JUNE WELLNESS HAUL | Essential OIls + Non-Toxic Products | Becca Bristow

JUNE WELLNESS HAUL | Essential OIls + Non-Toxic Products | Becca Bristow

hey guys welcome back to my channel so in today's video I'm gonna be doing my monthly wellness haul of my essential rewards order from young living so I'm a young living member I am obsessed with the company I'm obsessive subtlety I am on there like rewards program it's called a central awards and I place an order every month you don't have to be on it but it's amazing and basically I get like 20 percent cashback on like everything that I order and I you know we get so much more stuff from their like household stuff and supplements and skincare and makeup and all of those things so it just kind of makes total sense to be on it and get all that cash back so I have this huge box right here was a big box this month and I'm gonna be sharing with you everything that I can up so let's get started okay first things first we got a ton of Big Shot you guys so let me grab this big ol box so this is a ningxia read this is actually the ningxia I'm gonna put this down the thing shut er kit so if you're young remember you don't know about this yet so if you a drink ningxia everyday like we do it's basically like a insanely high antioxidant drink that you it's like kind of um it's like a puree and you only need like a shot or two a day to get an insane amount of antioxidants so like I mean so much more than you can get from like you know blueberries or something like that and it's made from goji berries so I'll show you the big bottles what they look like so I never really show these on ER hauls because I haven't had to buy it because I ended up getting like a free year supply of it but we do drink it every single day so now that our year supply has unfortunately run out I'm gonna be ordering this all the time so with the ER kit you actually get four bottles and then you get a ton of these are like the single packets which is really nice we definitely go through or we use the bottles more than we use the packets but the packets are nice especially for summertime we're traveling all the time to the beach we have some trips coming up and it's nice to just be able to have our Ning show on the go but so we'll be good for like the next two months with this big nation of ER kit but the ER kit is like the cheapest per ounce it's like the most affordable way to get your name show and it's so freakin worth that you guys this is like such an amazing thing to support your body antioxidants are huge they do so much with keep you know keeping our oxidative oxidative stress levels down so so important I have a whole video a nutrition 101 video on antioxidants if you haven't seen it go watch it and this is just a way to like flood your body with them with antioxidants easily every single day with just like a quick little shot so easy and it's also really good with just like a splash of it in sparkling water if you want like a yummy drink I could talk about make sure all day it's so powerful so incredible we drink it daily and it is so worth the investment in your health a little bit every day it makes a huge difference okay so then I'm just gonna go over some products that I've picked up so it actually did a restock of some of my favorite stealing's product so I got the seedlings this is the baby oil and I use this on hayden all the time I love layering it with the lotion after bath time so after she's out of the bath I use the baby oil and then I will go in with the lotion as well this is a lotion and she is six months old and I'm just now repurchasing these and I still have some left so they've lasted me really long time I use the lotion on her every single day I also love their diaper rash cream it's so good it works so well and obviously it doesn't have any scary ingredients you guys do have to be so careful like so many of the products that are out there like personal care products that are out there on the market in the US for adults and babies especially they are filled with scared stuff that disrupt hormones they can increase our cancer risk they can mess with like our lungs like giving us you know breathing issues they can irritate skin there's just so many things so many chemicals that are in our products that are like unregulated and that we don't even know about if they're you know in like fragrance so just be really careful out there guys do your research trying find products that you know you can trust and that are safe and are not just like marketed as natural but truly are natural and don't have any of the scary stuff in their fragrance is a big one so for me I mean for all of us in our family but especially Haden I do not want all that stuff going on her tiny little body there's like studies that show that even in URL like babies like their corn blood is tested and they already have like upwards of like 300 toxic chemicals found in their blood so we got to be more careful because the regulations that are supposed to be regulating our products are not very careful so seedlings I absolutely love they are totally safe and non-toxic and they have a little bit of essential oils in there obviously which I love so she's getting like tiny little doses of essential oils to support her body and they smell amazing because of the oils it's like the most lovely light baby scent ever okay and then speaking of seedlings I also got three packs of the seedlings wipes so this is actually the first time I tried these I don't know what has taken me so long but I'm so excited to try them they smell amazing you can smell them through the package so it comes with 72 wipes and I got a pack of three and they will last a while so obviously these you know our baby wipes so you would use them for as baby wipes but a little fun hack is I know a lot of people use these actually to replace dryer sheets if they don't want to use full balls and put oils on them you can just throw one of these in there and the smell like the seedlings line it just has such like a light fresh scent so it's actually perfect for laundry and they are like really thick durable baby wipes from like what I've seen in like videos and stuff I'm excited to try them for myself and you can tell like this package is thick you can feel because it feels like like wet towels in there honestly so pretty cool so I'm really excited to try those ok the next product that we picked up this is another restock and this is the lavender hand and body lotion you guys it smells you can still actually through this it smells so good so we like to keep this on our either mat or a nightstand I love moisture arms in my hands before I go to sleep anyway but it's just kind of an added bonus that it has lavender in there so it's like very calming and dreamy and anything like the Young Living lavender smells so good I never was like a fan of lavender I never liked the smell but that's because I don't like lavender fragrance like the artificial smell of lavender but turns out I love the actual plant I think it smells amazing so I am like obsessed with this I also love the lavender and body wash another restock something the Bristow sold could not be without and that is the chocolate protein powder Matt eats us every single day in a protein shake I have like he'll make me a protein shake every now and again I'm not like an everyday protein shake kind of person but I do like them every once in a while and this one is like delectable you guys this is the best chocolate tasting protein powder I have ever tried it is so creamy it is not chalky in the least and the flavor is just like spot-on you know I like protein powders can have that like fake sweet aftertaste and you're just like I can tell this is a protein powder this literally tastes like a milkshake like I am not kidding it is like the best protein powder I have ever tried and I feel like I've tried a lot through the years so cannot recommend this enough if you haven't put this on your er order yet do it I also love the vanilla spice it's really good but I prefer I would if I had to pick I would prefer the chocolate okay those are all of the products for this order and now I'm gonna run through the oils and then the end I'm gonna share with you guys all of the things that I got for free this month I got like a couple hundred dollars worth of free stuff and I do want every single order which is cool and actually really crazy so I'll go over that at the end but I got a bottle of grapefruit i order grapefruits every single month because if you follow my clove and arrow essentials Instagram I am diffusing grapefruit all the time I don't think a day goes by that I don't diffuse it it's just my favorite citrus it's just so happy it smells good mixed with anything love it so much and then also I get a big bottle of lemon as well because we just go through lemon like crazy Matt loves lemon is probably one of his favorite oils i diffuse it all the time quite as much as grapefruit but probably on a very regular basis so we just go through those two really quickly and I just leave them on my er order which by the way if you don't know it's not like you set up like a subscription order and they send you the same stuff every time you edit it month to month or if you just want to get like a bottle of lavender every single month and maybe something else you like and never edit it they'll just keep setting that if that's what you want totally up to you so I just leave the grapefruit and lemon on my order I don't like delete them and I just make sure that I get them every month and they don't like forget to add them which is really nice okay so a couple other oils so a bottle of juba flex I've been going through this every single month this is like if you have the reference guide or the reference like app definitely look up to the flex it's kind of a really really cool oil it's like for supporting the liver and I've just been using this daily just to kind of help support my body with its own natural detox pathways and just kind of like supporting that and helping my body do it's supposed to do so that's Juma flex and what else but also I've got a big bottle of endo flex this is an amazing oil for supporting the thyroid we have some like really crazy testimonies in our Facebook groups of ladies pretty much who started using this and like the pretty remarkable changes they've seen in their thyroid function especially those who have had like issues with like or maybe like an unhealthy thyroid in the past so endo flex is really really amazing for supporting the thyroid and I like to like roll it right down my throat every single day right over my thyroid and it's been a long time since I've had to restock this bad boy it lasts me a really long time so that's a no flex it also smells like really experimenting and really yummy I love the smell okay a couple more oils one which is totally new to me and that is carrot seed so I never hear people talk about this oil but if you follow me on my cloven arrow Instagram recently I shared I made a roller for that lovely you know those bumps on your arms and I also have been starting to get them on my legs it just seems to have gotten worse postpartum so I made a roller with lavender Frank and tea tree and it definitely helped they're not gone but I do think that it helped like diminish them especially on my legs and almost completely gone my legs however I wanted to see if I could make it even more effective and when I was doing some research on those really pesky bumps this oil carrot seed kept coming up so I am going to add this to that roller I was using to see even like bumps up the effectiveness and I've heard people say that this like really was a game changer for them in supporting their skin and for it to just be healthy and the way that it's supposed to be so I'm really excited to try that out ok the next oil oh I love this oil so much and I actually ran out about midway through last month and I was very sad because I've just been like into applying it topically all the time recently and that is sacred mountain this oil does not get talked about enough this is probably one of my top favorite oils it's funny when I was pregnant um I was like really turned off by the smell I like loved it before pregnancy and then during pregnancy like not that it made me sick but it just smelled totally different to me and I was just like over it um but ever since having Hayden is slowly I've been getting back into using in this blend and I'm just like just as in love with it as I was before if you like valor you're going to love sacred mountain because it has like kind of that sweet smell it's so so good and I love using it it's like a really good like grounding emotional support oil and also it just rocks as a perfume mixing this with inner child as a perfume is so good so anyway sacrum Ellen I've been applying it all the time recently I love adding this to rollers I love diffusing it just like literally in all of the ways besides suggesting it I just love this oil so much ok now I'm gonna share with you guys freebies for this month all the things that I got for free so first things first we got two bottles of citronella totally for free so both Matt and I actually place an er order every month this is like our combined orders and we both hit like the first level to get pretty citronella oil so that's why we always get two usually I'd like the first promo so citronella is you know just like you would use citronella candles outside to keep all of the you know annoying things away that's exactly what you can use this for if you'd like so you can diffuse it outside some people even make their own DIY like outdoor citronella candles so they're not using like citronella fragrance which is gonna be full of toxic chemicals and hormone disruptors and all kinds of nasty stuff that we don't really want in or around our bodies so you could actually make her own candles with this or you can just set up your diffuser outside that's apply what I do because that's just like the easier route just saying but if you want to get creative make some candles that's awesome but then also you can use this for a bug spray as well so if you have your starter kit using citronella peppermint and lavender and a bug spray what's just like some water maybe a little witch hazel perfect all natural it will be amazing also if you have the purification oil you can throw that in there and you will be like happy as a clam so that is a really good way to use a citronella okay other oils I got totally for free this month are lime which is awesome because I was actually going to order lime and now I don't have to because I was gonna get it for free so I got lime I have been using this so much recently to diffuse it smells just like limes so it's very very refreshing it's very like uplifting to diffuse and I'm just obsessed I've been using this a lot this also mixed with will lime and stress away smell amazing amazing together you could totally use that as a perfume but then also lime and a gentle baby blend which is like use it's most popular for like pregnancy and babies but also smells amazing mixed with lime also such a good perfume so if you have that try it and then also diffusing it as well would be amazing so that's lime and then I also got a bottle of an lbs so this is Northern Lights black spruce this is one of my top tree oils it's probably Idaho sloughs Idaho blue spruce will always be my favorite but Northern Lights black spruce on the other hand is probably a close second is so fresh and woodsy it's kind of smells very masculine and like almost like a cologne but it's just straight from a tree so it's totally natural which is really cool I love to diffuse this especially for sleep it's so good for sleep and then if you just want like your house to be really refreshing and just like smell like the outdoors like fresh air this is a really really good one to diffuse okay the next thing that I got for free this month is this moisturizing bar soap this is the peppermint cedar wood one so I actually currently I'm using the lemon cedar wood I go between that and like the lavender body wash and I love it there bar soaps you guys they last forever like I know bar soaps last a long time anyway like especially if you keep them up out of the water but something about their soaps like they just last so long like they are just really good quality soaps I guess I don't know and I love it it like foams up really nicely and it's obviously totally natural it smells amazing but without any scary perfumes that are in there like artificial stuff so this is the peppermint cedar wood so I'm nursing right now so I am NOT going to be using this on my body I'm definitely a little more careful with peppermint I diffuse it all the time and I'll even use it here and there like straight on my temples just like a drop if I have head tension but I just like to keep my peppermint use to a minimal as far as topically applying because it can decrease milk supply so I won't be using this on my body any time soon but Matt can definitely use this and I feel like peppermints here what is actually gonna be like such like a manly scent so I feel like he's probably really gonna like this so that'll be for him okay and then also for free which is super exciting because we usually order this anyway if you've seen any of my previous a whole videos and that is it ningxia nitro so Matt loves these these are his like pre-workout or sometimes he'll make like a Ningxia bomb with Ningxia zing Ningxia like the puree I showed you and then one of these ningxia nitros so it's kind of just like a little energy shot but without any of like the questionable ingredients that are in the ones that you can get like in the store and they obviously have make in them so they're super high in antioxidants there's a little bit of caffeine but it's just like a little boo and if you are someone who likes to reach for like a little something like this to boost your energy this could be something really good to look into because it's just kind of like a like a cleaner alternative plus you get that added bonus of tons of antioxidants okay and then lastly it's just kind of fun we got for free these are like nitro nation nitro socks I don't know if you guys can see and then on the foot like on the bottom of your foot it says if you can read this bring me in nitro which is really cool I think yeah make some extra so really fun alright guys so that is it for my er haul for this month the month of June got so many goodies I'm so happy to be restocked on Ningxia and our seedlings products and some of my favorite oils it's a good month so thank you guys so much for watching this video if you are curious about Young Living you want to become a member so you can like it get the discount by the way you never have to share or anything like that most people are members just so they can take advantage of like essential rewards and their products and their oils and like everything that they have so I always have a link down in my description box if you guys want to sign up and become a member you can join our team I'll get you in our Facebook group so you always have a product education or everything that Young Living offers and yeah it'll be great so that's all I have for today's video thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you in the next one bye

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  1. I love your videos. Thank you for sharing. Would you share your recipe for the “bumps” on the skin? Mine seem to come out more when the weather gets warmer.

  2. Totally agree with you about Sacred Mountain! I love love love diffusing it at night. So relaxing and comforting! Check out my June unboxing if you want to see the goodies I got 😊

  3. I just want to know how Matt got to gold so quickly!! 😍 Also YL was promoting candles. They are toxic. Whats up with that it was a floating citronella candle!

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