Jay Shetty Wins Best Health & Wellness Creator 2019 | Inside the Mind | Jay Shetty | Episode 6

Jay Shetty Wins Best Health & Wellness Creator 2019 | Inside the Mind | Jay Shetty | Episode 6

and the shorty award goes to Jay Shetty thank you so much shorty awards thank you to all of you I feel so grateful and honored to have this the truth is we're in the middle of Mental Health Awareness Month and I feel like thank you it's amazing to see so many creators using their platforms to express their personal mental health challenges to be elevating all the time because that responsibility that we all have to have a positive impact on our own mental health and the mental health of our community and our audience so well done to each and every one of you that are doing that I'm trying my best to everyone who's nominated today thank you for doing what you're doing it's so so important thank you so much have a great night oh yeah really well this is a dog me and Katrina used to work together a huh first yeah and I loved the guest they had here and I used to have a show at HuffPost called follow the reader so I was interviewing guests every day but I loved the guests they had here and I remember coming to Susan and being like I have really want to be a host here like I think it'll be awesome like I'd love to speak to these people and get more powerful messages out there I was just saying I was with Arianna Huffington yesterday and I was with a team and so many people have said no to me and I realized that those are the best things ever so now when I hear no I never get angry I'm just like no it's there's a reason and there's gonna be something much bigger and better afterward everybody please welcome jay Shetty let's hear thanks so much for coming here good to see you thank you I'm so grateful to be here do you think that we have a purpose or we have multiple purposes I think life shifts I think in different phases of our life we have different purposes I think when we're building our careers we have a purpose when people become parents they have a purpose when we're at the beginning of our lives we have different purpose I think purpose is shift and I think our obsession with finding the one purpose is what often takes us away from many amazing ones I love a thought from Albert Einstein where he said that if you can't explain something simply you don't understand it well enough and so when I read something or I hear something my constant fascination is how do I make this really simple a to prove to myself that I understand it and so that actually helps other people too I think one of the biggest challenges we hear about purpose today is that it starts with just something you're passionate about and some people I like find your passion live your passion do what you're passionate about follow your heart and while I think those are all nice phrases and quotes and ideas one other thing that's missing is investing in your passion so for me purposes across four things and this is similar to the aikikai model and it's also similar to the Dharma model but from Vedic and Chinese backgrounds so the model expects you to find something you love something you're good at something the world needs and something that you can be paid for when you find the intersection of those four that's your purpose right there notice how two important facets are something you love but also something you're good at and I think that's often missed sometimes we're doing something we're passionate about but we're horrible I'm terrible at it right like I like playing soccer football and I love playing football but I'm not Cristiano Ronaldo I'm not a world star athlete and so that can't be purposeful I'm okay on average in football thank you guys thank you so much thank you and what I try to do is that you see on my notes what I try and do is we we break we break the person down into what we believe they represent so so we have background life which is more like health mental health and stuff and then culture and so that's what I think Charlemagne has is like the background to him what's his view on like what's his view and life tips and then what is his views on culture because that's what he represents so much and then we have a final five for every guess we just like a quick fire round thank you for the time man appreciate it that's going Jay that's really thanks coming please jump in find a sitting my father was telling me my father was telling me to find a change my behavior and financial my lifestyle I'll gonna end up in jail dead or broke sitting under the tree so when you see things happen to other people you know wise people learn from those mistakes but you know so you know a lot of times you know do you have to go to things yourself you know in order to really learn from that's what I say smart people learn from the old mistakes why people learn from the mistakes of others I wasn't wise then before that always knew that everything was mental like I'd always knew that and ever and it can it can go back to like another bad creation saying everything is mental you don't TLC saying everything is mental you know RZA saying everything is meant to everything starts with your thoughts you know like when they teach you in kindergarten if you can conceive it you can achieve it like you have to be mentally healthy to even have that kind of optimism and you wonder why so many brothers in the hood so many sisters in the hood don't have that kind of optimism it's because they're dealing with the insecurities and their anxiety and depression and just trauma and pain how can I think clearly how can this tool that can change my life which is my brain how can I properly use that if I got all of these you know obstacles and these distractions in my head that are keeping me from thinking optimistically are you the type of man you would want your daughter probably me from 35 to 40 anything before that he'll know you know but but that's honestly think about think about that question like if you got girls are you the type of man that you would want your daughter today like stuff like that is what will help you go out there and get the healing you need if the answer is no you just got to let people grow you got to let people evolve you got to let people make the mistakes you know we're all works in progress I don't know what i'ma be ten years from now yeah I have no idea and guess what I'm fine with that you tell me what I want to do on a professional level yeah I could take some things I want to on a professional level on a personal level I don't want to continue to grow you want to continue to heal I want to be the best diet I can be mentally I want to be the best I can be spiritually gonna be the best I can be emotionally that's what I want to do on a personal level the personal growth is more important to meeting the professional growth so I think we're program that when we hear the word know we're programmed to believe that that's negative right know is seen as a negative in our minds in our brains that's how we make that connection we never connect the word no to a good thing if you're walking through somewhere and you want to go into a shop and someone says no it's closed it feels like it's a bad thing if you're applying for a job and they say no you feel like you've been rejected but actually no when I reflect on it and I look at it in hindsight in my life and I'd encourage you to reflect on it in hindsight in your life think about all the times you've heard no and what new door you've opened because you heard no all the times you heard the word no were actually openings to somewhere new and you found another way and I think that's the beauty that we live in a world today where there are literally multiple paths to your goal when I hear the word no now it's feedback that I'm not ready yet it's feedback that I need to work more it's feedback that I need to become more smart and clever and strategic about what I'm doing and I love that because it's feedback and so when I see Noah's feedback rather than a rejection it means I know what I need to change and then there's the beauty of it that things happen at the right time and what I mean by that is again if you're consistently working hard if you're pushing towards your goals if you're doing what you love you know you're passionate about what you're good at then things will open up at the right time when you like to be able to make more of them

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20 thoughts on “Jay Shetty Wins Best Health & Wellness Creator 2019 | Inside the Mind | Jay Shetty | Episode 6

  1. Sorry sir I luv ur videos but wat about continuous failures ??every single time u r disappointed then wat…??

  2. Jay Shettys videos always make me feel so amazing! My favorite channel… im v versatile and have a lot of different things that I wanna do but he just seems the closest to what I wanna achieve… the speeches, the videos and ppl interactions. It’s all so inspiring🧡

  3. I Salute by my heart .I really amazed . Best genius person you are no doubt . Your thoughts your kindness ❤️ so adorable my best wishes to you 🙏

  4. "No means there's a reason and there's going to be something much bigger and better afterwards." Yes! Thanks Jay!!

  5. Now i find u the most right person to be under guidense of …after a lot distractions & traumas in my life for awhile I felt back the same way when I used to watch ur videos, empowering, worthful of living up my life ….thank u from the bottom of my heart jay…! Definitely u r on the right most purpose…& u also awakened me to choose my right track-"right purpose"!!

  6. Many congratulations Jay! This award is so well deserved, very well done 🤗 You were born for a higher purpose, and so lucky to be young, wise, kind and gracious.. to inspire so many people and sharing your insightful knowledge in a way that connects with every day people in the way you do, makes it even more so very special. Thank you for sharing, and continuing to care about humanity health, wellbeing and truly changing lives. Keep up the good work 🥰 x

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