JECFA. Evaluating the safety of food additives.

JECFA. Evaluating the safety of food additives.

check less an expert committee of international scientists that are experts in food safety these are prominent scientists acknowledged for their scientific excellence from all over the world and they have to agree on the interpretation what the scientific information actually tell us and for example for food additives they then agree upon a safe level of exposure for consumer so that we can eat the food over lifetime without having to worry about our health so I think the safety of food additives is really important I'm a dietician by training I work in food regulation and I'm a mum of young children so discussions about food additive safety come up all the time so working in the area that I do I like being able to say to people you know we assess the safety of food additives they wouldn't be approved if there was any issues of its relation to their safety the scientists are experts in the different disciplines in food safety that can be toxicologists epidemiologists or from other disciplines that are necessary to evaluate the safety of such chemicals in the food supply to assure that our food is safe food additives are important because they serve a multiple number of functions including preserving food and making it economically feasible to store food on the shelf and they also add properties to food that make them more pleasant to consume to me it's a common misunderstanding that food additives are the most danger things to me the most danger things in food are actually the natural toxins and spoiled food I can tell the public out there the consumers out there Tuvia rest assured that a table Joe and the Jaffa expose to a great deal of work to ensure the safety of the food that people eat the work of Czech fire is very important for the consumer for us all the independent advice provided by this world-renowned expert is really based on the scientific data and facts only and the recommendations coming out of Czech far form the basis and fit directly into the development of food safety standards global food safety standards the Codex Alimentarius which is really the global benchmark for the safety of our food supply

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