it was in the evening and I pick up the phone and this person on the other end of the phone whom I love said to me hey I want to tell you about something and she began to tell me about this patch I thought you've got to be kidding me you do know that I'm dying right and you want me to jump into you know some kind of a network marketing this disease is not about breathing in necessarily it's about being able to exhale so that you can take your next breath and so there's almost a little dance I – you know I'm not doing it now but I've had to do in the past where I have to blow out as much as I can and hope I have enough breath to actually breathe in these powders and the spray and so yeah it was getting very very close actually who can ever say for sure but I was probably I didn't have another two weeks left in me that's for certain that's for absolute certain it was it was getting down to days my indicator was going to be when I was no longer able to breathe in my medicine and pretty much the day my plan was that I wasn't going to be able to inhale my medications I was gonna make arrangements to go into the hospital for simply comfort and care which means no life-saving procedures to be used no medications except for what would make me comfortable and she said no krysta that's not what this is about it's the technology and the science in this patch she said there's someone in the neighborhood who wants to bring you a patch I met the gentleman that brought me the patch and we were talking for a few moments and he started to take the patch out of his pouch and told me to be careful you know in handling it but the minute it touched my fingers that very minute it touched my fingers I knew immediately actually I knew immediately that I made it that I made it long enough to get what I've been praying for what I've been asking for mice my stem cells I knew I was getting something and it reminded me of that book that I read 26 years earlier bad long-forgotten was saying how we couldn't you know that our bodies would have a very difficult time in the future navigating all the difficulties you know physically that our physical apparatus was going to be bombarded with poisons and contamination and pollution and that there would be scientific breakthroughs that would be not of the allopathic nature that would be kind of under the radar so to speak she might have even used the word underground but you know I had long forgotten that long forgotten that passage in the minute my fingers touched a patch I knew for sure that this was it this was for me this was I don't know I guess I could go as far as to say this is my salvation so yeah I was completely kin before I even put it on my skin I was convinced that this was meant to be for me it's kind of a funny thing it's sort of like the brain does a really funny thing it it's like when you have a headache you take an aspirin and you don't really you can't pinpoint the exact moment where the headache goes away and in fact if you're not prone to having a headache then even if it was a really bad one someone might say to you a couple days later hey how's your head better do you still have a headache and your brain will just be like I don't even remember that headache well I remember this because it was so profound somewhere within the first hour possibly two hours I can't say exactly but I noticed that the ache in my lungs was gone and when I used the bathroom I wasn't panting or it wasn't hard for me to breathe I was still on my oxygen but bending over or doing the things I needed to do in order to get there I didn't have the angina so I wasn't feeling like I was having a heart attack and I was like I kind of felt like somebody had taken these thousand pound weights that were on the bottom of my feet and just cut me free and it was exhilarating and exciting and crazy good and I didn't know how to explain it because it was so crazy good and then I started noticing other little things like I noticed throughout the next day that I didn't wake up being dehydrated and I need a backpedal just a little bit on that because people who have lung issues asthma emphysema COPD whatever the lung issues are has a have a tendency to always be dehydrated because they're always laboring talking is a labor coughing is a huge labor and so the body doesn't with doesn't hold fluid and so every single day for many years I would wake up with my tongue almost like papyrus like someone could write a an actual paragraph on my tongue and my eyelids felt like they were sandpaper instead of my eyelids because my eyes were so dry and my mouth was so dry and it's actually one of the reasons why I couldn't wear one of my medical contraptions the CPAP machine because it dehydrated me even further and so I noticed I have saliva in my mouth and my eyes during her that I can bleep them and this is like now within less than 24 hours of the time I put the patch on for the first time so I got really excited like right away I in fact probably by the second day I was out of bed out of bed showering doing whatever it was like a brand new me now I'm back driving and out socializing and telling everybody who will listen to me about this badge because I want everybody I love even people I don't know I want them to have a good life a better life a happy life a healthy life with freedom I want my freedom back it's coming I've already gotten I don't know if you can even give it a percentage I don't know if it's if it's clever to do that or not but you know I like I said I didn't know that I was ever gonna be able to get in my car and drive anywhere and so now I can I've gone to restaurants I never thought I would do that again and you know what else this is what else has changed since I'm able to hydrate the coughing has been so much easier I'm not up two or three times in the in the night I don't wake up in panic like my toes in a light socket I mean I realized it's safe to be in this body and I hadn't thought that way well actually I haven't felt that way for about almost 15 years that's big really big I'm so grateful you

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  1. Thank you! I have a friend in similar situation and trying to talk for into patches. When I get my kit, I will be giving her one.❤️🙏🏻😇

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