I feel like gagging. Main meal is lunch, between 2-4pm. 🌱

  29. Breakfast 2 cups uncooked oats
    2 bananas
    2 Tbsp ground flaxseed
    2 Tbsp raisins
    1/2 cup berries
    1.5 cups oat milk
    Been eating this for years! 💪

  30. I like that, and enjoy Oatmeal, or a smoothie, but,,,,, what if our clocks are different? I seem to eat at the same time just about every morning, even if i wake up at 3 or 6 am I alway's eat at around 9-9:30 every morning!

  31. If I eat breakfast my day is destroyed.
    I get tired and cant stop eating the whole day.
    It might work for some but not for everyone.
    I prefer doing Intermitent FASTING. I have lose weight, ive got a faster metabolism, testosterone levels over the roof and much more energy in the gym and in general.

    Of course With the right VEGAN diet. TONS OF PLANTS, herbs and sea weeds

  32. But what are the other health benefits of skipping breakfast. Aren't there any? I thought that since the body does not have to digest breakfast it can use the energy for cell repair??

  33. I'm never hungry in the morning until lunch time, at lunch I have a 1l green smoothie (blended not extruded) and have nice dinner. So how about the people who don't eat breaky and take a brisk 30" walk to work each day? 😉 I'll skip this medical insight, for once.

  34. Thank you! Just the question I have been asking myself today, and here it comes the sensible explanation – same day delivery.

  35. I just hate eating in the morning. Therefore I changed my eating times. I now eat an early lunch. Like 11 AM and an early dinner, when possible at 5, but not later than 6 PM.

  36. Oy! Does anyone remember the “missing calorie” study, related to tens of thousands of calories going “missing” (i.e. no weight gain) when adding nuts to the diet? Let me know. I’d like to re-read/re-watch that one. 🙂

  37. For those not hungry in the morning, it probably can be changed by adopting new eating habits. Trying eating early even when you aren't hungry and then skipping your dinner for a few days. Or go on 24-48 hour fast. Either of those should make you feel more hungry in the morning.

  38. I think eating all your calories in an 8 hour window is the best thing rather than doing 2 meals a day and overeating supper!💪

  39. The start of this video starting from 1 min onwards is so powerful. Thankyou Dr Greger you are an Icon for truth in Nutrition.

  40. "About" section on Nutrition Facts website states that Dr Greger is a General Practitioner. With respect sir, and to be more specific, are you Board Certified in Family Practice, Internal Medicine, or some other specialty? Also, what has been the nature of your scientific training to qualify you to be doing this investigative work? I ask all this because the lack of these specifics is resulting in skepticism of your credibility on other forums, including ones which have no particular nutritional axe to grind. Thanks.

  41. Could you please do a video on Tofurky sausage? Is it healthy for daily consumption?

    I am working out/training for professional wrestling. Is it okay to make tofurky sausage a daily part of my diet? Right now I have smoothies which are mainly blueberries, tofu, peanut butter, 10 bananas, kale, spinach, flax, hemp, chia seeds, and celery.

    I was thinking of jumping to salads. I was gonna make an oil free dressing with an avacado as the base. The salad would be of arugula, kale, spinach, celery, garbanzo, kidney, and black beans with walnuts. The following meal would be ten bananas mashed into a pudding with chia, flax, hemp seeds, peanut butter, walnuts, and blueberries.

    Anyway with the salads I was thinking of cooking my tofurky sausage with rice and mushrooms. All my greens would come after. What do you think? Is tofurky sausage not healthy enough to be in a person's daily training diet?

  42. The study mentioned here says the weight of breakfast eaters stays the same as non breakfast eaters, even if they ate more calories. I wonder if there is a study that actually shows breakfast eaters LOSING the weight with the same number of calories. Makes intuitive sense, but you don't know until you…. put it to the test!

  43. break fast i practice king and pauper eating largest meal is plant based breakfast modest lunch small salad for dinner… works for this 70 year old

  44. I guess intermittent fasting is out. I was waiting to about 11 am to have breakfast, but I also usually get up later, like 8-9 am.

  45. I generally eat one meal a day. It's never in the morning though. However, during the day I might snack on fruit, seeds, and/or nuts.

  46. It's important that Dr Greger give clear answers at the end of each video, like this one. In the past, his answer or point of view was more ambiguous. Thank you.

  47. intermittent fasting worked very well for me. I'd suggest trying it and seeing what results you get. plus it seems logical that giving your whole digestive system a break each day is a good thing. now to be clear I didn't sktp morning meal every day, but about every other day randomly. i think it probably cut about a thousand calories a week from my overall intake, and that's how i lost weight over time about 1 to 2 lbs a month, 14 lbs. in one year. it also seemed to ramp up my energy, my overall vitality. so give it a try and see what you think

  48. Okay I love you and all, but this new format is going to make it harder for me to force people to watch you.

  49. I can’t believe Greger is in his 40’s he looks so vibrant and focused I thought he was in his 30’s. I’m gonna make sure I get my daily dozen from this day on and live forever without any health problems

  50. Intermittent Fasting doesn’t say skip breakfast people; IF says eat within a window of time. Most people choose to eat later because of lifestyle.

    We don’t move more because we skip breakfast? What a Joke! Come on! Does this guy really look like he moves more than the average guy? Wake up!

    Eat healthier is the key – GBOMBS. A big salad! And, adding some easy and light strength training (yes it’s movement but more than vacuuming) for the weak. Slowly build up some resistance training – AthleanX with some easy resistance bands.

    You will look healthier and be healthier. Next video, “Is using resistance bands good for you?”

  51. Skiping breakfast and lunch is then the best solution to pack weigh with the minimal intake, focus on daily activities and to maximize fast time frame. I think is the most frequent formula found in tribal culture : no overweight issue, scarse food but all whole organic dense nutrients!

  52. But weight loss isn't the ultimate goal, is it? Intermittent fasting is said to be efficient practice for longevity and healthspan. And I find it much easier to skip breakfast than dinner.

  53. Is Sr. Greger looking a little bloated, pasty and unwell? Just a little concerned here, he may need some animal protein rich in nutrients to fix that.
    Breakfast=break fast, what and when you eat it, that is extremely important!! Eat a low glycemic breakfast at 2 pm most days. Maintaining muscle mass, fitness and ideal weight easily.
    A lot of freaking sheep here that enjoy their echo chamber of cognitive dissonance. Go ahead, eat soon after waking and eat every 2 hours, hopefully you don’t wear your pancreas out and become a diabetic.

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