Kidney Stones David O Cook, MD Caldwell UNC Health Care

Kidney Stones   David O  Cook, MD  Caldwell UNC Health Care

like me most anyone who's ever had a kidney stone will never forget the feeling severe pain in the backside in front of the abdomen often with nausea and vomiting we know that kidney stones are more common in the summer and blame dehydration but other factors some that can be modified with diet and lifestyle are also important to prevent stones for most those staying well hydrated is the single most important prevention for kidney stones our bodies are mostly made of water and need plenty of it daily any excess water we take in is used to make urine and will keep the urine dilute preventing kidney stones from forming in the heat of the summer we may not drink as much as we should we may also be sweating more from work or play less fluid and more sweating lead to more concentrated urine the perfect environment for kidney stone formation so prevention tip number one is drink more fluid our all fluids okay first none of us need fluids with high sugar content like regular sodas or sweet tea so avoid sugary fluid the best fluid for prevention of kidney stones is water adding lemon juice to water because of the citrate in lemon juice may add benefit so lemonade made from real lemons without too much sugar is optimal some diet lemon lime soda is also have high citrate content perfect for the picnic do some fluids promote kidney stone formation a very small minority of kidney stone formers should avoid dark sodas tea or coffee but for most people these drinks are okay all these can be diluted with ice making them even better for avoiding stones so remember prevention tip number one is more fluent prevention tip number two is eat less meat all meat whether beef chicken pork or fish when broken down by the body result in substances excreted in the urine that form kidney stones now most of us enjoy grilled chicken or ribs in the summer and some meat is okay but have a slice of watermelon or some fruit instead of that extra serving of meat eat less meat is prevention tip number two meat and salt often go hand-in-hand all processed meats like hot dogs have some salt sometimes lots of it other foods like anything in a bag box or can often have enormous amounts of salt so salt in the diet comes from many sources not just the salt shaker salt increases risk of kidney stones by increasing calcium levels in the urine prevention tip number three is eat less salt finally skinnier folks have fewer stones and bigger people like me like most of us I could stand to shed a few pounds through eating less or exercising more and that would lessen my chances of having another stone prevention tip number four is weigh less the best news is that most all the things that make summer fun like being more active outside time spent with family or loved ones and travel do not increase your risk of kidney stones so enjoy the summer and remember drink more fluid eat less meat eat less salt and weigh less to have a kidney stone free season I'm dr. David cook with UNC healthcare I hope this 5 minutes gives you a happy and healthy summer

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