Kerala Best State On Health Parameters, UP Worst: NITI Aayog Report

Kerala Best State On Health Parameters, UP Worst: NITI Aayog Report

we've been talking about how India's health care isn't basically the ICU well today that seems to have been proven right in a sense by the knee TI of the government's policy think-tank today it really is the comprehensive health index report titled healthy states progressive India the reporters ranked states and union territories on the Iran ear incremental change as well as overall performances with respect to each other between the years of 2016 and 2018 among the larger states like Kerala under Pradesh in maharashtra these are the ones they're ranked on top in terms of overall performance while Haryana Assam and jharikhanda are the top three ranking states in terms of annual incremental performance but why is it that states that were previously ranked higher for example Tamil Nadu and Punjab why have they fallen hugely in the rankings well nithya yoga we kept all also said that in order to make advancements in the health sector the proportion of expenditure by state governments on health should be increased Rajeev Kumar spoke about this image it's cool south dorsey recommended natural key wolf na spiced shakes me up need your governance a new moon attire whose colberto vajura King Muslim origin curry or jinn resume a state's Ginga domain is castor Uchiha with six about Zika now whose analyzes report for us my colleague our tsuki tsuki T as you give us the big takeaways I have a question what happened to Punjab in Tamil Nadu well yes I'm a torch this time kerala has topped the list but Punjab in Tamilnadu which were at the second and third position has now been walked off those positions this time Harbor Pradesh has not worked on job in the first place and Maharashtra has never come in ladders with a ninth position the legal widest a shift in rankings has happened because states like Punjab and Pamela do have a third badly in certain health indicators in which amplification and Maharashtra have done well what are these health indicators they happen to be low birth weight as well as immunization coverage low birth weight refers to out of every thousand live births how many children these thousand diverse that took place out of these how many children were actually given all kinds of proper immunization so it is because of these two indicators in which Punjab and Tamil Nadu have fared badly but Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra have done well which is why the short of positions has happened I want you to take you to respect their positions or what has happened in the worst-performing states it is again this ranking table you thing as well those last time also at 21 which is the last position this time also it is remain same position Bihar on the other hand has gone from 19th position to 20th Volusia has shifted from 18th to the 19th position especially in UT and be higher if you look at their situation why they remained at the bottom of the ranking table the meteoroid says that the many of the health indicators such as poor sex ratio as well as the treatment of TB cases and all of those factors these states had said badly all over again

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24 thoughts on “Kerala Best State On Health Parameters, UP Worst: NITI Aayog Report

  1. You build temples and statues. Provide ambulance to cows.
    We are building schools and hospitals here.

  2. Meanwhile Yogi Adityanad: Kerala should learn lesson from UP, how to be the last one in any list😁

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  4. Looks like the “anti-nationals” are actually doing better than the illiterate GoMutra belt. 😂😂😂

  5. That is because congress was ruling utter pradesh past couple of centuries and kerala was not. Please come back and see the index after couple of centuries. I am sure kerala also will be in bottom after couple of centuries

  6. North hindi speaking lands will always be worst coz they dont think about humanity instead they loved hindu extremism terror. So south develops and north declines. And this bjp rss govt is worst crisis since 1947. They will destroy India. Time to save and ban these hindu terrorist groups.

  7. Lot lot more to come in coming day in BJP rule states. Thing will get worse in coming days. People deserve this as they have elected hatred politics over development politics. They should suffer.

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