Isn't Malnourishment proof of Govt's social welfare schemes not helping poor? | The Urban Debate

Isn't Malnourishment proof of Govt's social welfare schemes not helping poor? | The Urban Debate

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16 thoughts on “Isn't Malnourishment proof of Govt's social welfare schemes not helping poor? | The Urban Debate

  1. bastard corrupt BITCH CONVERTED CHRISTIAN Faye D'souza MIRROR NOW,how much u got for this remarks,For TRP u will stoop to any level

  2. WHERE IS THE DOCTORS AND MEDICINE IN 60 YEARS WE ARE SUFFERING,BASTARD CORRUPT MEDIA FOR VOTES BATARD RAHUL GANDHI,BITCH MAMTA BANERJI,COMMUNIST AND OPPOSITION STOPSThe overwhelming majority of India's immigrants are from neighboring countries such as Bangladesh (3.2 million), Pakistan (1.1 million), Nepal (540,000) and Sri Lanka (160,000).

  3. Malnutritioned India..
    Modi giving nutrition to his crony capitalists and the rest he and his party members swallowed and swallowing.

    These netas trampling the people those who elected him to power..

    Modi literally created a huge divisions among society and people..

    Current dispensation least bothered about nations priorities..

    Kamal grow in mud.. Spreading mud across the country..

  4. Koi problem nahi ji, we are the fastest economy in the world. Jai shree ram bolo, sab kuch theek ho jaiga.

  5. Excellent, thought provoking programme on a national shame. My compliments in particular to the anchor: good work!

  6. 15:57 I don't wanna get politics involved
    Okay lady the let's not include the root cause of the problem.
    Please find a glass of water and do the needful.

  7. This can be solved if you take a proper census and house to house how many members are there and if the supply given to them is enough . If in a family and house there are 8 to 9 members they food will not be enough . In some cases they live in a joint family and it gets difficult to manage as their earnings are not so much .
    This problem is there from years, We use to visit slums and go house to house and we use to talk to them . The church use to supply food area wise to some families and cover up so many . Every year they help so many with rations and other essentials.
    I think in my opinion if rations are given to a family of rice, wheat, oil, soji, soya chunks as proteins , milk powder and few essentials. who will take charge of it and no corruption .
    I have seen so many channels they cook food of their own money and get donations and supply food to so many poor children veg and non veg food .
    Every problem has a solution provided changes be made to the best of one's interest .

  8. This is a very sorry state of affair , it is sad that these children have to suffer with no fault of theirs. I have read the papers and seen some channels the mothers are so young and have 4 kids some have 5 and even 6. In some cases when they have girls they want a boy and still believe in patriarchy . Some don't believe in family planning and have a small family . they cannot afford to look after the kids as they don't earn so much .
    They have to be educated about the family planning and balance it. I understand they are malnourished but the mothers get weak too having so many kids at a young age. Both parents have to be briefed up about the kids and family planning .
    It's never too late , you can do it and try to make them understand , it is the life of the kids and the betterment. Every parent wants the best for their kids , they have to take some responsibility too. You have to plan your family.

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