Jordane Crantelle’s 7 best green addresses in Los Angeles | City Guide | Vogue Paris

Jordane Crantelle’s 7 best green addresses in Los Angeles | City Guide | Vogue Paris

Hi Vogue, I’m Jordane, welcome to LA. I’m going to take you around the city
for my favorite eco-conscious addresses. I’m from Paris, I moved to Los Angeles about six years ago
after working 10 years for Chanel. And recently I really focused on doing content
for eco-conscious brands. I’m on a new journey
because I’m developing a documentary about what I call “la mode de demain”, which is fashion that respects
the environment and the people. Bienvenue au Detox Market. Hi, how are you? Here, we’re at the Detox Market. So it’s one of my favorite,
if not my favorite beauty stores in LA. And it’s because I use very few products,
but when I do, it’s only natural and it’s the only store
that really creates only natural brands. Everything you have is natural products, right? All natural, all non-toxic,
eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Wow. That’s why I love this place. One of my favorites is Tata Harper and then I would say
that I usually use a lot of oils. I use a few products and I think one thing
that I really do is I change constantly. I never use the same product over and over, and I think my skin reacts well to having
new ingredients and new texture. Ça, c’est une super marque aussi. Herbivore, j’adore, et Osea, j’adore. Osea is another brand that I like
and it’s mainly ocean, algae, seaweed-based and I really love this brand. It’s natural, cruelty-free, non-toxic,
and, for some of the brands, organic. Thank you so much.
Thank you for your help. Thank you. When I used to come to Los Angeles,
I always felt at home – the lifestyle, the people, the energy. It’s more laid-back and at the same time it’s so big,
you have so much diversity, different cities in one city. And I feel LA is a place where you can be free
to be whoever you are. Hi! Hi, how are you? I’m here because I’m a fan of the brand. My next address is Industry Of All Nations. It’s a sustainable brand. They do everything from the fiber that’s organic,
natural dyes, everything’s made… there’s alpaca from Bolivia,
there’s cotton from India, there are natural dyes from India. And actually,
I went to India to visit their facilities where they do natural dyes
and discover how they make the indigo, etc. So, it’s a cool story and a cool brand. Where do you source your fibers? It depends on the production. We source all of our organic cotton
from Southern India, and whenever we have a single production, we try to have every stage of that production
done in a single country. Cool. So, from the organic cotton
to the naturally fermented dye to the buttons to the thread, everything… Everything. …to the packaging. Can you show
– because I know you have in the store – some samples of natural dyes,
what you use ? Is that it? – Yeah.
– That’s right. Because for me, it’s so interesting to see that we actually have
all the resources in nature to have beautiful colors
and we don’t need to use chemicals. No. And this is not necessarily new technology but revitalization. So we use (chebula), acacia,
to make our yellows, orange reds and reds and purples. The indigo, we use fermented indigo. That’s amazing. What’s the story behind the glasses,
the sunglasses? Where are they made and how? They’re handmade in Ethiopia. They’re made with plant fiber. I think for me,
it’s understanding my place in the world, how I want the world to be for my children and respecting it by consuming properly. It’s not about being perfect. I’m not vegan or I didn’t stop buying or… it’s more like mindfulness
when I do buy something. I try to understand where it comes from,
where it goes after… yeah, being conscious and trying to consume less. Now I’m meeting my boyfriend for lunch
at Plant Food and Wine. It’s a vegan restaurant
by the chef Matthew Kenney. Let’s go! I think I like a mix of French cuisine
and Californian cuisine. So it’s where it meets in between,
which I feel I actually am right now, between the French culture
and the American culture, it’s the same for the cuisine. Plant Food and Wine is one
of my favorite vegan restaurants. I’m not a vegan myself. I’d say that I eat healthy
and I eat a little bit of everything. So I guess flexitarian
is what you would call my diet. And I love this place because of the backyard,
because of the outdoor. The food’s really clean and the chef Matthew Kenney is really one
of the pioneers of vegan cuisine. This is a specialty here,
we make all these cheeses in-house using cashews,
so they’re completely vegan. So you have a spirulina blue cheese right here. This is the (porcini) truffle. This is a pepperjack cheddar. Cool! All right, enjoy. Thank you. My mom is a naturopath, so I grew up eating organic food
since I was a child. So I’ve always been mindful of what you eat,
what you put in your body and what it does to yourself. I try to diversify, I try to eat seasonal, local. I think that’s really important and that’s a way
to be mindful about the environment. Liam’s from Venice Beach, so we’re going to ask him how it was
when you grew up here. Yeah, it was almost unrecognizable. Actually, this restaurant house
was one of the only restaurants on Abbott Kinney. Basically, there was just artists
and people who had come here to work the docks, old families that had worked the docks
back in the ’50s and ’60s. It was a lot grittier than it is now
and it was a skateboard, surf culture, ground zero. A lot of the original California shapers
are from around here, like Zephyr boards,
we saw them in “Dogtown and Z-Boys”. And we’d skate down at the beach
and that was basically the people that were here. Ciao. Living sustainably in LA, I’d say,
is easier than in Paris for me. They have really cool healthy restaurants,
they have all these juice bars. It’s more available. Now I’m taking you to my favorite juice place,
which is called Moon Juice. It’s on Rose Avenue, it’s in Venice Beach,
so it’s still my neighborhood. I usually do green juices. This one has cucumber, parsley, kale, celery. I usually don’t really like sweet juice,
so that’s why I go for the green one. I think I will always be a Parisian, but I’m really adapting well to this lifestyle,
I have to say. I don’t think it’s too hard for me
to be an Angelino either. So here, we’re in Platform, it’s in Culver City. It’s a cool curation of fashion,
good restaurants and beauty spots, my go to for the non-toxic nail salon,
which is Tenoverten. This is where I’m bringing you today. Today I’m doing a pedicure
and I don’t know which color. Maybe a gray, actually. Oui, allez pour le gris. They use non-toxic products. I have a very sensitive skin, really have to be careful
of the ingredients they use. And Tenoverten is the one place
where it’s all clean and non-toxic. I usually don’t do my nails that often,
to be honest, only in the summer, but when I do, it has to be natural. So here, we are in downtown LA,
in the art district, at The Row. It’s like a shopping center
where you find restaurants, retail and one of my favorite stores, Galerie LA, which is like a concept store
with only sustainable brands. Hi. – Good to see you.
– Long time no see. We are an ethical concept store and we host all emerging brands
who have sustainable production practices, meaning they either work with artisans,
everything is ethically made, our brands know their factories, they know that their workers
are getting paid fair wages. We have posed a lot of LA-based brands,
they manufacture everything here in LA. A lot of our brands use eco-friendly materials. And I know you rotate the brands, right? Yes, every three months
we get in new brands and new products, so we always keep it fresh. That’s very LA. This is such a cute little set. Would you like to try? I’m all about comfort, guys. Since I moved from Paris,
LA is about comfort. Laid-back, nothing too tight. Exactly. Now I decided not to shop anything new anymore, it’s either second-hand, vintage
or sustainable when it’s new. So Galerie LA is where I go for that. Since I moved here six years ago,
the district has completely changed. It’s popping, like galleries, the art scene,
the fashion scene, restaurants, etc. Within the last 10 years, probably,
it’s completely changed and got renovated and I’d say it’s maybe
the Brooklyn or the Marais of LA, which is really where you go to
for the newest, coolest restaurant or store. We’re now in Little Tokyo, in one of my favorite vintage stores in LA
– Raggedy Threads. For me, it’s the most well-curated and a few of my favorite pieces
are old denim khaki jackets, but the one thing I really always look for
is the 501 Levis. That’s what I’m wearing, it’s vintage
and that’s what I’m always looking for. If it’s not sustainable,
I wear second-hand or vintage just because I think a piece of clothing
can have so many lives. And so, for me,
it makes sense to donate my own clothes and buy clothes that have been used before. I think what really is important
is listening to yourself and you only know what is good for you, and then just try to really stick with it. Salut Vogue! And don’t forget to subscribe.

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