Jailbreak Amazon Fire Devices (New 2019) Easy And Fast Way To Get Kodi, Movies and Live TV For Free

Jailbreak Amazon Fire Devices (New 2019) Easy And Fast Way To Get Kodi, Movies and Live TV For Free

jailbreak the fire TV or any device is a
buzz term that we use to get you guys to click on videos when we’re just trying
to tell you how you can get these apps and other things onto your devices they
are supposed to be there jailbreak is not really the real term
you should use but everybody recognizes it for that and in this video I’m going
to show you the easiest way to get apps such as this this is read movies it’s
very easy to get and you can watch anything you want pretty much for free
there’s no cost to it and also have you guys ever seen this pop up on your
screen you and it prevents you from being able to
use certain apps well I’m going to show you how to get the Google Play Store and
Google Play services all on your device in this jailbreak 20:19 video let’s go in time you will know what it’s like to
lose to feel so desperately better right but to fail read it justice what’s up everybody you in the building
with your old uncle MA and we’re bringing you live game streaming
technology helping you guys continue to cut the cord not pay a whole lot of
money and make those life games and if this is your first time finding my
channel please subscribe to the channel and click that notification veil so
you’re down every time we drop life getting videos if you are already a life
game member please do me one favor share my content because they say we can’t
grow let’s jump into this but first y’all know on this channel we put on two
plus seven glasses of sex is hell because we working on skilling up our
craft bringing you guys are better youtubers paying something better to
look at sponsor for this video IP vanish have you guys ever been sitting there
your internet is running fine and then all of a sudden you just get booted out
or if you go to one of these apps such as droid admin or downloader and all of
a sudden it won’t download it could be because they have booted you and
ipvanish is a very cheap way to avoid that check my video description link so
this is movies play read and basically it’s a terrarium clone I think I’ve
showed you guys this when it first came out a long long time ago and you can get
all these movies it is just like terrarium basically coming here look at
the movies you want to see and you save them to your favorites in the same way
you would do on terrarium go right there and click saying I’m not going to click
in any of those because that’s not the purpose of this video I just want to
show you this is the option you can get with this device and the way we’re going
to show you how to jailbreak the fire stick and so if you have a fire stick or
fire TV device I want you to come to settings and go to where it says my fire
TV give it a click click on developer options both of these a to be buggy and
apps for unknown sources when you first turn it on I’m gonna be off you’re gonna
want to turn those on now when you’re trying to warn you escape out of there
and you’re gonna come over here in the search bar or you can voice speak it and
you’re gonna look for an app called downloader and there it is right there
go ahead and click that all right download it’s gonna look just like that
you want to download it install it and open it up and let’s meet at that home
screen so I’ll show you how to get this this is what you’re going to see when
you get to the home screen I’ve already got this saved into my favorites and I’m
gonna show you guys the URL so that you can get it and shout out to my boy
Audrey Mayfield he put me onto this method this is pretty much his baby so
you guys go check out his youtube channel as well and the URL you’re gonna
want to put in there is misfits mod.com for /mm wiz for its last mmm see it’s on
the screen so you guys don’t have to worry about that I will also leave it in
the video description once you have that add it into your url go ahead and click
it this is basically a gateway to all the ap caid’s and everything you need
for free TV free movies pretty much everything you want for this device and
you don’t have to use file link with this one you can get cody up here you
can get filthy McNasty content and I know some of y’all out there are very
filthy because y’all been clicking on that link and my video description call
unlock her legs ladies watch out if they’ve been clicking that link and
tryin to tell you and you can scroll down here and for those who have been
getting that you need Google Play services and Google Play Store you will
simply come and click these to Google Play Store and Google Play services both
of those are pretty big so they’re gonna take about a minute and a half to
download and then you can come and click let’s see here mob throw if you want
live TV they’ve also got the Morpheus app which is great great for movies and
TV shows and then they’ve got a whole lot of
others in here that you guys can come and play around with we’re just going to
click on one of these we’re going to click on Morpheus apk so you can get
good movies lots of content on that one it’s another way to have something on
your 5 stick so that you can start watching movie content today there it is
you and click install once you get to this point you’ll go ahead and drop down
click done I always click the lead here and then delete there because you don’t
need all this extra stuff when you’re firestick click to the home button and
escape and there are several ways you can get to it my favorite is just going
through the settings and going back to applications manage install applications
and then you scroll down to the app you just got which was Morpheus TVs for us
this time and then you click it and launch it and there it is you got to go
through the disclaimer and then you pick movies for T V shows we’re gonna click
movies for this one you see what’s trending collection is what you can say
will click trending and we’ll scroll on down and test one of these out will
click Avengers and as you can see it’s finding your sources for you as its
populating different sources you would just come over here and pick on the
source that is your favorite one to use I will just go ahead and click on this
one and there you can see it’s giving you more options and then you drop down
click on the HD open load and once you click it it begins to play for you and
I’m gonna escape out of there because I don’t want to get any strikes on my
videos and ladies and gentlemen that’s pretty much it that is the quote unquote
way you can jailbreak your fire TV or fire TV box whichever one you have but
you can save that money and you can make it a fire stick and chill night right at
your home and that’s gonna do it for this video don’t forget to like my video
please comment subscribe and most importantly share share share share as
we prepare to go into 2019 still helping you guys
as much money as possible making those life games and until that next sexy as
hell video I’ll see you you

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19 thoughts on “Jailbreak Amazon Fire Devices (New 2019) Easy And Fast Way To Get Kodi, Movies and Live TV For Free

  1. YOU ARE ALWAYS HERE FOR ME!! I’ve had this second FIRESTICK device for 6 months! Didn’t feel like researching it again..(lazy) BUT HERE YOU HAVE SAVED ME!!! I trust all that you post!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  2. Thanks for sharing brother LAMANT.KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK. Appreciate all you do brother. LOVE your videos. Keep them coming

  3. Can you use this method using your hot spot from ur phone? Bc when i tried to dwmload the url it said no connection😖

  4. Why does every jailbreaking video never speak in layman's terms ever! Of jailbroken fire stick before but I got a new one and decided to give it another go I watch this video and like all other videos that's not the list I had. So….
    What did I do wrong? I downloaded the downloader I opened it underneath home it said browser I am on the browser list there was two Kodi's on the list & zero Google play store or services, no morpheus.apk etc…. somebody help a techy stay at home mom PLEEEEEASE.

  5. BTW, in no way did I mean to insult your video I'm actually so impressed with it and with your personality you didn't shove the sponsor down our throat LOL and honestly I see a black man with a Superman shirt and I'm like yes Jesus I'm subscribed LOL, but married happily. Thanks, Bro!

  6. Will i be able to watch fox channel live stream for nascar races doing this to my firestick? Directtv totally let me down this year

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