Is the Institute for integrative nutrition course worth buying?

Is the Institute for integrative nutrition course worth buying?

hi in this week's video I'm going to answer one of the most frequently asked questions I get and this video is really for people who are considering becoming health coaches and really want to follow this path the question I get asked the most is is going to the Institute for Integrative Nutrition which I'm going to call I and for short is going to that school worth it what I'm going to do is I'm going to give you some information that will help you decide whether it's worth it for you if you've ever heard of the course and you've looked into it you might be aware of how much it costs it's around six thousand dollars and I remember the first time I called the school to try and find out more information about the school they showed me the price and I was like and is it really gonna be worth it well before I really help you figure out whether it's right for you or not I guess the first thing that I want to say is something is only worth it if it actually is great value for money if you want to pursue health coaching and you want to change people's lives and you want to help people heal and you really care about wellness and this is what you feel is your cooling well doing a course that will help you do that isn't actually expensive particularly if you end up building a career that helps you make play more than six thousand dollars but if on the other hand you find yourself in a situation where you spend six thousand pounds in a course and it gets you nowhere and it doesn't help you build the career that you want it doesn't help you make more money than what you've paid to do the course then that is bad value for money so that is something that I kind of want you to think about as you're going through this which is well this course helped me really build the life that I want and if it will then actually it's great value for money in order to for you to make the right decision on this is instead of thinking about how much does it cost can I afford it ask yourself this question which is do I want to go and if you want to go then try and find a way to make it work because this course might end up being the very thing that you need in your life but if you think I don't really want to do this course then that answers your question and terms of whether it's not worth it for you let's kind of discuss a few things that will help you decide whether it's worth it or not the first thing is what is this program well the health coaching program by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is really an online course for people who want to learn how to become health coaches or if you want to learn about how you can live your healthiest life now some people do you use it to become the health coaches and there are so many different types of health coaches I think I've actually created a separate video on how to become a highly paid health coach where I talk about the different ways people use health coaching to build a business and to be experts and leaders in the wellness industry it's all about what you want to do next in your career the first thing to ask yourself is why do you want to become a health coach and whether I am can help you the Institute for an and great nutrition it is one of the best school for learning how to become a health coach reason why I say this is because they have literally so many students who have changed so many people's lives if you care about helping people if you care about health if you care about wellness if you're always having green smoothies if you love exercising if you love feeling good and helping other people to feel good then ìin is definitely your tribe there are so many people that have books and that are successful that have actually gone to iin and they make literally seven figures some people make six figures some people make an income that is more than what they were earning in their previous job I actually talk more about this in my video my other video which is how to become a highly paid health coach if you want to watch that video then just click on the link above because there I share with you how people have become successful at what they do doing this online program will actually help you help people either through doing online courses or you can work with people privately like one-on-one in-person or online or you can work with groups of people online or in-person you can do retreats you can do workshops or you can just do workout plan and recipe plans and all that sort of stuff there's so many different things that you can do and iron will help you to do this that's really the purpose of this course I found that they're really five things that actually will influence whether this is the right fit for you or not the first thing is if you love health and wellness it makes a massive difference if you are obsessed with health and wellness there's a lot of lessons and a lot of modules where you dive deep into over a hundred dietary theories now these diet theories are so broad and so different that you learn about the different ways people can heal the different ways people can have energy the different ways people can be healthy and if you're not that interested in health and you probably won't be interested in learning over a hundred died she fear ease however if you're someone that loves watching TED Talks and you love listening to podcasts and you love reading blog posts and you love pinning things on Pinterest and you really love learning more about the ways of eating and about the ways of being healthy then this course is definitely for you the second thing that makes I in a good fit is if doing i-n isn't the only thing that you've done in your previous work experience or in your education now the reason I say this is because I do not recommend it to someone who is straight out of university you can do it's gel University but iron works best if you are combining it with something else that you good at so for example there lots of students that were nurses and so they did the health coaching program so they could better help nurse and take care of their patients or they are personal trainers who also want to help patients get better results because with personal training you might create workout plans you might help someone to train but you might struggle to help someone to develop the healthy habits that help them get toned and help them feel confident and without coaching you're really all about helping people develop the healthy habits so they can actually get the results they want and keep the results they want or in my case I worked in business so mine is completely different industry I work too I was a branding person long story short is that I discover that actually the best way for me to combine health coaching with my experience was to help professionals become high performers in what they do so this is all about helping professionals have energy be productive be healthy and happy and that's kind of the basis of a lot of the things that I do if you see my Instagram you'll see me talk a lot about mindset and a lot about productivity and a lot about having energy and that was actually inspired by iin and enabled by ayan it's really a question for you what what what's your experience what's your background and whether you want to combine what you've already done with something else then ion is a great fit because the whole idea is it gives you the tools to better help people in a way that you are interested in and you can also already utilize the skills that you already have the third thing is also your career goals if you want to build a career where you are helping people change their lives and achieve their health and wellness goals and that is something that you would think you would find meaningful and you think you'd find that fulfilling then ion is a great fit for you now if your career goals are something completely different or if you're not yet sure on what you wanted to do with your career and I totally recommend just hitting the pause button and getting clear on what you want to do next in your career because if you know exactly where you want to go it makes it really easy to figure out whether iron is the best fit for you and if you're not quite sure what that is yet then I definitely don't recommend doing this course just yet instead take the time to think about yourself your future what makes you happy and then try and see what would be the best fit for that now if you're not sure what you want to do next in your career I do have separate videos on that so I'll put a link in the description box below I also have a career clarity course which will actually help you get clear on what you want to do next in your career iin it is great for people who either want to heal themselves or people who want to help heal other people and so you have to be willing to – one of the one of the two of them in order for you to get your return on investment and the fourth thing is also how hungry you are to make an impact in this world as someone who has done this I graduated from AI n I believe yeah I agree – from I in three years ago 2016 and it has not been easy to build my business since graduating now I loved I an I will create a separate video on my experience with Diane but I loved it it was actually one of the best things I ever studied I enjoyed way more than Business School I just absolutely loved it but running a business has been difficult and the only thing that has kept me doing this for three years is actually focusing on the impact I want to make the thing that motivates me more than anything is the idea of seeing all women in executive positions and seeing more female leaders and I would love to live in a world where this whole equality thing in the workplace is no longer an issue it's no longer conversation women all over the world are able to get whatever job they want and they're able to reach their full potential so that's what I care about so whenever I'm going through a really hard time I try and think about okay you're going through a really hard time but your job is to help women be high performers and be top performers of what they do and so long as I remember my why that motivates me now after going through all the struggle that I've been through because shortly after I launched my business I got a tumor and then I had a baby so sure I've had some life changes that have made running a business more difficult if you're just getting clear on the impact that I want to make has made it so much easier to push through and to get to a point where now the business is making money like the business is making money I no longer need to do a nine-to-five job and this is my full-time job and I've been making it my full-time job for the past three years this would have been possible if I gave up so you have to ask this question will you give up now if you don't know what kind of impact you want to make that's totally ok I didn't know what impact I wanted to make until I graduated but the key thing is that you are committed to making some impact in the world if you're committed to making some impact in the world then i-n is definitely right for you last but not least it's also about how you prefer to learn one of the questions I've been asked is what is it like learning online and not having to go to a physical classroom and meet teachers in person and see your classmates in person well one thing I know for sure is that I have actually preferred learning and iin and the reason for this is because I had a full time job whilst I was studying I did not have the time nor the interest to go to an actual University and learn that I'd already been to university I've really graduated I've been there done that and I really wanted to learn around my schedule I had an online blog I had a full-time job which is a really challenging job I was working for as a consultant for global brands like Nike L'Oreal Unilever so really big accounts and there were time consuming and being able to do I am basically when it fitted me was perfect and the amazing things that the online classes they had videos and audio lessons and workbooks and all the things that make learning fun for me it was totally right up my street so if you want to be able to have the flexibility to learn as you go and fit it around your schedule then i-n is for you do you fear someone who prefers going to a physical university and meeting a lecturer and doing things that way then maybe iein is not right for you so in summary I've basically shared the key things that I think you need to think about and if if you find it's right for you than awesome that's amazing I'm so excited for you I guess there's no other way for me to explain this than to say that doing i-n was one of the best if not the best decision I ever made for my career I would not be able to live the life that I live if it was not for iin and yeah like there's nothing else that I can say that would really emphasize that point other than just to say at that point it's like by itself anyways if you want to do I in and you want to sign up and you want some information about that then click on the link in the description box below actually be able to email me and I might be able to get you a scholarship or some sort of discount to make it more affordable for you so if you want to do that then simply click on the link in the description box below you can also get sample classes if you want to see have a feel or taste what it's like I'll leave a link of the description box below but it Mae's that's it for me for this week if you have any other questions on iin please let me know by leaving a comment in the box below and I'll be sure to create another video answering your questions alright thank you so much for watching and I shall see you again next week alright bye

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