Khaung Daing – Street Food in Myanmar

Khaung Daing – Street Food in Myanmar

Cock-a-doodle-doo Tofu crackers Burmese Tofu is soy-free, it’s made from Chickpea flour Tofu crackers made from chickpea flour and sweet potato Sweets made from Cane Sugar Alcoholic Beverage of about 10% alcohol It taste a bit like Japanese Sake The Cane Sugar cooled down This snack is served in restaurants together with a spicy sauce

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60 thoughts on “Khaung Daing – Street Food in Myanmar

  1. For adding subtitles for Burmese small talk/food – thanks:
    Subtitles similar like in the other Myanmar video:

  2. The guy making the "fried spaghetti" honestly scared me. I continued imagining that the tool he was using broke and he fell in the pot of boiling oil. 😱😱😱

  3. Cuando vienes a México,,
    Saludos desde aquí no me pierdo tus vídeos por ti conozco la gastronomía tradicional de hay me gustaría visitar por hay por la comida, saludos

  4. This is an incredible video. I learned quite a lot and it's fascinating to see different things. That candy making was really something. I feel like someone should tell Lofty Pursuits about this. Thank you and to the people who let you observe. Fantastic.

  5. Is it a myanmar culture thing that they have tattoo like designs on their face? Ive never seen ones like that before, they look interesting.

  6. Aqui no Brasil tem um Estudo que se chama Maranhão e no estado do Maranhão tem um cidade que se chama Santa Inês kkkk aí você diz o que eu tenho a ver com isso kkkk é porque a Tailandia me lembra Santa Inês do Maranhão o interior eita Saudades
    Se fosse para eu ir para outro país eu iria para Tailândia.

  7. God damn those young ladies have some very accurate follow through making that candy.Not to mention the shoulder burn

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