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Join Bastion

tomorrow we're doing the the GORUCK challenge and we're doing it as a fundraiser for for Bastien it's gonna be 12 hours of fun I guess you'd call it we're gonna be filling packs in our back about 60 pounds depend on big you are and just doing a bunch of kind of military type events so in the in the packs we're carrying bricks so you know each of us carrying four to six bricks to pay out big yard and I'm we're gonna stencil names we're sensing the names of different veterans some of the veterans are guys who passed away and services passed away in combat some of our veterans are still with it's just an honor of their service to the country there are a lot of programs out there that are designed to increase independence in the home and that's great but it's the lack of community that imperils and undermines the ongoing recovery and reintegration for our warriors bastion will change all that by giving you someone a neighbor and a friend who is equally committed to your reintegration we're going to surround you with love and support on a daily basis and at those crucial times that nothing worse than coming home you know wounds it it both mind and body and having to readjust to civilian life it's difficult for the guys and it's difficult for the families so I think this program combining the two is going to be a fantastic thing for us for me coming back from a deployment and then kind of transitioning out of the military it's really kind of a reverse culture shock you know you've especially I think especially with some of the combat MOS is you know you're in for four years or however long you're in you've got a specific purpose you've got a specific mission and then you get out and then it's you know all of a sudden you know what's the point now you know what's that kind of higher purpose what's that mission that I have the beautiful thing about fashion is it's kind of a it's more of kind of a long-term kind of holistic approach it'll make it'll make the warriors feel like they're part of something bigger and that they belong somewhere and that's key that's gonna be a key foundational thing for the physical mental psychological emotional recovery just knowing that they've got that community to fall back on Matthew Thomas Drake I was in the US Army it's like a recent so I received a phone call and the department of casualty affairs said that my son had been wounded and they didn't have a lot to tell me they did not tell me how bad it was they just told me that was just John his arm that's okay he'll be coming home and then a couple days later the neurosurgeon that had operated on him from Iraq called to tell me he was on a plane to Germany and that's when I found out the rest of his injuries about the burns and the damage to his scalp and then the brain injury and life is is different but this adorable family is the biggest reason bachelor is awesome because they they're there for us they were there for me it's a whole community for for us it's a family basically it comes together and is there for the wounded warriors and and they're there for people with injuries and it feels good you got somewhere to go and people that I care all too frequently what happens when that warrior makes that transition makes that leap from post acute care and into the community the community itself is not equipped to make that warrior a viable member participating member of society bastions going to change all that Bastion will be thoughtfully planned and designed to produce a therapeutic environment a a high performance environment and we're going to give each veteran each warrior and family a neighbor who is committed to their recovery and reintegration committed to their well-being and that's that's the whole idea of intentional community to be there on a daily basis and at those crucial times the whole fashion concept just made my heart just pound it's all about it's okay to save the life and it's okay to do rehab but it's all about quality of life and having a life and living and for somebody like Matthew it's not as easy as it is for somebody else typically and the idea I have in the place a community who's all like-minded in supporting and helping and in helping him engage engage in the community and be a part of things allowing him opportunities to help other people within the community to have a purpose and who could ask for anything more in every battle there are places where the momentum can shift where the fate of armies are decided we call these places strongholds Bastion is a new kind of stronghold it is a place to heal a place to find new purpose and renew your commitment to serve

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