Karnataka MLAs did not spend funds for welfare; Siddaramaiah spent only 20 lakh of Rs 2 crore

Karnataka MLAs did not spend funds for welfare; Siddaramaiah spent only 20 lakh of Rs 2 crore

most of the MLAs in Karnataka have not touched funds allocated for development and leading the front is in taxidermy ax from badami he has spent only 20 lakh rupees of the two claws allocated for the development of badami that's the information flashing on your screens that's the big exclusive in fact this is the information that News X brings you first this is an exclusive piece of information that is flashing on your screens that most of the MLAs in karnataka have not utilized their funds we have Jaya Prakash as resident editor from Karnataka Bengaluru who's joining us on the phone line Jai Prakash shocking developments shocking news coming in over here revelations that our channel has made that the allocated funds have been used by these you stay on the line with us we also have Malvika Avinash from the BJP who is joining me on the broadcast Malvika Avinash your first reaction a list coming out of Karnataka amylase both Congress and the Jarius who have not utilized a single fund a single penny from the funds that was allocated for the development of Karnataka especially the constituency's with India unfortunate because in the last one year all the obscene is bickering between Congress and judges or amongst the Congress leaders or amongst Virginia's leader the Chief Minister himself has been repeatedly saying that you know he is helpless and that he has no cooperation and from the Congress and so on and so forth and the Congress has been blaming him so the eventual casualty is obviously the welfare of the people we have had a defunct government with an empty Treasury with the only false promises that came from the chief minister the least he could have done is kept the promise he made to the farmer even the farm alone waiver is not managed to execute hold on over there Malvika avinash we also have on the phone line to jewish caliper of the congress and a big news coming in from karnataka not a single Emily in fact most of the emily's have not utilized a single penny of the two crows allocated to them for each of the constituency is development what do you have to say to this complete mismanagement and complete in efficacy when it comes to Karnataka politics the first thing is that I don't think the time is up and by the amount of to coal can still be used and I think there's still about three months remaining for the amounts to be used so many of them what they do is they keep a number of projects in the pipeline and one by one the settler again but mostly the ability of mentioning has a long record of fulfilling all the you know the to close and all allocations so I'm sure that in times to come they will certainly paramount and they don't really amount left for is too short a time actually to having going on utilizing those funds for the development of the constituency's I said one year isn't complete one year is it complete and they're still about two or three months left so the one here to be complete and that's what I said that most people what they do is they collect all the project reports and the proposals for more such videos subscribe to the news X YouTube channel hits the belacan

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