what the fuck is up new to it is your boy Jay first off the first video which was the addition so if we have not watch this video go watch it right now but you know I'm saying it I can see by the title it's video this is the hygiene so this is a very requested yeah yeah hygiene is pretty horrible it's gotten pretty bad mainly the guys mainly the niggas house gosh it be what's the word horrific and niggas look horrific and I'm is this it's crazy that child really believe that y'all wanna get girls looking the way you look and it'd be funny if you funny man just looking at y'all get rejected I'll be with girls let me reject y'all simple because out ugly and after they reject our they be lame that's the only reason I why no I need something nigga cuz in hell you know something like that open that shot no sir I got the juice for you I got the juice for y'all niggas laughing let's out there and which I need which I gotta do to look good you know what I'm saying to look good so hey thanks for it's nothing I'm crazy I'm crazy this book no no no no no no no no no like this fucking video scare my fuckin Johnny Depp fucking bill says no we're not fucking follows niggas in this bitch yeah my shit right though ed machine I'm fucking with that shit so your first things first um y'all niggas need to learn that doing your hygiene is in no kind of way in no shape or form game at all if you think that shit is gay then bitch then is the reason why you get no fucking hold because you don't you don't want to be clean you don't want to look good you don't say and like I told y'all in a bit in the video I really be having these conversations with girls and actually be walking with like my best friend and shit y'all be coming up is shit and they fucking reject y'all something because mmm you got crusty guys you know all kinds of leading shit in your hair nice and your breath smells like fucking trashes ass trash ass not only ads not fucking your trash a bitch trash as horrific ass shit fuck y'all niggas doing a man and it's fake to pull off what the fuck be wrong with dog I'm gonna help y'all I know y'all niggas old time I'm gonna be honest I'm the OPR so first things first man your face um a lot of guys they don't like to put stuff on a face some because they think is gay I get it do I look gay I might do am i gay fuck no nothing say so I hate that hope I hate that homophobic as shit oh just look gay this song paint on this smell gate bitch you're gay dumb ass nigga that's why you'll get all fuckin old cuz you're gay that's what I'm sayin y'all gotta learn to clean your face not only clean your face exfoliate I I cannot stress this enough exfoliation is very important it cleans your pores out it cleans out it don't over the years do y'all know over the years all the dark that is flowing to your face has just melted on a beach you just got buku pimples buku blackheads just a nasty-ass face beauty and you're wondering why this shit it's not coming off you keep on pumping on bitches do i on pimples fuck know why cuz i I have been exfoliating for a while and it's my face is now here is clean I can put anything on my face and it would not ruin it something because I have exfoliated it enough so that my shit is clear my shit is clean and I get all the compliments in the world I'm not being arrogant doing nothing I'm just saying you can't expect anybody to come up to you you can't expect to come up to anybody and expect to get them looking crazy as fuck no I'm saying so first thing is for you – sometimes foliate your face man I feel them it's I have cleaning clear deep action shit it really really really really really works really really really really good you're on them saying as you can see I was living witness you know I'm saying so find some toys fully to exfoliate our face man don't nobody even have to know that you exfoliate your face that that just would be wrong with our hands niggas man don't nobody know whoopee going around in your fucking house it's all right treat your soul broke Pirie real fucking talks and take care of yourself people you try to take care of somebody else or try to get somebody fucking knows take care of yourself honey second thing I gotta let y'all know man y'all hair now I know a lot of people not not only way of getting no mo they wanna have a hell you know puffed out and shit like that with the motherfucking sponge and shit that is so cool man tighten that shit up tighten it up but I hate seeing all this shit and it's not tighten up don't get me wrong I used to had it it's this picture right fucking you I use a headache it was all curly and I had it tight but I used to have that shit and I hate seeing people that just be wearing it shit and just be looking ugly Esther this looks bad y'all like real tow tonight get your line up get you a nice fade don't get no ball that fade that stops right here and got the health and right here it all right that's just that she looks fucking hey what the fuck would you do that to yourself don't fucking do that get a fade gonna fade get a fucking fade I'm saying um clean your hair you're gonna shampoo every single day but please and what I mean please I mean PL das ii please wash your hair you don't have to wash it watching like maybe two times out of the week not even that condition very very you can condition every day conditioning is nice for year and but you don't have to do this shit every day but I want y'all to just start cleaning your hair Sunday it's gonna look a lot better I promise y'all the whole is not gonna talk about y'all behind y'all back good sign y'all be mad when y'all find some shit out but bull when it nigga tell you that shit I'm gonna spot you bein mad like but now you putting ourselves in positions to get fucked over to get rejected and wondering why y'all get rejected nigga you're crece nigga you're dusty come on Bo fix a heifer next thing you know understand y'all like Queen Yaya is number y'all know damn well when I was a little kid your mama got the q-tips and I'm saying she told you don't go in too far cuz then she'd go hurt no I'm sayin but got even clean there's no more I'll be walking around in I'll be having y'all here phone with the same that's the main reason why I have your headphones in and when you take the headphones off do business got all the motherfucking it wax in the world on the bitch the bitch is open anyway I'll be like ah damn no st. clean to use clean new bitches and you're gonna hear better you'll be able to hear better you go baby to hit hose kit you gonna be able to hear that ask happen you gonna be able to hit it you can't hear it without their waxen get you clean this shit up next thing man y'all mother fucking left stop son I love y'all smoke weed a lot of us smoke we I'm not gonna put y'all in that category a lot of us smoke weed and we have that that sometimes cigar breath that sick of up – sick or birthday cigarette bluffing on the same and that shit does not really smell nice it does not at all which I need to do listen chief every single day morning and night I know it it's not gonna kill the smell but it's going to lesser this smell because you cleaning it more like this the ring please like I don't use history no mo cuz I think this shit like for old people but I visioned them old people and God knows think there is drift like you stank your buffers person I'm talking to the holes – cos y'all be having some stank ass trip to be trying to kiss niggas and shit best money my fuckin ass I'd be like man fuck the Hollies I say bullshit Eve man huh and you don't have to do it at night every single night I know that's not a lot of people's routines but Charlotte try to do it sometimes at night is is gonna really help it's gonna help over time you're gonna see it helped me also like it's either gonna be a wider your gums are gonna get pink I got some black ears fucking guns boy god damn do you know what that means do y'all know what black gums me that means you don't mother fucking brush your teeth that means you don't you don't brush your teeth also a white tongue oh why danced on a Miss Universal teen pity you don't brush your tongue that's why you bris from a life look at how our tuxes you show since night y'all my brother used to stank I'm talking about I used to brush my teeth I mean I don't know what I don't know if I was listening for like I saw the time or like I didn't know how to pushing something but how people use always you like Josh Oberst I mean I'd be like I don't know but guess who don't get some compliments no move not this fucking niggers I say don't fucking play that she but brush your teeth man like you oh look Bush all that I'm telling you I smile help it's gonna help is going to fucking help next thing I gotta let y'all know man your nails your toenails no I'm saying your hands and your feet hands and feet you know I'm saying this is where the gay shit comes in no I'm saying yo look at my nails but I don't get them pedicure and then like that and I'm saying if you see my toes they look exactly the same what do I do first of all I wash my fucking hands when I tell y'all 80% of niggers that use bathrooms do not wash their hands it is a fucking fact I was in I was in winn-dixie yesterday and I had to go to the bathroom I wouldn't install I came out the store to guys who's in the bathroom whatever come out I'm washing my hands both of them niggas zipped up and walk the fuck out I was like got some trifling ass fucking nigga couch trifling is kill and be putting out hands on the out girls faces in shit and don't be washing your hands I hope y'all ladies or hearing this y'all niggas do not wash their hands when they come out the bathroom ever fucking ever this shit is fucking sad I'm telling y'all eighty percent eighty fucking percent it happens at stadiums eight games and shit like this niggas well in that bitch piss take a shit zip it up get the fuck out it's trifling buddies true wash your hands watching on top of that guy fingernails not only dougie but mushy hands gonna eliminate that problem I got some long ass nigga nails which I want to be bitches or something so when I tell ya I know so many dudes with long-ass fingernails and bitches they not really don't you think this is wrong for no fucking reason fuck women don't like this shit if you try to figure out a girl with some goddamn long hands fingernails first of all a bitch that shit go fucking her sacred ball shit go mother fucking leave your ass cuz your motherfucking nasty and swell hygiene simple shit make yourself look good make yourself look good make yourself look good why why do y'all want to look like bones mike is hobos I wouldn't want to look like that and I thought just you know saying I don't but yeah hygiene is very important um all this shit we talked about you know I'm saying take heed to it passes information oh it's gonna help somebody it's gonna help you I'm saying help yourself help somebody else if somebody else helps somebody owes no I'm saying it's all about helping because all my personal information she liked it like next time that y'all know y'all be having close to your eyes but this is all it takes watching your face I am close to my ass I'm just saying that's all it takes just a little wipe like this y'all be hey girl I think I think my pops kind of like catch it or something like this I don't know what do you call it but it's it's catch something I don't know what the fuck is called but y'all knew didn't she clean nose out boogers are very very very very normal you're gonna have boogers when you see them bitches get them home oh I I have no idea how you put how you prevent real good um boogers but hey get him out when you see him cuz if somebody else seal they are you gonna let you know or not let you know and look like a fool and after they that you know you're gonna be like oh how long I had this booger in my nose if you will take the time out look in the fucking mirror at your soap see what you need to fix revaluation so fix yourself in you know go out and look good have your fun you know I'm saying don't go out looking baby child just thanking I'm time my mom fucking nails dirty as fuck your hair dirt is shit I wouldn't want a day no party like that's hoes two girls two women – I'm talking about – man hygiene hygiene no I'm saying I love God me I would I really fucking do understand I really appreciate every supporting on this page if we all subscribe everybody watch this video right now I'm pretty sure this video is gonna get maybe a thousand two thousand views depending on how it's volcano how its spread out or something like that for anybody out if you want now subscribe my channel please do that um I'm gonna upcoming I'm and really I really believed it I really believe in God he's gonna do so no no no no

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